Aveal Turniga is a main character in the Amenia series. She is the oldest of "Heroes of Tunda", a small party shared by her adoptive sisters, Mona Hunik and Shina Turi as well as her younger adoptive brother Toma Jawol. She represents the "priest" or "white mage" class seen in most Role-Playing games.


Aveal was born on the outskirts of the city-state of Tunda. She was raised by her Grandpa and Grandma in a humble shack on the edge of Ricken Forest. Sadly her Grandparents were quite old, and when they feared their health was getting worse and worse they sent here away to "Royal River Orphanage". There, Aveal was given basic combat training (as all school children in Tunda) and became quite efficient with the sword.

Aveal was appointed to the "House E" portion of the orphanage along with Mona Hunik and Shina Turi, and later Toma Jowal. The three people she would soon call her family. A week after she turned 17, she, along with the rest of House E were hired by the king of Tunda to venture into "The Razed Lands" and learn just what happened to it after the reign of King Sigmound.


Aveal is a tall girl with pale skin and brilliant blue hair that's been described as "like a Sapphire" and ruby-like eyes. She is fairly short, even for her age, being a fair bit shorter than her younger "sister" Shina and her younger "brother" Toma, though is taller than Mona.


Aveal has a kind heart and a bright, but bubbly personality. She deeply cares about her Orphanage family and is willing to make major sacrifices for them, and sometimes halt the missions progress just to make them happy. For example, she gave bad directions so the team would end up in the village of Tyon so Shina could meet her litter sister, Ash for the first time since she was a child.

Although he does have a selfish side as she's used the teams "mission funds" to buy expensive items for herself on more than one occasion. She also has a bad habit of creating a lie to convince herself; or others that everything is fine and thus she rarely tries to think realistically in a negative situation. This has caused some problems and has costed the team valuable planning and preparation time. When challenged, she'll use all of her energy to try to find a solution that often puts her in danger.

Despite her bubbly personality and fairly short attention span, Aveal is very brave and is willing to fight for anyone, even foe and strangers if she feels they were done wrong. A good example of this is when she went off on her own and saved the entire village of Gwend from a Jupa demon.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-B, up to Low 5-B with spells | Low 6-B | 5-C | 5-A | 5-B | 3-C. High 3-A via Last Wish

Name: Aveal Turniga

Gender: Female

Age: 16-17 throughout main series, 34 during Urotian Cataclysm, 158 during The Abstract Wars

Origin: Amenia

Classification: Human, Hero of Tunda, Herald of Nier | Goddess of Love

Psychical Attack Potency: City level (Superior to Kowlividus, who was going to destroy the entire town of Gwend. Could seriously content with the Dragons of Yorn, all of which were feared for "destroying countless kingdoms", which refers to the City States within the "Valley of Kingdoms"), City level+ via Guardian Spirit (Superior than both Shina and Mona. Traded blows with Geku, a No'Deki demon who sliced off the top of a mountain and used it as a projectile, he also threatened to reduce the entire city of Tunda into a crater), City level+ via most spells (Her spells should naturally be stronger then her brute force) | Small Country level (Comparable to Kulain, who defeated the Behemoth, a monster capable of destroying entire kingdoms and razing entire mountain ranges)  | Moon level (Fought with the skilled Daemon wariors of Stova, most of which could raze the surface of large planets) | Large Planet level (Capable of fighting full powered Princes of Stova, who were capable of destroying planets comparable in size to Jupiter | Planet level (Contributed to the purging of the Vile Presence, comparable to Mona who fought Inky Sentinels) | Galaxy level (Urotian Deities can create an entire Galaxy as their domain, and regularly destroy other domains. Could fight with Yorn, the God of Violence who was the strongest of the Urotians)

Magical Attack Potency: Large Town level via Null Control and Mana Bending (Capable of wiping out massive temple structures), City level via Miracle of Chima, Ashen Earth and Styx River, Continent level via Milky Sky, Gaia Heart and Celestial Swords, Moon level+ via 12 Crystals, Small Planet level via Goddess Breath & Mana Storm | Country level via Catastrophe (Miriel, another caster of the spell was going to use it to destroy several kingdoms), Planet level via Diamond Sky (Manipulates the Earth and the atmosphere of Amenia. Legends told of ancient Gods who could obliterate entire worlds with the spell) | Dwarf Star level with Celestial Rotation (Changed the rotation of every planet within the Guldan Star System) | High Universe level with Last Wish (Purged the Inky Blackness and Stovalettian Presence from all worlds)

