The Barakans are an alien race within the Superior Universe. They are a warlike, although not expansive, race. They were one of the several alien races used as soldiers of The Storm. Their name came from the Superior Spider Man comparing them to Baraka from Mortal Kombat, as they are quite similar in appearance.

The Storm equipped them with weaponry and armor, but I will just be listing the stats for an unequipped member of their race.


The Barakans are about 5.7 feet tall on average. They have grey skin and jagged teeth with slightly extended jaws. They have long claws of bone sprouting from their arms, which they use as weapons. These are their namesake, and also the reason that they, as a race, never developed weapons of their own. They have no fingernails, as their skin is very tough.

Tier: 9-B

Name: Barakans, name unknown

Gender: Either. It is a race.

Age: Live to be about 40

Origin: Superior

Classification: Alien Race

Attack Potency: Wall Level (The Barakans are about as strong as three men, and also have spikes of bone that emerge from their arms, like Baraka.)

Speed: About 40 MPH running speed, max. 25 MPH is closer to average.

Lifting Strength: About 475 lbs, average.

Striking Strength: Wall Level

Durability: Wall Level

Stamina: Superhuman

Range: Slightly longer than human, thanks to bone spikes.

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Smarter than most apes, dumber than most humans. Apperantly have almost no language.

Weaknesses: Quite unintelligent. Prefer to simply rush a target en-masse.

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman attributes. Alien physiology.

Notable Attacks and Techniques: Wild, massed charges.

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