Akane is the Main Protagonist in the series known as "Horizon over the Valley".


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Akane (Literally meaning "Deep Red") is part of the Female Kitsune clan of Yōkai known as the "Red Lotus", born in the Yōrō Era in 717 with a special talent of Shape-shifting into beautiful women and were trained in self-defence, for years the Yōkai and Humans lived in harmony in the peaceful valley until a 2,000 year old Tyrant known as Orochi who threatened to plague the land into chaos and discord, eager to put an end to this foe Akane swore to put an end to Orochi's tyranny and bring peace to the valley once more.


Tier: 10-A | 9-B | 9-A | 8-B | At least 7-C

Name: Akane

Origin: Horizon over the Valley

Age: Physically 19 | Mentally Unknwon

Classification: Female Kitsune | Kunoichi

Abilities: Immortality (Most of her kind live up to 350-400), Pyrokinesis/Fire Manipulation, Mid-Healing Factor, Enhanced speed, Enhanced stamina, Shapeshifting, Enhanced vision.

Attack Potency: Athlete level (Most of the enemies in her verse tend to be pretty weak) | Wall Level+ (Is able to defeat Demons capable of threatening small villages) | Small Building level (Took out a Demon Shogun capable of destroying large structures in a single swing) City Block level+ (Goes toe to toe with Dragons capable of devouring her kind to extinction) | At least Town level

Speed: Peak Human (Can keep up with weaker enemies) | Subsonic | Hypersonic (Able to out-speed Demons going at that speed that are usually Mach 5.2)

Lifting Strength: Peak Human | Superhuman | Class 1 (Rumored to be Class-5)

Striking Strength: Class-H (At her normal strength) | Class-MJ

Range: 700+ Meters

Durability: Peak Human Level (Shakes off beatings from Samurai and Rival Kitsune/Tanooki) Small Building Level (Survives 100-150 foot drops with just surviving) City Block Level (Survives beatings from High-Class Oni)

Intelligence: That of a Teen High Schooler.

Standard Equipment: Kunai, Shurikens and a Short-Sword (Known as "Okoto")

Stamina: High (Can hold off Demons for hours on end) | Really High (Able to run large distances and landscapes without tiring, was nearly eaten by a Dragon only to pull herself out before tiring)

Weaknesses: In Yōkai Standards is one of the lowest of the Food-Chain, can tire if she isn't fully rested, Considered a Glass Cannon, Still young at heart and main enemy is Dragons.

Key: Basic Kitsune Form | Human Form

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