Lady of Flames

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Acantha Watson

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Red Knight of Passion

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Angel of the Moon

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A character made by CrossverseCrisis.


Acantha Watson has a rather...perplexing existence.

Born by the name of Charlotte Pierce as the only daughter to Serena Pierce and, at the time since, the God of Darkness himself Alfonso Felix (in addition to being the younger sibling to Roman Pierce), Acantha was a young girl who saw the world in a "unique light". Through her passion for that of nature, primarily through flowers (roses in particular), she walked among the air with a sense of optimism and enthusiasm...if only said enthusiasm didn't contain such a twisted yet tame feel to it...

Years later while traveling through Europe of 2012, at the tender age of 17, she met a young woman by the name of Elizabeth Drake. Seeing that the girl was bored and looking dull in life, Acantha took it up in her own hands to give the girl a one of a kind time in her life. From there she spent months with the young Drake herself, showing off her eccentric personality and likes such as her stash of weapons to eating sweets and even that of her liking of flowers and playful attitude that the latter did not possessed before. Overtime did Acantha ended up befriending the young woman, even coming up to the point of being allowed to call her "Liz" as a short way of naming her. However, a certain feeling came to her that compelled her to finally move out of the country, which made Elizabeth feel saddened in her that made the latter did an unexpected action: Kissing her and declaring that she loved her and wanted her to stay. Unknown to the young woman herself, this made Acantha spark up deep in her heart and return her feelings back, although she still told her that she needs to go but no before telling the girl that they will meet again someday. By the next morning after, Acantha left silently of her friend, with a red rose and a small note of her presence gone being the only thing she left to the young Drake.

There was but another thing that changed Acantha deep down in her heart, one that was related to her "view on life" that changed her psyche; enough to almost make the word "obsession" get taken to a new level. Having found a light that could make her heart burn up inside in the form of Elizabeth, Acantha made it her journey to protect the latter from any outside source that ruin her. Starting off by training herself more into the arts of magic, having been doing so since her childhood days while being taught by her mother, and even going as far to form up her own army (one where it took her only four years to amass an army that can rival the size of the United States in terms of it's personal, vehicles, and other resources they may have). Along with having gotten numerous resources over the years from that of her parents and various worlds she and her followers traveled to, in addition to gaining those that would help make her army strong (ex. magic, ancient relics/artifacts from that of both legends and myths of heroes and of even the Gods themselves), has made Acantha a strong force among other worlds.

It will then be another two years where the girl, who had since become that of a famous commander of a force of questionable morals, would come to later catch the eyes of various heroes who want to know of whose side she's on. Those among them having connections to her that became her main sight of interest: Her younger half-brother Patrick Walker, and the one that became her first friend and object of her affection Elizabeth Drake...

Personality (WIP)

Personal Statistics

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Name: Acantha Watson (Real name Charlotte Pierce), The Graceful Bloomer, The Red Knight of the Crimson Flamed Heart, "Goddess of Flowers and Death"

Gender: Female

Age: 18 (During "The Roses and Flowers of Chivalry"), 22-23 post-timeskip

Origin: Exceed

Classification: Dhampir, Demigoddess, Scythe Fighter, Traveler, Leader of the Crimson Roses, "Goddess of Flowers and Death"

Date of Birth:

  • Zodiac/Horoscope:




Likes: Elizabeth, Roman, Her army, Children, Music, Dancing, Tending to flowers and other plants, Tea, Taking long walks, Pudding, Meditation

Dislikes: People talking badly about Elizabeth and those who try to flirt with her, Patrick (at first), flowers (especially roses) being destroyed indiscriminately

Eye Color: Originally blue, light green when channeling her death powers, red in her Red Knight form

Hair Color: Originally light brown, auburn when channeling her death powers, red in her Red Knight form

Hobbies: Gardening

Values: Honesty, Loyalty, Honor

Martial Status: Dating

Status: Alive (Considered missing for some time in the past, however)

