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Massive work in progress...


Aaron is a fairly skinned teen with a muscled build and above average height. His hair is of a jet black color in a spiked up hairstyle that's reminiscent of a Super Saiyan from Dragon Ball (as Patrick noted from time to time when people talk about Aaron's hair). His normal wear is of a white collared shirt with black sleeves with a white slashed zero outlined with orange on the front. His wears a pants with two belts worn around his waist (one is worn loosely around his waist) with a pair of shield shaped patterns on the side of his pants + a pair of simple yet oddly shaped underline curves to go along with the pants. He wears shoes a pair of dark leather shoes with no socks.

Later on in his journey, Aaron gathered many kinds of clothing and forms over time that he eventually adopted to keeping in memory of his time with those he's encountered and met.

"Knight of Excalibur"

Work in progress...

"Captain of Dreams"

Work in progress...


Work in progress...

Personal Statistics

Name: Aaron Rashin Myers

Origin: Exceedverse

Classification: Human, Demigod

Date of Birth: August 7th, 2000

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Height: 183 cm

Weight: 105 kg

Hair Color: Black, varies when utilizing his friends/allies abilities and weapons

Eye Color: Monochrome Black, varies when utilizing his friends/allies abilities and weapons

Likes: (WIP)

Dislikes: (WIP)

Hobbies: (WIP)

Affiliations: (WIP)

Status: Active

Alignment: Neutral Good

Combat Statistics

Tier: Unknown, higher with solar empowerment

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Stats, Skilled H2H Fighter, Master Weapon fighter (though he prefers using his own bare hands as weapons, he has been shown to be very proficient in the use of various weapons like swords, spears/staffs/lances, etc.), Regeneration (Low-Mid. Often heals fatal wounds and injuries like broken bones and destroyed organs amongst other injuries. Regen is stronger and faster when either in broad daylight or used in conjunction with Avalon), Solar Energy Absorption (doing so will allow him to heal all his wounds and stamina back up) and Empowerment (can also use this to boost his physical stats), can also bypass conventional durability to an extent (has learnt to use the solar ki energy given by the hamon to burn and destroy on a cellular level), Magnetic Manipulation, Minor Hypnosis, Matter Manipulation (Is capable of changing the shape of his Vajra made gauntlets into any weapons and even pieces of armor. Can also do this to regular objects and other surfaces but doesn't do this very often and prefers to do this to just his gauntlets; can even create makeshift clothing for himself and others if needed), "Power of Interactions" (The ability to gain certain powers, weapons and armor, and other attributes based on ones interactions with people. Can also use this power to summon any of his friends and allies or at least their powers and/or equipment in battle), "Solar" Ki Manipulation, Music Empowerment (Shared with Patrick. Allows Aaron to get more stronger and powerful as long as he's listening to or playing music), Fate Manipulation (able to change the fates of those he encounters, normally by seeing into what they're fates will be as through some sort of precognition. Is also resistant to Fate Manipulation himself), Time Manipulation (in the form of slowing down and stopping time. Normally uses it for defensive purposes), Fighting Aura (increases his resilience, temporary hastened healing, physical stat increase, and slightly heightened senses)

Attack Potency: Unknown. Can negate durability through the use of certain solar + ki techniques (Aaron can use his solar and ki energies together to burn and disintegrate an enemy on a cellular level)

Speed: Unknown

Lifting Strength: At least Class 5 (Can lift up cars and even trucks off the ground)

Striking Strength: Unknown

Durability: Unknown

Range: Melee level range, extended range with weapons, objects, and solar ki power.

Stamina: Superhuman


Weaknesses: Will go on a frenzy if anyone or thing messes with his hair in anyway (in battle it could be a very good thing. But this no longer becomes a problem over time as he later cuts his hair down to a shorter length). There can be times where Aaron's stamina won't be all up when absorbing solar energy whenever he is badly injured (i.e he could be all wounded and injured and have them healed up in broad daylight but his stamina won't be all up as it normally would).

Tier: 4-B, higher with solar empowerment

Attack Potency: Solar System level (was noted to have around the same level of power as Elias if not higher even, has shown the capability to fight against the likes of Base Thor, Elizabeth, and Sora on equal grounds, can move numerous stars of various sizes and types with ease, caused several dozen supernova's to go off that created a giant star shaped-like explosion), higher with Solar Empowerment. Can negate durability through the use of certain hamon techniques (the hamon also allows Aaron to use it's solar-like ki energy to burn and disintegrate an enemy on a cellular level)

Speed: Massively FTL+ (capable of fighting alongside and keeping up with Sora and Elizabeth)

Lifting Strength: Class M+, likely higher via powerscaling

Striking Strength: Solar System Class

Durability: Solar System level (able to take hits from Sora and Elizabeth); Possibly Low Complex Multiverse level when Avalon is used and activated

Range: Extended melee range with Keyblade. Several thousand kilometers with magic.