Speed: Transonic (Her duel with Mona was to quick for even the most skilled of guards to follow) | Hypersonic+ (Kept pace with the Raven King, who could run across Meglomenia in short timeframes), with High Hypersonic+ Flight Speed | Massively Hypersnonic+ (Comparable to Mona who could dodge lightning) | Massively Hypersonic+ | Relativistic+ via the Starforge Armor (Kept pace with the Princes of Stova, who could jump to nearby planets) | Massively Hypersonic+ | Massively FTL+ (Can fly across the Urotian Intergalactic network in minutes, and the universe within hours). Infinite with Last Wish (Her power spread across the multiverse, which is infinite)

Lifting Strength: Athletic human, can be augmented to Class K via magic | Peak Human | Class Y due to sheer size (Urotian Deities true form is slightly larger than Jupiter)

Striking Strength: Class PJ | Class ZJ | Class NJ+ | Class XMJ | Class XJ | Galactic

Durability: City level (Dueled against Mona and Shina, while she asked the ladder to not hold back), City level+ via Guardian Spirit, Her forcefields can withstand up to Small Country level attacks | Moon level (Took hits from demons of this power) | Large Planet level | Planet level | Galaxy level (Comparable to other Urotian Deities)

Stamina: High, Variable via Guardian Spirit but usually Very High | Very High | Peak Human | Virtually Limitless

Range: Extended Melee Range, City-wide with magic, | Countrywide via spells | Galactic | Universal

Intelligence: Aveal is very smart, she spent her free time studying all about Tundan, Vilzonian and Doryan history since she was small and still studies whenever she can. She is also an expert spellcaster. Being the student of the goddess of love has given her access to spells that no Amenian has even heard of before, which gives her an additional edge. She's also a skillful tactician and can make up strategies on the fly.

Weaknesses: Thinks poorly of herself as a combatant, and usually willingly plays the role of the distraction. Feels that she'll never be as skillful as her sisters which bogs down her overall performance. These are more or less resolved by the ending. Being a priest, her magic is mostly based around healing and supporting her allies, her only offensive spells are at best self-defense and disarming her enemy.

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman strength, speed, durability, dexterity, stamina, True Flight, Healing, Expert Swordsmanship

Key: Sigmound Arc | Gilgamesh Arc | Adult/Urotian Cataclysm | As the Goddess of Love

Standard Equipment


-Silver Rapier Aveal's Silver Rapier was a training weapon given to her during her time at Royal Rivers. She mostly uses it for disabling enemies rather then direct damage. As the name implies, its a typical weapon that was created by a local blacksmith when commissioned.

-Heavenly Blade

A sword created by Nier herself. It was created to pacify enemies rather then to kill them, striking away at their rage rather then their body. It is a long, Katana like sword. Like the Rapier, Aveal uses it to disarm her enemies rather then directly hurting them. She sometimes uses it in conjunction with the "Pumpkin Eyes" to truly disable her enemies.


-Golden Choker

A gift from Nier, the Golden Choker is a beautiful golden necklace encrusted with vqrios diamonds. It creates a forcefield around Aveal and anyone near by. It can also create forcefields over others in a roughly 50 KM radius.

-Elmunds Shield

A gift from the military instructor at Royal River. Elmunds Shield is a typical, but high quality shield. It can deflect standard magic spells and fire quite easily and is decently large to boot.


-Three Sided Mirror

A relic from the Vilzonians, the Three Sided Mirror is a portal to Null-Space, a 0-Dimensional universe where nothing can exist but rogue thoughts. It was crafted some 7,000 years ago by the prophets of the Yan-Neri branch of Lunabek Vilzonian kingdom.

-Satchens Sack

A sack sewn by a mysterious magician named Satchen. It is sad to be able to "contain an entire star" in ts possession, yet is as big as a normal sack. It can seemingly infinitely expand and adsorb anything into its void.

-The Condilouve Cube

The Condilouve Cube is a mechanism crafted from the Moon-Rocks of Mundys. Not much is known about it (because Aveal is fearful to use it), but it appears to adsorb anything and everything near it and transports it to "God only knows".

