• ExerciseDancefloors

    This Blog will detail profiles of SCPs that are currently contained in the [DATA EXPUNGED] Facility. Any leakage of these documents to outside sources and media will result in the immediate tracking and capture of the perpetrator/s by SCP Special Forces. 


    ITEM #SCP-99999


    Special Containment Procedures: SCP-99999 is to be sealed in its' chamber at all times. It must be watched at all times, and a guard must always be present. No one is allowed to directly enter SCP-99999's containment chamber due to its incredibly hostile nature -- instead, a mechanical feeding device is to be used; it provides slabs of processed meat and a drain that supplies water. Because SCP-99999 is highly aggressive, it is to be given Class D "Prey…

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  • DMUA

    So, to any of you Bois out there who notice that Tony isn't 2-B for fighting Demigra and that Super Saiyan Blue Goku is Low 2-C as of ROF, this will cover explaination for why that is in a way a bit more lengthy then what could reasonably be put on profiles

    Demigra has absolutely no statements of destroying the Multiverse or anything of the like in RSG. Not only that, but, in RSG, the structure of the Multiverse is quite different then Canon, so even if he did destroy the multiverse, it would be just 2-C.

    But, what he does do is threaten to wipe the timeline, and even succeed before Tony kinda undid it via... Even now it's never been explained. He also absorbed Toki Toki, who has the ability to make Low 2-C Eggs.

    Base Tony fought Base Demigra…

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  • PsychoWarper


    Alignment: Lawful Neutral

    Name: Nathaniel

    Origin: TBD

    Gender: Male

    Age: Unknown | 11,000+

    Classification: Superhuman | Hunter, Executioner, Death's Messenger

    Date of Birth: Unknown

    Birthplace: Earth

    Weight: 91 kg (200 lbs) | 107 kg (236 lbs)

    Height: 195 cm (6'4") | 207 cm (6'8")

    Likes: Solitude, Quiet, Cold

    Dislikes: Load Noises, Ignorance, Extreme Heat

    Eye Color: Red

    Hair Color: Black

    Hobbies: Fighting, Training, Hunting

    Values: A good fight, Quiet

    Martial Status: Single

    Status: Alive

    Affiliation: Death

    Tier: At Least High 8-C potentially Higher, High 5-A with prep | At Least 7-A, Higher with Død and Ondskap

    Powers and Abilities:  Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced Senses (His sight and hearing are both far beyond that of a normal human), Genius I…

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  • Hagane no Saiyajin

    Let's examine the hypothetical feat of Chifusa. She's basically able to punch this to a max distance of 1770.32 km.

    I will use this equation to get the velocity:

    and this for kinetic energy: KE = (m*v^2)/2

    An angle of 45 degrees will be assumed.

    So v= sqrt((1770320*9.8)/sin(2*45)) = 4165.2294 m/s / 343 m/s = Mach 12.14352596

    KE = .5 * 1.56830918216*10^5 * 1770320 * 9.8 = 1.360440465*10^15 J Large Town Level+

    Momentum = m * v

    1.56830918216*10^5 * 4165.2294 = 653236752.2 N*s

    Force = Momentum/time

    (Punch lasts less than 6 ms)

    653236752.2/.06 = 1.08872792 * 10^10 N * 0.101971621 kilograms-force = 1110193509 kg Class G lifting Strength

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    This blog contains information about Ilia Nautil's attacks and techniques. Notable Attacks/Techniques:

    • Towering Barricade: A large barrier that can be used for cover or to seal off dangerous areas for a short time.
    • Rally Barricade: A small barricade that allows one to peek over it while aiming down sights and continuously reloads the equipped weapon of the user.
    • Flashbang Grenade: An explosive grenade that disorients the enemies it damages.
    • Pulse Grenade: A grenade that periodically damages enemies inside its explosive radius.
    • Lightning Grenade: A grenade that sticks to any surface, periodically emitting bolts of lightning.
    • Magnetic Grenade: A grenade that attaches to enemies and explodes twice.
    • Spike Grenade: A grenade that attaches to any surfac…
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    Ilia Nautil

    January 12, 2019 by WHYNAUT

    Ilia Nautil is a character in the Reincarnation Wars RP, who was first introduced during a tournament. She's a lone drifter who fights evil and seeks to become stronger in order to defeat the Supreme Darkness. She has lost her memories of her current life and acts mostly on her experiences of her previous life because of that.