Stamina: Superhuman



(To be worked on later...)

Notable Attacks/Techniques

-"Power to interact with others": Aaron's special ability and his signature power as a member of the line of Multiversal Guardians of the Rashin/Myers bloodline. An unusual power even among others before him, Aaron has the special ability of gaining any powers of those he's interacted with. This means that anyone that Aaron has ever interacted with will allow him to gain their abilities. This is done through a spiritual, mental and even emotional link that Aaron creates with the person or entity he's becoming acquainted with. If Aaron manages to be friends with them (genuinely, of course) and the receptive befriends and trusts him in turn as a friend and ally, the link is complete and thus allows Aaron to use their abilities. It is not just powers that he is limited to gaining. It is also other aspects like the persons' techniques, weaponry and protection (ex. armor) and other items that Aaron can also gain and use for battle.

Additionally, Aaron can also summon said beings to aid him in battle or animals and beasts (ranging even to those of legends and myths) for aid as well. He also even gains a form that relates to whoever he has gotten his powers/weapons from (this can be in the form of an additional accessory on his being, to either a partial/full transformation, or just a change of clothes that fits with who he has used the power/weapon from). Aaron could, at time, refuse to take up a power or other such element of the person or such being he's gotten to be with. These are the people that Aaron has interacted with and has thus gained their use of aid (work in progress):

There are, however, limitations or things Aaron cannot gain with this ability or otherwise:

1) Aaron cannot gain a persons' power, weapon, and/or armor if he has not ever interacted with said person at all or has never known them personally in any part of their life. This means that even if he had read up about the person (like reading up on King Arthur or Heracles or Jean D' Arc and so on) or any source that tells of the person, it will not count as a form of interaction as Aaron's ability works on a personal level between himself and the one he's interacted with.

2) The one that Aaron has interacted with can refuse to not lend their aid of either their powers, weapon, or themselves regardless of how much he's gotten to know and be friends with them and how familiar he is with them. These reasons can range from the being needing that power at whatever potential threat they may face on their end, to thinking Aaron could handle fine enough without needing them (though this can overturn by Aaron really needing it or the person he's become allies/friends with finally lends their aid to him).

3) There is a certain level of skill and proficiency that Aaron needs when utilizing certain powers or weapons of the person he has become friends/allies with. Even if Aaron did possess such a strong bond with someone and is able to easily use their powers/weapons or other, he may possess less skill or potency with their abilities. (Work in progress)


-His headband (not shown on picture). Uses it only when he's not holding back (kind of like when Zoro gets serious and wears his bandanna).

-Vajra Gauntlets: Golden gauntlets that cover up his arms and layered with black markings around them. (WIP)


Notable Victories:

Notable Losses:

Inconclusive matches:


Values: friendship and loyalty, family, pride,


Dance Themes:

Battle Themes:

Special Battle Themes:

Love Interest(s):



Facts about the character/Trivia

  • Aaron started out as just another minor character who was still being fleshed out before eventually becoming a main character himself.
  • When he was first created, Aaron was just a body guard for another one of my characters as well being one of the most physically powerful guys ever, such as being capable of taking on the likes of Akainu, Akuma, Akira Kongou, DION, Alfonso, etc. Especially against Roman Pierce who happened to be able to match and defeat Akuma and Akainu in battle.
  • Despite his looks and reputation as a popular cool guy, Aaron is actually pretty friendly with all others unlike the other (stereotypical) cool kids, especially with those like Star and Marco, Penn, Sashi and Boone, Patrick and Elizabeth, and a bunch of others as well.
  • The reason why Aaron prefers using his fists as weapons is because he wants to inflict pure, physical pain on his enemies rather than letting a weapon of any kind do it for him. Gauntlets and Knuckle based weapons don't count, however.
  • His power to be able to move celestial bodies (like stars, for instance) later on in his life is directly inspired by a few of Promestein's Starcross characters (particularly that of Kyarne) and that of the Tenha no Kamae stance from Hokuto no Ken.
  • One of my characters i would often dream up going to different worlds, Aaron is someone that would likely any place he would go to. The ones in particular would be that of the Touhou Project verse, the Kingdom Hearts verse, the Starcross verse, Toriko verse, Steven Universe, and some more among all others.

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