-The Domoniz Bane

The Domoniz Bane is a shield that is said to be able to deflect any form of dark magic. So far it managed to deflect Sigmounds strongest spells, which vaporized the Jupa Archipelago.

-Pumpkin Eyes

Pumpkin Eyes is an enchanted Jack-o-Laturn created by a wandering Magician. Simply put, looking into its eyes causes the enemy to become enraged at an enemy who isn't there, making him lose all focus on the user.

Notable Attacks and Techniques

-Mana Bending

Manipulates the Mana on a large scale. Can create massive explosions, shut down the mana use of any enemy near by (including her own). At her best, she can manipulate the mana to create a massive wave of sheer power, but this takes almost all of her energy.

The Mana can also be used in a "free style" method, where it can be used as a weapon, shield, vehicle, etc. This is Aveal's most used spell, for its versatility and ease to cast. The effects of the spell are nearly instant.

-Nier's Love

A blanket term for various healing spells. Can heal minor wounds instantly and major ones in a week. It can't exactly guarantee survival from lethal wounds, though. Can dispel most sicknesses, poisons, curses and more.

-Guardian Spirit

The Guardian Spirit is a spell given to hr by the Goddess Nier as a method of protecting her an her loved ones. It creates a lucid "spirit" form of Aveal wearing Shina's armor and wields Mona's weapons. The Spirit is extremely powerful and fast, but is on a time-limit. This limit is based off how much energy Aveal has left.

-Nerve Twitch

Aveal gains control over the nerve structure of an enemy, while she only does it to stun and remove their weapons, she very well can use to much more sinister results but simply refuses too.

-Null Control

Manipulates the "Null Space", a 0-Dimensional space. Due to its mysterious properties, Aveal is able to warp reality (low end) on the scale of massive cities. This attack ignores conventional durability as it essentially removes all dimensions of a character.

-Miracle of Chima

Can only be used of Chima is in orbit. A powerful spell that bends energy of Chima to create a massive blast. Leaves the enemy drained of stamina, but takes a lot of Aveal.

-Ashen Earth

Causes an explosion with the power of a Volcanic eruption. Aveal can put the attack on a "timer", so she can make it explode in say, 30 minutes.

-Styx River

A Water spell that that manipulates a large amount of water (can typically manipulate up to a large lake). She can also vaporize the water to create a massive fog.

-Milky Sky

Creates an ever-expanding fire ball, that can burn the entire atmosphere if cast at full power. It can also be used to boil the Ocean and Continents. It can be focused to create a spell that "rivals the sun" in terms of heat.

-Gaia Heart

Manipulates Amenia's power to gain a power boost. It greatly increases the power of her spells and brute might.

-Celestial Swords

Generates large swords with the heat of the surface of the Sun. If it is to drop to the ground, then it could singe the surface of Amenia.

-12 Crystals

Affects the orbit and rotation of the 12 Moons of Amenia and can cause each one to go best if she so chose.


Causes a planetary thunderstorm. Due to the nature f the spell, Aveal has only cast it once. According to the spell-book she learned it from, it was primarily used by a cruel witch.

-Diamond Sky

A spell that creates a massive mist that can deflect nearly every spell. It was capable of nullifying and deflecting spells that rivaled moon busting spells, according to her spell-book.

-Celestial Rotation

Warps and manipulates the Planets within the Guldan Star System. Due to the nature of the spell and due to how much it takes out of Aveal, it is not applicable for combat uses.

-Sugglish Intent

A spell that affects the enemies body to cramp their muscles, making them slow to react. The slow is somewhat slow (Takes about a minute to take full effect), so Aveal typically cast it while being sneaky.


Causes the body of her, or anyone she so chooses to become non-corporeal. Useful for stealth or for saving herself (or someone) for getting hit.

-Snake Way

Warps the enemy to miles away, and strips them of their weapons. This spell is typically not used much as it doesn't really solve the problem at hand, just delays it.

-Goddess Breath

An immensely powerful spell. At full power it is stated to create a storm so devastating that it destroys the surface of Amenia, and causes massive craters all throughout the landscape, leaving the world hollow before long. Nier stated that the storm would never end and would destroy the entire Guldan Star System before long.

As Aveal gained experience, she eventually found a way to focus all of the spells power into a single orb, which when cast would not devastate the planet at large. This version of the spell is even stronger then the normal incarnation.


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