    Is almost always wearing armor that looks a lot like that of Saint-14 but customized to fit her and she also has a grey and white cape. She has light brown hair at shoulder lenght and a beautiful face. Her eyes are yellow and her spirit shines brightly through them. She has a single golden earring and a red scouter. She has a slender, but strong body.

    She's a kind person who holds anyone she considers a friend dearly, …

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  • The 2nd Existential Seed

    Charlotte Lockheart (Before She Awakens) is a fanfic created by those who based it heavily off of 'Before I Wake' . It is about a young girl whose dreams come to reality, and have no limits. She was taken into a home after something rather traumatizing occurred in the home, which due to unknown reasons was taken completely off the records due to fear of what the general public would have to say in regards to a 'child whose dreams become reality & can potentially cause Doom's Day in less than a few seconds' . 

    This is a story of a little girl with powers no entity has ever had before period. How she got it is just as unknown as the truest nature of her powers. All we (as the viewers of this profile + even the person who made this profile) kn…

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  • Inksaness

    Tier: At least 10-C, possibly 10-B | At least Low 2-C likely 1-AUnknown with Alux Videos      

    Name:Xshia'zea'sh'kaebt-Lea'yi'elih-zael'va'tielih-ng'yehaer'llw'aetaght'litagehph-Ht'uim'aeng'ytagyeh Taght'ehshht'yng'yng'gl-tagr'laeph'ehts'liht'ehct'r'lling, "Triple X" by Crabwhale (A weird choice, as his name contains only 1 X in it I now realise that SeaCreatureAmalgamation was making a Porn joke, and I hate my life), T H O T S L A Y E R (The English translation of his family name), T H O T H S L A Y E R (By Orror), T S by MaxForward

    Origin: His mother's vagina (Yes, I regret this)

    Classification: Mistake, Failure, Eldritch Abomination, "Mediocre Old One", Creator of shit JBW pages, T H O T S L A Y E R (Inherited the title from his Four Fath…

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  • Uninown

    It's the sunset already, albeit not visible due to the dense clouds of smoke that wander around the atmosphere

    Athanatos and Anikitos have been already running for the entire day, alongside the other trainees in charge of the sargeant.

    Both have been pretty much shut, like the others. They do not want to get yelled at by the captain, as his voice is so intense it can be heard kilometers and kilometers away. Respect or fear, could be either of them, but in the end they didn't want to mess up with him.

    With their suits entirely covered by dirt, mud and dust, they arrive to the camp again, presumably at night. The first day was quite rough for all of the newbies and the two brothers themselves. Most, if not all, were just civilians till the prob…

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  • Slapson


    January 8, 2019 by Slapson
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  • GreyFang82

    So in the story, the group fights a strongman who completely destroyed a brick wall and so such a feat must be calculated.

    The Strongman is pretty tall, considerably above average so lets assume... 6' 5" (Yes I know that it is in heathen measurements) and the wall is taller than him. Let's assume the wall is 7 feet tall. So that's the height of the wall, know the width and length. Let's assume is as long as it is tall so 7 feet. The wall is only 1 block thick, according to this website the standard brick is is 3 and 5/8th of an inch in thickness.

    Now converting those into normal human measurements that's 213.36 cm for length and height and 9.2075 cm in width. Using the volume formula of a which is w x l x h it should look like:

    9.2075 x 213.3…

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  • The 2nd Existential Seed
    • Hitomi (Wonderlands) , The Crying Child (Post-Retcon) ,  and Alice (True Wonderlands) do not at all have the same verse. This is very much a different verse, different from the likes of World's Beyond , Wonderlands, and Ghostmania... Yet being unfathomably greater than all those verses combined .
    •  While the verse has some similarities, do remind it that they are in-fact separate and shouldn't be taken into account in terms of the inconsistencies of  difference in AP . 
    • While The Crying Child (Post-Retcon) & Alice (True Wonderlands) have met in a fanfic more than twice, this was due to the events of the crossover linking their worlds. This doesn't happen on a regular basis

