Ōrochi is the Main Protagonist in the Series "Horizon over the Valley".



2,000 Years ago before the Yōrō Era, the motherly Amaterasu (The Sun Fox Goddess) and the fatherly Ōrochimaru (The Moon Snake God) lived in harmony between Yōkai and Humanity, while Amaterasu raised the sun, Ōrochimaru raised the moon, but throughout time The Snake God envied the Fox Goddesses power over the sun, seeing as he didn't like sharing power and seeing his Yōkai kind being shunned by Humanity he decided to put fate into his own hands and Begin a seeming endless war against Humanity.

But Ōrochimaru was ultimately defeated and was banished by being sealed inside of the very moon he sought to raise, from that moment forward he would wait 2,000 years to be released hungry for vengeance.


Tier: 5-C | 6-A, 8-B | 7-C, 7-B

Name: Ōrochi (Ōrochimaru)

Origin: Horizon over the Valley

Age: 2,000+

Classification: Fatherly Moon Snake God | Envious Snake God of the Moon

Abilities: Immortality, High-Regeneration, Life Maniupulation, Earth Maniupulation, Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Speed, Enhanced Stamina, Reptilian Control, Gravity Manipulation

Attack Potency: Moon Level+ (Was the original Creator of the Moon), Continent Level (During the war, Used Meteors as projectiles before being banished), City Block Level (Able to take down large Dragons of the Sound Goddess) Town Level+ (At full current power) Possibly Small City Level

Speed: Subsonic | Supersonic+ (Can Tag Foes such as Amaterasu and Akane) Possibly Hypersonic

Lifting Strength: Class P, Class E (Lifted the Moon long ago) | Class M (After the War)

Striking Strength: Class NJ-Class XJ | Class TJ (Possibly Class PJ)

Range: 700+ Meters

Durability: Moon Level+ | Multi City Block Level, Town Level+

Stamina: Near Endless (Able to fight in a Near Endless war without tiring ever), Really High (Capable of Taking on Amaterasu for long periods of time)

Intelligence: Incredibly Crafty Warlord

Standard Equipment: Snakes, Knives, Dagger (Known as Tsuki)

Weaknesses: His lust for Vengeance usually gets the better of him, was severely weakened after the War after he had his Moon powers nerfed, occasionally known for large bursts of rage.

Key: Pre-2000 Ōrochimaru | Post-2000 Ōrochi | 8-Headed Ōrochi Form

8-Headed Ōrochi Form

After 2,000 years of suffering, Ōrochi's mind became unstable with vengeance and after he was released something awoke inside him known as the 8-Headed Ōrochi form it was dangerous to the valley and even to himself at one point.

To be updated...

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