Aaron Myers

Improvement of the Golden Path

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A character made by CrossverseCrisis.

The son of the legendary Star Knight and a kind mother, Aaron was a gifted and precious kid in his life. He always held his head high in down times, always lends a hand to those in need of help out of the kindness of his heart, giving comfort to those who are down and in sadness, helping out the community in his area when necessary, everything about this boy in his life was for out of the goodness in his heart to everyone he meets. One person in particular, however, is someone who shares his desire in life among other things: Patrick Walker, the only one who since childhood shared his dream of meeting other worlds and people outside of their own.

While Aaron was rather acceptent of the world he lived in (though not without even expressing some disappointment in how it's gone in some ways) and Patrick was more of just...well less acceptent of their world, both had the burning desire to reach out to other places and worlds. Can't helping themselves of wanting to travel to other worlds to meet new people and see new places and sights. This being a thing they've had since they were five years old. But they eventually resigned to staying in their own world. Trying to enjoy whatever life and experiences they have while they're alive.

But all of this would change one day when the teens were out walking around town after school...


Aaron is a fairly skinned teen with a muscled build and above average height. His hair is of a jet black color in a spiked up hairstyle that's reminiscent of a Super Saiyan from Dragon Ball (as Patrick noted from time to time when people talk about Aaron's hair).

His normal wear is of a simple loose white v-neck t-shirt with black short sleeves. He wears black pants with two belts worn around his waist (one is worn loosely around his waist) with a pair of shield shaped patterns on the side of his pants + a pair of simple yet oddly shaped underline curves to go along with the pants. Foot-wear wise, his shoes are a pair of dark leather shoes with no socks.


Aaron is more simple in personality compared to his more open-minded friend and companion, Patrick. At his core, he is a kind, gentle, and soft-spoken individual who desires nothing more than to see the people's he's been friends with or even just merely encounter to be happy. He always keeps a cool-headed mind at all times in general when dealing with any possible situations, adapting to the situation as best as he can and, depending on what it is, tries to lighten the mood up with high hopes and spirits (although his friend is a much capable person in this regard). Most times in general, he's rather calm and cool and relaxed in life. Taking in everything in a manner that Patrick often tells of it as the saying of "Going with the flow". Showing how flexible Aaron can be in most things as he goes on with his life.

However good he may be, Aaron can also be of a rather fun individual despite not looking the part. Having spent many years dealing and going along with Patrick's antics, he's developed a sort of his own playful side to him. Willing to bring out laughs out of either himself for his own amusement or liven up the mood around them (though it normally becomes that of weirdness than of humor but it eventually grows on those they meet when doing this).

One interesting trait of Aaron's that's kept to everyone until they see it is the anger he possess inside of him. This anger is shown to manifest in a number of ways, usually when it occurs in two things: 1) When the weak and innocent are harmed for what can amount to no reason at all or if it is done out of spite, malice, self-amusement, or otherwise. Which shown to be the most reasonable and sensible one. And 2) If his hair is ever insulted in any way that Aaron may perceive as an insult. The teens hair was rather strange of this as he kept it long for as long as he was in middle school. It is also rather cherishing to him as it is one that people recognize him for sometimes as belonging to one who is high and lends his kindness to everyone he meets to the best of his ability. Though it is of rather a weak and even deemed as a ridiculous reason, his many friends and allies that he, Patrick, and others eventually learn how much it meant for him (especially when learning that it was hair that his mother loved seeing him in with as well as that of his father, whom his was once like that in his youth).

Personal Statistics

Alignment: Neutral Good

Name: Aaron Rashin Myers, "Myers boy", "The Light of the Sun", "Son of the Stars"

Origin: Exceed

Classification: Human, Multiversal Hero and Traveler

Date of Birth: April 7th, 2000

  • Zodiac: Aries

Gender: Male

Age: 14-16 (Beginning Arc)

Height: 183 cm

Weight: 105 kg

Hair Color: Black, varies when utilizing his friends/allies abilities and weapons. Gold yellow when using his solar energy form

Eye Color: Monochrome Black, varies when utilizing his friends/allies abilities and weapons. Gold when using his solar energy form




Affiliations: Patrick Walker, Michael Morales, Kenji Kazama, Elizabeth Drake, Roman Pierce, Chaldea

Status: Active

Values: Friendship and loyalty, family, pride,


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Battle Themes:

Special Battle Themes:



Combat Statistics

Tier: 7-A

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Stats, Skilled H2H Fighter, Master Weapon fighter (though he prefers using his own bare hands as weapons, he has been shown to be very proficient in the use of various weapons like swords, spears/staffs/lances, etc.), Fire Manipulation, Solar Energy Absorption (doing so will allow him to heal all his wounds and stamina back up) and Empowerment (can also use this to boost his physical stats)

Attack Potency: Mountain level (Is exceptionally shown to be strong compared to most servants. Has traded attacks with the likes of Heracles and Saber Alter).