    Tier: Unknown

    Name: Alice (Her last name is Unknown)

    Origin: True Wonderlands …

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    Mage of Sol

    January 6, 2019 by WHYNAUT

    Alignment: Neutral

    Name: Mage of Sol, Fiery Knight, The Secret Hope

    Origin: Superb

    Gender: Male

    Age: Unknown

    Classification: Mage, God

    Birthplace: Presumably Earth

    Weight: Unknown

    Height: 1.87 meters

    Likes: Peace, Humanity

    Dislikes: Demons

    Eye Color: Orange

    Hair Color: Blond

    Values: Hope and peace

    Martial Status: Is single

    Status: Alive


    Previous Affiliation:

    Tier: 3-B. High 3-A with Future of Humanity | 2-A

    Powers and Abilities:  Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Magic, Energy Manipulation, Energy Projection, Fire Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Void Manipulation, Healing, Immortality (Types 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9) Resurrection, Regeneration (At least Mid-Godly, possibly High-Godly, came back after the entire Third Layer of the Dimensional Order was dest…

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  • PsychoWarper

    Noble Phantasms

    Gate of Babylon: The King's Treasure: Gilgamesh's great treasury. It is a storehouse that contains the countless treasures of the world collected by Gilgamesh, and by using Key of the King's Law, Bab-ilu, he can open an invisible door to its contents to summon them whenever he pleases. It contains countless Noble Phantasms, including their prototypes, and he generally fires them from the vault as projectiles, though he can also summon them directly into his hand for when he wants to fight up close. Due to the sheer number of Noble Phantasms he possesses, it is impossible for one to try and take them head on as they possess various unknown abilities to properly counter virtually any Servant recorded in the Throne of Heroes. T…

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  • The 2nd Existential Seed

    Dark Countess  is one of the Primordial Dark Gods who is one of the countless servants of The Dark King . After being recruited by "The Dark King", her control and strength of her gifts [even before she became a Servant of the Dark King] far surpassed comprehension of even most of the Ultra Divine Gods .  She comes from a Alternate Version of Xenoverse, which takes place in a hypothetical Post-XV2 and Post-XV3

    Dark Countess, which she is known as Mistress Agony , can be considered a very... intimidating woman. Standing at a massive 5'10 , she wears a black battle dress that covers the neck downwards, ending in a skirt esque design. Her skin is noted to be sickly pale, but yet doesn't shown any weakness in her appearance and more so to empow…

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    Whyr Nauth

    January 5, 2019 by WHYNAUT

    Whyr Nauth is a character in Everybody Wants To Rule The World. His origins are unknown as of now. It seems that one of his goals is to make a place where all inhabitants of earth can live together in harmony. At first his methods of achieving this were quite brutal, but he changed and created the country of Equalis.

    Whyr Nauth can take on many forms, but he often assumes that of a young handsome man. At first he was cold and calculating, but he has changed into a more warmhearted and charismatic person. At a certain point in the story he was corrupted and he became very sadistic and violent. After he got purified his personality changed into what it is now.

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Name: Whyr Nauth, King of Equalis, Lord Nauth

    Origin: Everyb…

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  • Edwardtruong2006
    • Teleportation
    • Technological Manipulation
    • Possession (Can possess mobs and other people [link to animator vs. minecraft])
    • Creation [animator vs. minecraft]
    • Matter manipulation [animator vs. minecraft]
    • Weapon Mastery
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  • DMUA

    In a spin off RP of Jack of All Trades (which hasn't started yet), the opening of the game starts with Victorian London becoming a giant smoking crater.

    Let's calcuate that

    So, Victorian London is 2.41402 Kilometers in total length, and thereby, 1.20701 Kilometers in radius. So, using the formula for a hemisphere...

    (2/3)×π×1.20701^3 is 3.68291095178609 Kilometers, or for our purposes, 3.682910951786E15 centimeters cubed.

    It's entirely Vaporized, so times 25700 is....

    9.465081146090E19 Joules, 22.6220868692405 Gigatons, Island level

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  • Uninown

    Hello everyone, i'm here to introduce you the simple, and we could say "bizarre" cosmology, lore and general explanations respective of Bizzarre Fantasy.

