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God of Darkness - Alfonso

Alfonso's "God" form. Credit of Art and ownership of it all goes to the original creator/artist.

A character made by CrossverseCrisis.


Originally born and known as the human named Edward Jameson in the mid-later 1800's, Alfonso lived with small family consisting of himself, younger sister Elina Myers (originally known as Cecelia Jameson) and their parents Eli and Claire Jameson in the west of the Americas in Weston, Wyoming. The family of four were living rather peacefully in their personal ranch farm house. The father and son being the workers of the home and farm, while the mother and daughter were the ones who worked on the inside and even gathering supplies from the town. Sometimes this was done in reverse at times, but not to the very extreme. Only enough to show that the family didn't discriminate a woman's place by just putting them inside the house. It was a happy time for the family of four, even being that of a rarity among other families in their time.

That is until a mysterious man in strange exotic clothing appeared out of nowhere one night and ruined everything else for the young Edward and Cecelia forever. It all happened one night as Edward went to go the barnyard building to check up for supplies that he and his father need for their crops. As he did, a malevolent force by the name of "Xarathos" came to his front yard. Alfonso didn't know of who or what this being was, but knew he was of up to no good and tried to attack him only to fail absolutely and was put in a near-death state before going unconscious from the casual attack Xarathos did to him. When he turned up, he saw his sister fighting off the monster. His parents, on the other hand, were tied up to crosses and were tearfully seeing their own children being beaten and trying their best to fight off this mysterious force. But tried as she might did Cecilia fail to fight off the monster and was thus taken down to the same state as her brother was. Edward watched in horror as the monster tore out the souls of his parents to devour them and, to add even further despair and growing hatred of the man, summon dark beasts that proceeded to tear and eat their flesh and bones to nothingness.

While Cecelia was unconscious and losing lots of blood from her defensive battle, her brother suffered yet again another painful wound to him as Xarathos injected into his bloodstream the blood of a vampire. Having found an interest yet random, crazy idea as to what it would look like for a person to become another being through very unconventional methods (just as he had done beforehand in the past). This change, along with it being rather too fitting as it was taken in at nighttime with the moon out and shining bright, scarred the young mans thoughts from that night on as he went from being human to dying and reborn as a "pseudo-vampire". Xarathos then enchanted the two (Edward and Cecelia) on giving them immortality, one where they are unable to die normally and cannot succumb to any earthly diseases and poisons to kill them with. Having been damaged on a deep physical, mental, and emotional level on top of having to not accidentally kill and take his sisters blood, Edward passed out again. But not before swearing to the monster that ruined his family on taking his life in return in the most vile way possible. A fact that the latter joyishly couldn't wait on looking forward to in time...

When Edward came to, he found himself and his sister in a sort of remote location. Here he meets a mysterious woman by the name of Serena Pierce, who explained of having pass by when she found him and the latters sister. Edward had asked if she had seen anyone like Xarathos and of the state of his parents, only for the woman, whom had been rather playful in tone and casualness up to this point, to regrettably inform him of not knowing who this Xarathos is and telling him that his parents did not make it. Although this brought on anger and sadness for what had happened as well as remembering what happened, he thanked the woman for telling him and for also taking him and his sister in. The girl herself having also suffered another form of immortality like her brother's but without the vampiric change in her being.

Many years passed since Serena had taken them in. As they were officially declared "dead" or "missing" from the public eye due to the incident with Xarathos, the woman (who had informed the two former human siblings as being what one may call as a "witch) had them renamed themselves along with changing their appearances slightly. Edward's hair was alright due to being of a change that came from being a vampire but had been renamed still as "Alfonso Felix", while his sister had her hair go from brunette to blonde and was renamed as "Elina Myers". It was also of this point did Alfonso start to become broody and mournful of his situation as a vampire and of his sister unable to interact to the outside world due to their immortal curse as well as the deaths of their parents. Alfonso by then had started to lose some of his sanity, which reached a breaking point by around the 1940's when he started to adopt to the culture life of a "gangster" and mob lord that took over the streets from the shadows and of the night and even of the day. All of this lead up to the year 1970 when, almost unknowing to the man himself, cause the appearance of Chaos Banes to run amok in the universe. Which started a chain reaction that lead to other worlds. Which will eventually gather up enough chaos to the point of catching the God of Chaos itself: Xarathos.

It would be over the course of 6 years for the vampire himself to create more chaos in order to gain its power and catch Xarathos attention to exact his revenge for the death of his and Elina's parents. However, this very action would also trigger his fated meeting with a young man named Kiyo Rashin, who is a victim of the attacks of the Chaos Banes that took the lives of everyone in his school and his home town including that of his parents, with only him and his friend as well as many others that miraculously managed to survive it all (albeit on varying levels of trauma and disturbia from all of the chaos that occured). He would go on to battling numerous times with them over the years in combat as well as to see what made them unique for being able to meet him, as well as eventually being the young Rashin's brother-in-law for as the latter had became friends with and even lovers with his sister Elina.