Affiliation: Elizabeth Drake, Roman Pierce, The Crimson Roses,



Combat Statistics

Tier: 4-B

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Regeneration (Low-Godly, can regenerate so long as nature is around in existence as well as from her soul and mind provided that they are intact and not destroyed), Plant Manipulation, Elemental Manipulation (Fire (Said flames heat is as hot as a suns core), Earth, Wind, Water, Lightning, Magma, etc.), Precognition (Can see into either the near future or even that of the far future), Magic, Healing, Weapon Mastery (Master at using the art of scythe fighting, can also wield other weapons with proficient ease), flight and levitation, Energy Manipulation and Projection, Death Manipulation (Can induce death itself on others either by the use of a special curse/spell or by swinging her scythe at her opponents neck or heart), Soul Manipulation (Can rip out, damage and destroy souls through the strikes of her scythe or even through her guns or magic spells), Necromancy, Duplication (Can make duplicates of herself using her flowers and roses), Teleportation, Telekinesis (Able to move even the very stars themselves to throw at her enemies with), Telepathy, illusion casting, Invisibility, can breath in space, Pocket Reality Manipulation (Can create her own personal reality around her and her opponent to fight in, also has complete control of said reality), Portal Creation, Summoning (Uses this to either summon her army, familiars, war vehicles, etc.), Curse Manipulation, Poison Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Darkness Manipulation, Chain Manipulation (Can summon chains that can restrict ones movement as well as inflict the concept of "absolute gravity and dominance" over the victim, even making them unable to escape via teleportation or other such matters of evasion. Said chains can also cause many other effects such as making the target tired and sleepy or possess hooks that can hold down their souls in place, even those who can turn intangible or don't possess a physical body), can harm and interact with intangible beings

Attack Potency: Solar System level (Able to pull down and move millions of stars with her power and is able to fight those who can harm her. Can also merge said same number of stars and more to create an explosion capable of making a normal supernova look "like a mere firecracker". If unrestrained, the mere release of her sword can cause stars all over the galaxy to "flare up". One of her spells is capable of erecting a black hole big enough to suck in everything within an entire solar system as well as a monster that dwarfed one in size. Comparable to, if not weaker than, her older brother). Can ignore conventional durability with in a number of ways

Speed: Massively FTL+ (Able to fly off to other parts of the universe on her own power in hours. Can casually keep up with her fellow heroes including her younger half brother Patrick, who became fast enough to run outside the solar system and into another in seconds)

Lifting Strength: Class M+, likely higher. Multi Stellar with telekinesis

Striking Strength: Solar System Class 

Durability: Solar System level (Can tank the force of stars thrown at her by her own power. Even withstanding the "force of a million suns" that makes a exploding right on her, appearing to be unscathed aside from minor cloth damage. Able to take a serious hit from Roman while grievously injured from her fight with Patrick, but was knocked out afterwards). Regeneration makes her hard to kill

Stamina: Above Superhuman

Range: Extended melee range with Scythe, dozens of meters or so with energy blasts, planetary with nature powers. Interstellar with Magic (The power of her magic is strong enough to reach all the way to the edges of the galaxy)


Acantha is well-versed in anything her mind could be taught in. As one who is immersed with things that are of nature (albeit, mostly towards flowers and other possible forms of greenery life), she knows what kind of environment flowers need to be in and what kind of specific grounds they grow in and need among other specifications. Outside of that is she well versed in the likes of vehicles, having been able to operate anything from cars to even that of commercial airplanes and trains; these being essential enough to teach numerous others in her personal army. Other forms of her intellect that she holds comes from her magic, having been taught by her mother as she and Roman grew up over the years, to that of fighting with various weapons, where it lead to her holding onto an exotic weapon in the form of a scythe that has since became a trademark signature for whenever anyone has encountered her. It is through such fields that that Aaron and Patrick, the former her nephew and the latter her younger half-brother, thought of her as being as highly trained as themselves from that of their mentor and of Elizabeth with the likes of King Mickey and other teachers she's been taught under in.