    While the initial cosmology is not that quite complex as compared to various other verses in this site, the more complex things begin in the origin of everything, where the nothing and everything existed at the same time. I was waiting for doing this blog, yet i didn't know how to make it. Now, i've got an idea of how to make one, though if there are any errors or things that shouldn't be here, please inform me of so. I also appreciate criticism on the box below (even though no one reads these things smh).

    I've seen various blogs about cosmology and general lore on this site, and i said "Hm…

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  • GreyFang82

    Alright, so before we can get into the actual calculations we have to figure out and estimate a few things before hand.

    Here's the things we do know:

    -The Boulder weighs 1200 pounds (544.3108 kilograms)

    -The Boulder was thrown a fair distance

    -The Boulder was thrown too fast for athlete level characters to react

    What we need to figure out:

    -The Distance

    -The Speed of the Boulder

    Alright, so we will try out three different distances

    3.5 meters (~11.5 feet) for the low-ball

    5 meters (16.4 feet) for the mid-ball

    7 meters (~23 feet) for the high-ball

    Now, in all these distances the boulder had to hit the opponents before they could react, so buy using the "Reactions" table for time frames we will assume that the boulder hit them after 0.128 seconds (Just …

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  • GyroNutz


    January 1, 2019 by GyroNutz

    There may be legit profiles here, for either this site or regular vsbattles, or there may just be random thought experiments. Don't take anything on here too seriously.

    Upon baiting every monster to come to New Home, Flowey was able to absorb every monster's soul, which was the equivalent of a single human soul, which allowed him to become a god (Asriel) due to having six others. So what if Flowey didn't have the other six human souls, and he simply found a way to catch the likes of Asgore and Sans off-guard to absorb their souls. Or perhaps on one of his genocide runs before Frisk fell down to the underground, he is able to gain enough LV to overpower them anyway. Either way, Flowey's able to pull it off and now he has the ability of (near…

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  • Edwardtruong2006

    The Player is a character in the Minecraft Modpack, SkyFactory 3. They are trapped on an island with a block of dirt and a single tree and have to do the best to survive.

    Tier: High 8-C | 7-C | High 6-C normally, High 6-B via energy generation

    Name: Steve or Alex

    Origin: SkyFactory 3

    Gender: Unknown

    Age: Unknown

    Classification: Survivor

    Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Adept Swordsman, Survival Expert, Fire Manipulation, Flight, Statistics Amplification, Magic, Poison Manipulation, Status Effect Inducement, Invisibility, Smite, Regeneration (Mid. Can regenerate from several arrows through their skull), Teleportation, Healing, Enhanced Senses, Self-Sustenance (Type 1 and 3), Resurrection (Via Totem of Undying and Laurel Crown), Curse …

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  • The 2nd Existential Seed

    Shadic is a powerful fusion between Sonic and Shadow as a result of fusion with the Kronokai Emeralds. He's from a version of Archie Sonic combined w/ DBZ . He's appeared in Season 1 of Dark Forces, and then reappears in Season 3 of Dark Forces.

    Tier: At least 2-A , l At least 2-A l At least 2-A

    Name: Shadic

    Origin: Sonic:Dark Forces

    Gender: Male

    Age: 15 (Same age as Sonic)

    Classification: Kronokai Fusion

    Powers and Abilities: Has the same powers as Sonic and Shadow's Super Forms. Can use Chaos Control perfectly to warp to his opponents much faster than he can regularly move

    Attack Potency: At least Multiverse Level+(Stated to be equal to DC Sonic, who thrashed Super Form 3 Sonic w/ a mere fingertap who is immensely superior to Max Potential Super Forms, whic…

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  • YungManzi


    December 31, 2018 by YungManzi

    Author: KI



    "That new Warren guy is definitely creepy right?"

    "...Yeah, he's cute...but he's always by himself, and he wears that same outfit every single day."

    A group of three women chat openly in the dining hall of Henning university, a highly prestigious school in south western Michigan. A huge bustling hall filled with hundreds and hundreds of people, all attendants of the university.

