In order to achieve his Perfect Form, Cell absorbed other beings.


Absorption can refer to a wide variety of abilities where a user gains an increase in ability via external means. 


  • Power Absorption: The power to steal some or all of the powers and abilities from others and make them one’s own. Power Replication is when a user simply copies the target's abilities without stealing them.
    • Accumulate various abilities.
    • Absorb different powers from the target gainning acess to several powers.
    • The use of different powers.
    • High level users can absorb the life force of the victim, killing them in the process.
  • Energy Absorption: The power to absorb various forms of kinetic energy into oneself and utilize it in some way, such as converting it into physical strength or using it for energy blasts.
    • Absorb energy from electronic devices.
    • Absorb energy from a person's body.
    • Absorb energy attacks.
    • Absorb the energy that's around you.
  • Life-Force Absorption: The power to absorb the health and life of others and make it one’s own.
  • Mind and/or Soul Absorption: The power to forcibly extract the very mind and/or soul from the target, either acquiring all of their knowledge and memories in the process or outright increasing one's power level by virtue of consuming the souls and minds. The target may be left in a catatonic state or their empty body may outright disappear in some cases. This kind of absorption overlaps with durability negation.
  • Biological Absorption: The user can absorb others into their body, gaining access to their powers and memories. Sometimes this is just used to get rid of a foe that could not be destroyed otherwise.


  • Remarkably powerful opponents may resist the absorption or even try to destroy the user from within.
  • May not be able to absorb a being that is more powerful than the user.
  • Some users may need to weaken their intended target before they can actually proceed to absorb them.


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