The Animation is an OC created by Alan Becker.

The Animation is a stickman created by the Animator - in this case, Alan - for unknown purposes (Altough it can be supposed that the Second Coming was created for a fighting game).

Appearance and Personality

The Animation has undergo many names and personalities on it's different aspects: Victim, the Chosen One and the Second Coming.

The Victim and Chosen One are visually identical: Black stickmen, with circles as heads, and straight lines as arms and legs. The Second Coming seems to have a slightly larger head, and a orange body instead of black.

The Victim and Chosen One have similiar personalities, being hostile to anyone who provokes/attack them, definetly tactical and intelligent, altough brutal. However, it has shown that the Chosen One is much more fierce and brutal, altough compassionate at times. The Second Coming is from far the friendliest ones of them, having befriended many stickmen and the very own Animator (The only one who did that), altough he is rather revengeful.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-A | At least 9-B | At least 8-C | At least 9-B

Name: Victim/Chosen One/Second Coming. A.K.A: Stickman, The Chosen One (exclusive to the Chosen One), Chosen One's Return (exclusive to the Second Coming).

Origin: Animator VS Animation.

Gender: Unindentified.

Age: Some minutes | Some minutes | Some days | Few months.

Classification: Fighting stickman.

Powers and Abilities: Enchanced Strength, Speed, Agility, Stamina and Durability, skill with many weapons, craftsmanship, intelligence. | All of the previous powers on a larger scale, Fire Breathing, Laser & Heat Vision, Fire-based Forcefield Creation, skilled martial artist, Pyrokinesis, Ice Breath. | All of the previous powers on a larger scale, Flight. | Enchanced Strength, Speed, Stamina, Agility and Durability, skill with many weapons, craftsmanship, intelligence, artist, martial artist, minor understanding on scripting.

Attack Potency: At least Athlete Human+ Level, possibly High Peak Human (Can damage bars and the Flash Scripter screen) | At the very least Wall Level, possibly Room Level (Easily broke a scrolling bar; Tore a wall and completly wrecked Flash scripting screen) | Building Level (Easily destroyed & sliced entire programs; Managed to hold off the Dark Lord and all internet programs), possibly much higher (With the Dark Lord's help, managed to create a black hole that then exploded, burning the computer's proccessing parts, technically destroying the computer). | High Wall+ Level (At max, he can destroy and cause serious damage to a program scene; Destroyed many cellphone Apps).

Speed: Low Athlete Human w/ Peak Human reactions (Ran on a relatively fast speed; Dodged acid gun shots) | Athlete Human w/ Superhuman - probably Sonic+ - reactions (Catched thrown axes; Aim-dodged pistols and shotguns at the same time, ran faster than Victim) | Higher than before | Athlete Human w/ Superhuman reactions (Ran on respectable speeds; Fast enough to keep up with the Animator's Cursor, and the only one so far on the series that managed to actually outsmart & destroy it).

Lifting Strength: Unspecified.

Striking Strength: Class H | Class KJ | Class KJ, possibly high KJ | Class KJ

Durability: Peak Human Level (Survived being hit by the Cursor and many other programs) | Wall+ Level (Survived being struck by some nasty stuff of the Animator) | Building Level (Resisted the Dark Lord's attacks) | Unknown, supposed to be Wall+ Level (Wasn't really hit by anything; Comparable to Early Chosen One).

Stamina: Infinite. (Animations can't tire)

Range: Normal human range | Much higher | Higher | Normal human range.

Standard Equipment: None.

Intelligence: High; Skilled with weapons and in combat. Reasonable battle tactician and expert weapon builder. | Same as before but higher; Skilled martial artist, much better tactician and weapon-user. | Same as before. | High; Skilled in weapons, in combat and in escaping/hiding. Very good battle tactician and artist. Skilled martial artist.

Weaknesses: None notable | None notable. | None notable. | Too revengeful.



- Created a bow and arrow in few seconds.

- Managed to dodge acid blasts.


- Casually exploded the restriction cell that he was in. Note that Victim, with the best of its effort, didn't even damaged it.

- Easily catched a thrown axe with one hand.

- Aim-dodged (sorta) continuous shots of a pistol and a shotgun, at the same time.

- Beaten AOL and Mozilla Firefox.

- Outsmarted the A.I. of Rocket Launchers.


- Fought on par with the Dark Lord, another animation with incredible power.

- Easily sliced programs apart with his lasers.

- Casually deleted pop-ups with his lasers and fire.

- Ate a lot of letters on a word document.

- Created a black hole that wrecked Windows and the computer's system.


- Easily beaten 4 skilled fighting stickmen within seconds, without even getting hit.

- Managed to outsmart and beat the Animator. Note that the only one who managed to truly do that before was the Chosen One with the Dark Lord's help.

- Broke containment walls with his hands.

- Drawed complex stick figures within seconds.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Fire Breath: As the Chosen One, the Animation has the power of breath fire, strong enough to easily burn and desintegrate powerful programs and barriers. He has shown to instantly burning word swords with it.

Flight: It was shown more than one time that Post-Slavery that he could fly, being able to fly extremly quick.

Heat/Laser Vision: The Chosen One can shoot deadly laser from his eyes, easily burning and piercing his obstacles.

Pyrokinectic Blast: The Chosen One can emit flames from any part of his body, on a omnidirectional blast or in a burst of fire.

Ice Breath: The Chosen One can breath extremly cold winds that freeze the enemy instantly, even those that are made of pure fire, as he did with the Firefox.

Black Hole: With the help of Dark Lord, The Chosen One managed to create a black hole that has shown to be powerful enough to wreck Windows and the computer's system.


Key: Victim | Early/Pre-Slavery Chosen One | Late/Post-Slavery Chosen One | Second Coming

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