    The three women are all above average in terms of looks when compared to most women, however, they are not on the level of celebrity status in terms of popularity although the three are relatively well kn…

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  • Crabwhale

    Note: Extremely W.I.P.

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  • Edwardtruong2006

    I'm storing this somewhere

    • All of the abilities of The Player (Minecraft) and The Thaumaturge
    • Plant Manipulation: Can grow trees by twerking (yes it actually is that)
    • BOG is High 8-C (The weakest hammer can pulverize 52 m^3 of stone at once)
    • One Redstone Flux is equal to 142740 joules
    • Pocket Reality Manipulation: Via RFTools Dimensions, within the Pocket Reality they gain Earth Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Law Manipulation, and Time Manipulation
    • Void Manipulation: Can erased minor things, like dirt.
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  • The 2nd Existential Seed

    Daughter Brolina is a stupdenosuly Saiyan that emerged from the Crossover between World's Beyond + Dragon Ball Infinity . She was supposedly created from the energies of both Realities, as the result of the Author messing up and Crossing them over as a foolish mistake , and as result became a monstosity that required both entities to deal with. While technically Non-Canon to either verse, let us remember that in a Alternate Version of World's Beyond this did indeed happen. Feeling the need to correct this, he enters the work of fiction to him in order to deal with the threat personally by helping the heroes combat her long enough to make sure she isn't a threat to all of creation . 

    • Post-Author Empowerement Dragon Ball Super Goku & Vegeta […

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  • The Christian Nerd

    Author’s Note: This story takes place between the DC Comics Series and InFAMOUS 2

    Cole's knees where shaking with the effort he used. He felt sweat trickle down his brows and neck, but couldn't wipe it away. He couldn't move a single muscle, and that was exactly what was so exertive. He felt his feet tingle with the familiar feeling of being electrocuted, and his sneakers and lower pant legs were completely soaked by now, but he also knew he couldn't let up or else everything they worked for was for naught.

    "Could you guys maybe hurry up?" He managed to grind out through grit teeth.

    "I don't know how long I can hold it like this."

    "Just a few more moments, brother!", Zeke called out somewhere above him, accompanied by the hiss of an welding to…

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  • The Christian Nerd

    He sat there patiently at his table, alone. He looked all around him at the dozens of other people in the immediate vicinity, unable to shake the feeling he had that someone was watching him. Moments later, a woman dressed in an apron approached him.

    "Good afternoon sir. I'll be your waitress today," she said while setting down two menus.

    "Thank you," the man replied while taking the two menus.

    "Are we waiting for somebody?" the waitress asked. The man's thoughts seemed to be somewhere else.

    "Huh? Oh yeah I'm… I'm waiting" the man replied seconds later.

    "Would you like me to come back later?" the waitress asked.

    "Yes please," the man replied politely.

    "Alright then. I'll check on you in a little bit," she told him before walking away towards anot…

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  • HeartLock

    Jespar Chiharu

    December 22, 2018 by HeartLock

    Jespar Chiharu

    Jespar Chiharu is the second son of Chiharu family. The Chiharu family runs a clan that works with an "important" faculty that help protect threats that would destroy or disrupt life. The Chiharu family member that runs the clan must have powers and have a family bloodline. This soon reason in three sons which were name Azure the oldest, Jesper the old/middle, and Haruto the youngest. At Jespar birth, his father (Abe) arrive back for his journey and noticed his son has a monkey tail and pointy ears unlike the rest of his family and his older and younger brothers who didn't inherit those genes. His father accuses his wife (Erina) that she was having an affair but she soon confesses that she found Jespar as a newborn 2 years afte…

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  • DMUA


    Not to say that it didn't work because it was too damaged, but rather no one really wanted to bother getting that wide of a strip of Flex Tape.

    Requested by User:Smashtwig on Discord.

    A divine boi pulled out a giant electromagnetic sword, and slashed the moon in twane. I will be going into the KE of it being slashed.

    Smashtwig created this for reference, but then realized that the moon is a sphere and he drew an oval, so he says to just pretend the picture is circular and the moon is 29 pixels in diameter.

    That said, the slash is 5 pixels in width. 29 divided by 5 is 5.8.