Speed: Massively Hypersonic (Able to match up with the servants who all fight at these levels of speed as well as keep up with Patrick's speed)

Lifting Strength: Class 25+ (Has shown himself able to hold back sword blows from even the likes of Saber Alter)

Striking Strength: Mountain Class

Durability: Mountain level (Can handle Saber Alter's attacks for some time. Took a blow from a Shadow Servant of Benkei who, although weaker than his normal servant form, possess A-rank strength)

Range: Melee level range, extended range with weapons, objects, and solar ki power. Up to at least tens of thousands of kilometers with Sañjīva, possibly much higher (About the same length and range as Patrick's Arbuda ability. Also shown to have it's own sun, but it's uncertain of whether it truly goes beyond its known highest range or not)

Stamina: Superhuman

Weaknesses: Will go on a frenzy if anyone or thing messes with his hair in anyway (in battle it could be a very good thing. But this no longer becomes a problem over time as he later cuts his hair down to a shorter length). There can be times where Aaron's stamina won't be all up when absorbing solar energy whenever he is badly injured (i.e he could be all wounded and injured and have them healed up in broad daylight but his stamina won't be all up as it normally would).

Key: Fate: Light of the Future

(To be worked on later...)

Notable Attacks/Techniques

Work in progress...

Power of the Eight Fiery Hells: An ability used when succumbing to his inner anger and tapping into his partial demigod power, Aaron is capable of using flames based on the Eight Fire Hells of Naraka (in contrast to his friend Patrick whose domain is power over ice). These abilities are listed and described as follow here:

  • Sañjīva: Similar to Patrick's ability of Arbuda, Aaron's technique creates a personal reality that stretches up to at least an entire cities length. In contrast to his friend, this field is of a fiery hell plain that is of scorching hot flames and heated rock surface beneath everyones feet (the temperature being as hot as that of a stars surface) with volcanos contained in it from a distance. The field is also constantly struck by solar winds, with temperatures reaching from all the way as high as 1.4 million degrees Fahrenheit and going at speeds of up to 750 kilometers a second (Mach 2,204 in other words). Also much like his friends, Aaron's flames in this world can ignore natural heat and fire resistance and can affect the very soul itself, making it a very hard place to be fighting and surviving in. It is also in a constant time of day, with it having it's very own sun in said reality (thus suggesting it may be much larger inside than to those outside of the field). In addition to all of this, the flames of Myers are increased tremendously as they can now burn hotter than the core of a nuke, even once having been noted to be as hot as the suns core. And it was even further noted that, had it not been for it's top range limit (prior to the boys training and control of his inner rage), would his power allowed him to be able to cause "flames of disaster capable of burning up the very planet itself". Showing just how formidable the boy could be if he doesn't keep himself in check.
  • Kālasūtra: Summons "black threaded lines" all over the targets body that Aaron can use in either two ways: Burning them in specific lines all over their body with the flames of Sañjīva, or mark them to be used to slice them apart with summoned fire weapons like axes or chainsaws (with said lines passively burning them but at a much slower pace so as to slowly torture them as Aaron goes to cutting them apart). In the case of the second method should Aaron manage to cut them, the separated parts end up lighting up in the realms flames (with the affected target still alive even then as they burn in the flames of the demon).
  • Saṃghāta:
  • Raurava:
  • Mahāraurava:
  • Tapana:
  • Pratāpana:
  • Avīci:


-His headband (not shown on picture). Uses it only when he's not holding back (kind of like when Zoro gets serious and wears his bandanna).

-Vajra Gauntlets: Golden gauntlets that cover up his arms and layered with black markings around them. (WIP)


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Facts about the character/Trivia

  • Aaron started out as just another minor character who was still being fleshed out before eventually becoming a main character himself.
  • When he was first created, Aaron was just a body guard for another one of my characters as well being one of the most physically powerful guys ever, such as being capable of taking on the likes of Akainu, Akuma, Akira Kongou, DION, Alfonso, etc. Especially against Roman Pierce who happened to be able to match and defeat Akuma and Akainu in battle.
    • Yeah, VERY OLD idea from a few years back.
  • The reason why Aaron prefers using his fists as weapons is because he wants to inflict pure, physical pain on his enemies rather than letting a weapon of any kind do it for him. Gauntlets and Knuckle based weapons don't count, however.
  • His power to be able to move celestial bodies (like stars, for instance) later on in his life is directly inspired by a few of Promestein's Starcross characters (particularly that of Kyarne) and that of the Tenha no Kamae stance from Hokuto no Ken.
    • Move idea might possibly retcon, though. But it's still a very cool idea, personally.
  • One of my characters i would often dream up going to different worlds, Aaron is someone that would likely any place he would go to. The ones in particular would be that of the Touhou Project verse, the Kingdom Hearts verse, the Starcross verse, Toriko verse, Steven Universe, and some more among all others.