The Aetherverse is what defines all of the creations made by Dragon Tran. All of his creations are stated to collide together in the Aetherverse chronologically through 'Omniversal Rift', when other characters from another universe collide together. This is usually known to others as crossover series. The Aetherverse and Dragon's roster are known by few but are promised an interesting read on with the characters.

Dragon hopes to release his stories in a successful area on social media, later hoping to release a Manga for his Aetherverse.


The Aetherverse varies in powers, usually proven by logical sense and reasoning. The only characters that are omnipotent are the Celestial Trinity of the 'Armageddon' series while the rest of the roster can be ranked in different powers and each series carries different types of story telling. A majority of the story telling is third person omniscient.

The Aetherverse is a very powerful omniverse when accounting for all heroes, villains and characters together from every series. Ranging from the weakest being Street Level and to those like the Celestial Trinity, who are Infinity.

Aetherverse Week

Through popularity, The Aetherverse has been claimed to be celebrated during the month of January. It usually goes on for the first and last weeks of January. The time in between is dedicated to crossovers with The Aetherverse, deceased characters, and relaxation.

On January 18th, being Dragon's birthday, is when a new series is officially announced to add into the universe.


Total Armageddon

The Seven Omnipotence

Leon Raiden Yun

Stryder Xiaolong Yun

Dartania Alvania Yun

Hyakabo Aoihono


Sakura no Ken


Savior From Damnation

Paradox Firewing


Nasima Zen

Scarred Sanctum

Kaiden Alexander Trance



Junko Setsuko

Revenge of the Dragon

Xiao Shenlong


Dylan Cyril

Cristina Summers

Eiyū no Taitō

Alexander Loyàl

Xiaoshizi Mullis

Lexisde La'Seurre

Edge of Darkness

Galahad Yulvenia

Shinkoku Sengoku

Naoyuki Tetsu

Kiyomi Manami


Hora Seizonsha

Judgment : The Holy Amulet

Akama Tatsuko

This list will be updated soon with the full roster.


Note: Dragon has contributed to many Wikia's with honest facts supported by evidence. He claims full authority and copyright over these characters.