    The diameter of the moon is 3474000 meters, divided by 5.8 is 598965.517241379

    The timeframe is an 8th of a second, so times 8 would mak…

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  • DMUA

    Requested by User:Izreldan here

    So, every planet was trembling and quaking, with chasms and rifts being opened as close as Venus and Mars. However, it goes all the way out to Pluto as well, a distance of 7.5E12 meters. The magnitude is probably 5 considering "shaking and trembling" would fit under such a description.

    The energy for a magnitude 5 on it's own is 1.995262E12 Joules

    Inverse Square law works with surface area and forkery like that, so we need to find the surface area of the attack. 4*π*radius^2 would be the formula, so...

    4*π*7.5E12^2 is 7.068583470577E26

    Now, inverse square law takes the energy, and Multiplies it by Surface Area. So, with that known, 1.995262E12*7.068583470577E26 is....

    1.4103675992670406174E39 Joules, 337.085946287…

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  • DreamcrosserSquad

    ok so in this calc i'm going to assume they are real lasers even though it's never specified if they are but whatever

    ok so the robot's literally building-sized so i'll assume shifuto was about 20 meters from it and that he barely dodged the laser, moving a distance of half a meter

    20/299792458 = 6.6712819039630409915115342894984e-8 seconds

    0.5 / 6.6712819039630409915115342894984e-8 = 7494811.4499999999994512361413141 m/s or 0.025000000000000001388c

    damn after 1 rp this verse is already sub-rel

    Shifuto's Speed: 7494811.4499999999994512361413141 m/s or 2.5% SoL, Sub-Relativistic

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  • DMUA

    ... and gets unbelievably high numbers for, what's on a surface level, a 5-B feat. Requested by User:Uninown on Discord.

    The earth is 399 Pixels long, while the distance to the furthest speck of cosmic dust is 417 pixels away from earth's core. I briefly considered measuring to the closest bit of dust, but, I asked Uninown about it and he's fine with this.

    417 divided by 399 is 1.04511278195488. The diameter of earth is 12,742 Kilometers, so that times 1.04511278195488 is 13316.8270677 Kilometers, or for our purposes, 13316827.0677 meters.

    It got this spread out within 30 seconds, so divide by 30 and it's 443894.235589 meters per second.

    The mass of earth is 5.972 × 10^24, so, put those together here and it's....

    5.884E+35 Joules, 140.630975143…

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  • Akreious

    Mr. CACK

    December 20, 2018 by Akreious

    Mr.CACK (Mr. Composite Akreious Character Kek) is an entity Akreious made because he was bored in the last few days before Christmas season.

    It is the complete Composite of all of Akreious' characters including ones that are not on the site.

    Note: This is excluding his Tier 0 and 1-As.

    Mr.Cack is a chaotic entity made up of all the characters within Akreious' works; almost always prismatic and shifting colours as well as shape. His body outline seems to follow that of a fractal; no matter how much you zoom into him, he has infinite edges with infinite perimeter.

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Name: Composite Akreious Character Kek

    Origin: Akreverse

    Gender: ?!?!

    Age: Error

    Classification: Overpowered Composite

    Tier: At least High 1-B

    Powers and Abilities: Immortal…

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  • DMUA

    KCC Shitposters: STANDO POWA

    December 19, 2018 by DMUA

    Requested by User:GreyFang82 here

    The thing is the same size as a grapefruit, and grapefruits range in diameter from 10-15 centimeters. I'll use both for low and high ends.

    That's a radius of 5-7.5 Centimeters, so

    (4/3)pi times 5-7.5^3 is 523.598775598-1767.14586764 centimeters, 0.00052359877-0.00176714586 meters

    Plasma has an energy of 10^10 Joules per meter squared, so....

    Low End: 5235987.75598 Joules, 0.0012514311 Tons, Wall level

    High End: 17671458.6 Joules, 0.00422357997 Tons, Wall level+

    Now imagine how terrifying this stuff could be if the plasma has a more significant size....

    Firstly, that name is just metal as fork

    Secondly, steel beams like this have a standard size of 23x30x2.54 centimeters, putting those together gets a volume of 1752.6…

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  • Uninown

    It was all done, wasn’t it? A rough cube given form to a beautiful sculpture, but what reality lacked was that “beautiful”. Something still needed to be done, and “nature” needed to develop what had been already done.