  • What best shows her side of intellect, however, is her capability as both a strategist fighter and a commander. As a fighter, Acantha has more than enough feeling to use anything she has in order to achieve victory against her enemies (ex. using portals to have her army on the other side shoot in large volleys of magical enhanced bullets, sacrificing her army to give her time and even those of her various animal summons, call in artillery strikes and bombardments to rain down on the terrain, etc.). Additionally, Acantha's worth as a commander of sorts shows itself apparent as she can command her army and even her greatest fighters/generals in what to do when making their moves against any and all opposition they encounter such as strategically setting up traps and countermeasures that even Patrick, known throughout various universes for his speed and combative skill in fighting by the time he and Aaron meet Acantha, was unable to get out of and thus eventually taken in by her and her army.

Weaknesses: Is not physically adept on CQC fighting w/o her weapon in comparison to the other heroes of the cast. Some of her more powerful abilities are, at least initially, done through the use of her scythe.

Notable Attacks and Techniques:



  • Whispering Flowers: Acantha's Scythe and her personal symbol of power over death. This scythe, using the very template based on Death itself as a symbol for the harvesting of souls, has the power to reap and/or destroy souls upon contact with it's blade onto any body part of Acantha's target, allowing her to end anyone who doesn't have the ability to keep their souls intact inside of them. When hitting the neck or heart, however, it has the ability to induce the concept of death onto the target. Ending their lives instantly just from the mere touch of it's very edge. The weapon itself also has a fail-safe should it ever be used against her, where it will disperse into flowers (nulling any harm to her being in the process). With Acantha able to reform it back in her hands.
  • Lævateinn: The Sword of Inferno, once belonging to the Norse Fire Giant Surtr. Given to her by her parents as a weapon not just used for destruction but in the name of those she love, this legendary sword allows her to generate flames hotter than the very stars of the universe itself. Not only are they of such degree of heat, being able to cause entire planets and moons to be vaporized, they also possess the ability to burn ones soul and mind apart (all of this having been enchanted and modified by Acantha's mother and herself over the years in their possession). In addition to all of the above, the very sword itself possess other properties such as the power to cut and "burn" through any illusions she may by chance be caught in them (similar in nature to the Khanda sword) and the ability to even destroy "whole entire worlds"; a fact that was almost made possible when her lover, Elizabeth, utilized her sword along with two others in a fight.


Starry Guide:


Gleipnir: Binding of loose ones: A white, silk-made ribbon from the time of the Norse Gods of Mythology, originally used to bind the great Norse wolf Fenrir until the time of Ragnorak came to be until it got into the hands of Serena Pierce and given to her daughter as one of her many gifts. Although one of her least used items to use whenever she gets into a personalized fight, this ribbon allows Acantha to entangle her foes and restrain them in place. Like most of her items given to her by her mother, the ribbon was enchanted in magic to further bolster it's legendary binding power. Along with keeping it's power to retain beasts as powerful as the wolf itself Fenrir, it is capable of binding numerous other beings down in place like her chains. Even able to take hold of those like her half brother and stop him from moving anymore the moment she got a hold of one of his legs. Like her chains, she is even able to hold down ones soul along with their bodies (although it is slightly less efficient and more into holding down their physical body). However, the ribbons can also be ripped apart through sheer will and power as Patrick was able to eventually get out of it by putting stress on it and slowly tearing it with his aura.

Senji Ryakketsu: Book of the summary of Judgement:

Magical muskets: Among the rest of her personal arsenal and personal objects Acantha carries, she possess a large set of futuristic made muskets that uses mana-contained cartridges as it's ammunition. Although it uses the same single shot function like the original, the gun is strong and durable to handle its magical bullets. Said bullets also being able to go beyond lightspeed in terms of velocity shot speed and hitting with a concentrated force of an average solar flare, in addition to the magic bullets capable of leaving literal trails of light and blue fire that can burn even the soul should it fully connect to the enemy.



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Trivia/Facts about the character

  • Acantha, just like with Elizabeth, will star in her own "KH fanfic" story taken from her perspective that is separate from the formers (but connected in a loosely fashion) known as "Roses of Chivalry".

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