Eventually, both would end up being Gods of power themselves (Alfonso being the very embodiment of Darkness as well as it's God while Kiyo would a unique god known as the Dragon General God), where they eventually use their very powers to fight and defeat Xarathos himself...if only at the cost of Kiyo's life at the end of it. Although the two had known each other for only half a decade, they had formed a bond that would last for years on end. One that will put Alfonso in the life of Kiyo's only child and, later on, his grandchildren in memory of their friendship and to honor his last wishes.

Years have passed since the time of his friend's death. After the battle with Xarathos was over and the fate of all existence was saved, Alfonso had went into a long period of self-isolation. Having not been over the death of the one that had made him feel human again after so long, the vampire god was was swallowed in his own self-despair of not being able to let Kiyo die less painfully. There was also a drastic strain on his relationship with his sister Elina, whom was so disturbed by all of the violence and loss of more friends and loved ones she had at her side (most being her brother, Kiyo, and Marcus whom had perished partway in the last years of the crisis with the Chaos God) that she avoided and disconnected herself from any form of contact that she and her brother had at the time. Even moving out of the country to go live at Kiyo's birthplace in Japan.

This devastated Alfonso to the near point of never wanting to have anything to do with the outside world again...until he remembered the promise of his late dear friend did he resolved himself to keeping it as proof of his returning humanity. Even if such a thing was next to impossible to achieve. With help from Serena herself, Alfonso had took it up his hands to give himself silent meetings with his sisters child Joel, Kiyo's late son who possessed a similar light to the latter if only weaker. From then on would the man teach the young boy on the lessons of light and darkness as well as the meaning of living as a human including numerous concepts of existence (although half of them were things Joel himself had learned from his mother). More years came down the line since then and Joel, now a young adult, has aged up to be an up and coming hero and guardian to all existence. Something of which the man himself used as a way to bond with him as well as acting as his watcher in order to protect him from the ways and act of darkness. It was also during this time did the lord of darkness had many people join to his side, merely acting as nothing more than forces of darkness who oppose those of other darkness in evil but never staining their hands in the blood of those innocent nor lending any support to heroes of good and light lest it's to bring down a common enemy.

It will be of some more time, even further down the years of the 20th century when both men eventually created a family of their own. Joel went on to birthing his own children through the love and bond of a woman he had known since childhood, while Alfonso would eventually find it in himself to bring in two children from that of Serena herself, who slowly and overtime felt a sort of attachment to the century old vamp and not so long god of Darkness and for even being one of the only other people to ever make him feel human again in addition to being yet one of the only people he can ever call a friend in his lifetime. Alfonso did, however, started to love another during his training and bouts with Joel. This very same woman would later go on to give birth to another son, one who held in him a tied destiny with Joel's son Aaron.

Although he expected and knew his children would in one way or another lead up to their own paths of heroisim, even if it was in a way that would be morally questionable to all others, Alfonso did what he could on being a great parent to them with every ounce of remaining human attachment he had left. From there, it was simply a matter of how well his offsprings can do in life better than he had for his...just a matter of time as the man of the night thought...


Work in progress....

Work in progress....

Personal Statistics

Name: Edward Jameson (real name). Alfonso Felix, "Thomas Walker"

Origin: Exceed

Gender: Male

Age: 20-21 (Pre-transformation). 120+ (Post-transformation)

Classification: Undead (Formally human), "Vampire" (Is technically not a true vampire, but was rather transformed into that of a powerful one by Xarathos), "God of Darkness"

Date of Birth: Late 1800's

Birthplace: Weston, Wyoming

Weight: 84 kg

Height: 184 cm



Eye Color: Blue formerly. Red currently.

Hair Color: Dark Brown formerly. Silver white currently (sometimes turn black when using his darkness powers excessively).

Hobbies: Reading

Values: Purpose, Family, Love

Status: Undead

Sexual Orientation:


Affiliation: Himself and to those who serve or work alongside him. 

Previous Affiliation: N/A


Combat Statistics


Powers and Abilities:


  • Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Vamperism (Is that of a "transcendent vampire", making him much stronger and formidable than a regular vampire as well as lacking nearly all natural weaknesses except for anything related to light (See weaknesses below) and of the minor yet still desired way of feasting on blood. Also capable of turning anyone who has his blood into a vampire who shares all his strengths and even minor weaknesses, although he can prevent this actively if necessary), Cosmic Senses, Extrasensory Perception, Conceptual Manipulation, Reality Warping (Capable of warping the nature of reality and it's laws when creating his own personal world inside it, existing independently from it and responding only when he himself wills it so), Fire Manipulation (Can manipulate the flames emitted from Acantha), Ice Manipulation (Can freeze anything around him at Absolute Zero in addition to being able to create various constructs such as spikes, cages, chains, etc. Said ice also shows the power to harm and interact with even intangible beings), Blood Manipulation, Darkness Manipulation (All types), Summoning (Can summon dark versions of various beings, such as being able to summon the Dark Precure, Altered versions of Servants, and of even ones own dark persona's after they've long disappeared/died. Is especially able to summon up creatures of pure darkness to aid him in battle that are capable of tearing apart his enemies on a physical, spiritual, mental, and conceptual level), Space-Time Manipulation (Type 2), Absorption (Capable of absorbing energy and matter in order to reconstruct his physical body or boost his own power. Also capable of absorbing light itself, effectively nulling out it's brightness and even power should it possess the power to harm), Empathic Manipulation, Information Manipulation (Can read about one's very being just by stepping into their shadows or his darkness/shadow interacting with theirs, even use said information to form their fears or other secrets via shadow constructs if desired), Aura (When letting it out in a passive state, his aura takes in the form of darkness itself that can cause distortion in ones senses as well as that to their mind and emotional state and even manifesting the victims worse fears in reality. Causing them to succumb to immense levels of distress and confusion, despair, panic, and so on).


  • Barrier Generation (Said barriers are capable of blocking off attacks that run on multiple planes of existence, making it very to penetrate unless said attacks can interact on those planes of existences), Resistance to Soul Manipulation (Resistant to anything that may affect his soul in anyway, ranging from controlling and stealing to outright damaging and destroying it), Mind Manipulation (His mind is kept locked from all but the strongest mind controllers. Serena having once described it as a "cage wrapped around by countless chains that each have to be unhooked individually"), Death Manipulation (Was unaffected when his daughter, who possess the ability to induce death unto any living being including immortals as a Goddess of all Death, tried to attack him by hitting his neck with her scythe), Gravity Manipulation and Space-Time Manipulation (Took all of Roman's attacks, including ones of gravity caving in on him to destroy him and taking on attacks that affected his personal space-time), and Anti-Regeneration attacks (Patrick's tanto, his most powerful weapon and trump card capable of negating the use of regen and other such properties from other beings, even to those who can regenerate without their physical body, gave no serious concerns to Alfonso's healing ability), Time Paradox Immunity (Had his past changed countless times to where he would have never become what he is now only to stay the same in the present as if nothing has happened. This being noted by both Alfonso himself and Serena to be something that his life has been made for "as the strings of fate and destiny has put for him"), Immunity to darkness, natural poisons, diseases, and light sources (Earthly disease of any kind are nothing to him for his body is not of that of the living anymore. Natural sunlight, even if outputted at high intensity, will not kill him at all due to lacking vampiric weaknesses to said light)


  • Immortality (Types 1, 3, 4, and 8. As long as the concept of darkness and everything related to it exists, he will continue to keep on living), Regeneration (Low-Godly, possibly higher. Capable of regenerating so long as his soul, mind, and will are intact. His regen comparable to that of his sister, who can regenerate back to existence through nothing but her memories of him and Kiyo and can still do it even if every part of her being was erased), Portal Creation (Uses this to travel to other universes and timelines), Possesses incredible willpower (Resisted his vampire thirst, which has increased over the years to where even the most veteran of all vampires wouldn't "last even a moment before going on an all-blood drinking fest", for years until it finally stopped for good. The greatest and most powerful demonic beings in the multiverse would have no way of truly breaking his willpower, the latter having stated that "only one who can break my, Kiyo, and Cecelia's will can have even the slightest hope of ever breaking me".), Abstract Existence, Pocket Reality Manipulation (Although not something he uses due to the power of his darkness, Alfonso can create his own personal reality dimension in the current world he's in that grants him a field advantage)

Attack Potency:


Lifting Strength:

Striking Strength:


Stamina: Limitless



Weaknesses: While he lacks most of the standard weaknesses of a vampire (even including attacks to his heart), light of certain kind in nature can still hamper and possibly kill him should he be exposed to them for a prolonged period of time (However, said light is only something that were conceptual in nature, as Elina's powers when going haywire were capable of doing so but couldn't kill him right away due to this own darkness powers to counter it temporarily. Natural sunlight or anything related to it in nature, however, only annoys him. It can wound him greatly if done in great intensity, but will not kill him. Only incapacitate him at best, provided if the light themselves aren't taken off of him).

Key: Avatars | God of Darkness/Fullpower

Notable Attacks/Techniques

Forest of the Bloody Moon:


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Facts about the character/Trivia

-When Alfonso was first developed, he had the power of matter as well as having the ability to steal other people powers (one of his known victims was, for example, Sosuke Aizen, the former Squad 5 captain of Soul Societies 13 Court Guards and leader of the arracars).

  • Both concepts, however, have since been retconned and discarded.

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