    Cosmic dust all over the place formed the nebulous gas clouds in space, and stars came from it. As shining glimmers of hope were created, also known as stars, rocks, dust and many strange objects started revolving them, creating the very first solar systems.

    Fast forwarding to the future, as planets were forming, “life” did too. Not what would someone expect, as little organisms took their time, and quite a lot they did.

    However, there was a planet that was ahead it’s time, a planet that already had some strange men inside it.


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  • Mr. Bambu

    Using immense foresight in regards to the coming Mage Wars, Vaerun and his allies decided to gather to them  great generals and commanders for their armies- they believed these generals would save the world, to put it simply, and unify the Flanaess and perhaps all of Oerth. This blog aims to describe the peculiar circumstances of the generals, fondly referred to as the Thirteen Pillars of Serth LaKresh. 

    The Pillars were loosely defined, and with little classifications as to what qualified the respective adventurers to be the pillars. After a certain showing of power (defined as level 20 or higher), it seemed vague as to what they actually had to do aside from show some talent at leading and inspiring soldiers. However, the one word that ca…

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  • DMUA

    This is a bunch of calcs requested by User:Smashtwig on Discord.

    The area of said tri state area is 11,460 square kilometers. It goes up to the minimum height of a skyscraper, 100 meters. So, 11,460 times .1 is 1146 Cubic KM, 1.146e+12 meters. The density of ice is 917 Kilograms per meter, so 1.050882e+15 Kilograms.

    Now... I still don't understand how Ice works, so I'll just mostly copy off of Pet Shop's freezing calc and hope it makes sense for anyone who doesn't speak math.

    Or just generally makes sense

    (1.050882e+15 kg)(1040j/kg)(-196-(-210)) is 1.5300842e+19 Joules

    (1.050882e+15 kg)(1040j/kg)(23-(-196)) is 2.3934888e+20 Joules

    Put that together and it's a total energy of...

    2.5464973e+20 Joules, 60.8627452964 Gigatons, Island level

    Basically t…

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  • The 2nd Existential Seed
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  • DMUA

    Requested by User:Soul-of-Landale here

    The storm is 53397 KM, 53397000 meters in radius. I feel it is important to note that the earth is 6371 Kilometers in radius, just for reference as to what's about to go down.

    Pi times 8,000 times 53397000^2 is 7.1659467e+25 Meters

    times 1.003 is 7.1874446e+25 Kilograms

    The split would have to cross the entire 53397 KM radius, though I haven't been given a timeframe as to how fast it would have to cross. I will assume 60 seconds, 10 seconds, and one second for now until it's specified.

    53397000 divided by 60, 10 and 1 is 889950, 5339700, and 53397000 meters per second.

    .5 times 7.1874446e+25 times all the values above squared is....

    Low End: 2.8462676e+37 Joules, 6.80274283348 Ninatons, Large Planet level

    Mid …

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  • The Christian Nerd

    One Week Later...

    Together they marched, the near three hundred of them; not large to be an official army but powerful enough to overtake any military. Each one as strong as ten thousand men, maybe more.

    Together they marched, across the wastelands they had created and across the lush, green fields they would soon reduce to nothing. As was their mission.

    They were a troupe of destruction, with a single ringleader more powerful than all of them combined. Most of them watched and followed in the back, empty without thought, only acting when told to.

    Then there were the few that stood out, above the crowd, alongside their leader. They were not stronger than the others, more hand-chosen by him, trustworthy and loyal. Maybe he simply sensed somethi…

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  • The Christian Nerd

    Author’s Note: This story follows Good Karma Cole MacGrath choosing to side with The Beast.

    Gunfire and explosions rang out in the streets of New Marais. Thunder split the air with deafening cracks under a burning red sky covered in jet black clouds, which spread over the entire planet like a smokey veil. Shouts of anger and fear traded back and forth in the minuscule pauses between booms.

    Bullets whizzed past Cole MacGrath as he loosed bolts of cerulean lightning from his hands. A group of heavily armed men stood on top of a nearby apartment, wielding assault rifles and RPGs. They were members of the local resistance whom he had previously allied with against the city's oppressive government.

    These men, however, were nameless to him and so l…

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  • Shadowbokunohero

    TBA soon

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  • Mr. Bambu

    The First Mage Wars

    December 13, 2018 by Mr. Bambu

            Once, in the dark and dreary past in the time before current recorded years, a great reckoning occurred in the world of magic- the goddess of magic, Mystra, was slain for some time, and thus all magic became distorted and crazed throughout the multiverse. Entire universes simply disintegrated themselves due to Mystra's death, and those that survived were sent careening into the abyss known as the Mage Wars

            These wars were essentially battles for power or to slay certain insane wizards, and they raged all throughout the multiverse in the bloodiest time in all of history. The Mage Wars were so catastrophically large that other wars that occurred were merely small spin-offs of the ongoing Mage Wars- wizards atttempted to dest…

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  • Christian Higdon

    CPN Profiles

    December 13, 2018 by Christian Higdon


    Garfield was born on June 19, 1978, in the kitchen of Mamma Leoni's Italian Restaurant. As a kitten, he developed a taste for lasagna, which would become his favorite food.[3] Because of his appetite, the owner of Mamma Leoni's had to choose between keeping Garfield or closing down his restaurant; so Garfield was sold to a pet shop. Garfield was adopted from the store by Jon Arbuckle on June 19, 1978. In his cartoon appearances, Garfield usually causes mischief in every episode. In June 1983, comic strips introduced Amoeba Man, one of Garfield's alter-egos, yet he was only shown in six strips (June 20–25). In February 2010, another alter ego was introduced called Super Garfield, and his sidekick Odieboy (Odie). Amoeba Man and S…

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  • DMUA

    Requested by User:Christian Higdon here

    The Grand Canyon 3060972.3 meters in area and 1,857 meters deep. Put those together and it's 5684225561.1 meters deep, or 5.6842256e+15 centimeters.

    Destruction is pulverization, so, times 214.35 is

    1.2184137e+18 Joules, 291.207875005 Megatons, Mountain level

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  • AlphaTheHD

    -Portrait (400px thumbnail, right alignment)



    Origin: Placeholder




    Date of Birth:

    • Zodiac/Horoscope:




    Eye Color:

    Hair Color:





    Martial Status:



    Previous Affiliation:



    Tier: (in bold)

    Powers and Abilities:

    Attack Potency:  (in bold; add any explanations using brackets, not in bold)

    Speed: (in bold)

    Lifting Strength:  (in bold)

    Striking Strength: (in bold)

    Durability: (in bold)



    Standard Equipment: 





    Notable Victories:

    Notable Losses:

    Inconclusive Matches:

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  • Overlord775

    Tier: 6-C

    Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Metal Bending (Can control metals from the distance, manipulate them to form multitute of constructs, control their state of matter, control their electric change and fuse them togheter to create new metals), Limited Durability Negation (can create a blades with an edge of a single molecule), Flight (can create wings out of metal and levitate hiself using metal platforms), Can hear and see though the metal he's controlling, Magnetism Manipulation (Can create magnets and rail guns), Danmaku (Can shoot metal as a hail worth of projectiles), Life Manipulation (Can create metal-based lifeforms), Mind Control (Can cover people in a special metal and make them his mindless servant…

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  • Mr. Bambu

    DMUA wanted a Lifting Strength feat. I need to lose the arbitrary system D&D has set up as our Homebrew has clearly superhuman feats (even if the original DM doesn't like admitting it). 

    Basically, a lesser Dragon launched a boulder real fast.

    Already calc'd the mass of the boulder.

    Volume = 948.91 m^3

    Density = 2750 kg/m^3

    Mass = 2609502.5 kg

    So we have m, we need a. To do this, we need to know how quickly it was accelerating. For a low-ball, we will assume it took a full-round (6 seconds) to achieve Mach speed. 

    343 / 6 = 57.17 = acceleration

    F = m x a = 149185257.93 Newtons, or 15212662.62 kg. 

    Golden Protector Slams: 15.21 Kilotons of Force, Class M

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