• DreamcrosserSquad

    Ice width: 325 pixels

    Ice height: 230 pixels

    Enemy height: 109 pixels

    I'll use Kirby's canon height for the enemy's height since Poppy Bros Jr. is normally around the same height as Kirby.

    Kirby's canon height: 20 cm

    325 / 109 = 2.9816513761467889908256880733945

    230 / 109 = 2.110091743119266055045871559633

    2.9816513761467889908256880733945 * 20 = 59.63302752293577981651376146789 cm

    2.110091743119266055045871559633 * 20 = 42.20183486238532110091743119266 cm

    Volume = 11800 cubic cm

    Mass = volume * density

    Density of ice = 0.92 g/cm^3

    0.92 * 11800 = 10856 grams or 10.856 kilograms

    The ice seems to spread 660 pixels.

    660 / 109 = 6.0550458715596330275229357798165

    6.0550458715596330275229357798165 * 20 = 121.10091743119266055045871559633 cm or 1.21100917431192…

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  • DreamcrosserSquad

    Feat happens here.

    Saito = 55 pixels

    Kirby's canon height: 20 cm

    Saito's volume: 4188.79 cubic cm

    Crater width = 162 pixels

    Crater depth = 23 pixels

    162 / 55 = 2.9454545454545454545454545454545

    2.9454545454545454545454545454545 * 20 = 58.909090909090909090909090909091 cm

    23 / 55 = 0.41818181818181818181818181818182

    0.41818181818181818181818181818182 * 20 = 8.3636363636363636363636363636364 cm

    Crater volume = 22795.53 cubic cm

    It seems like Saito got vaporized, so...

    Pulverization: 214.35 j/cm^3

    Vaporization: 25700 j/cm^3

    22795.53 * 214.35 = 4886221.8555 joules

    4188.79 * 25700 = 107651903 joules

    107651903 + 4886221.8555 = 112538124.8555 joules or 26.89725737464 kilograms of TNT

    Small Building level

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  • ExerciseDancefloors

    This blog was mostly inspired by CrossverseCrisis' recent Exceed blog, which I've decided to create in turn for my own verse. On here I'll cover several of the basic story concepts of the CYBERAI verse, my inspirations, and anything that won't be covered on my other blog. Any questions are welcome below, just make sure that they're short and to the point.

    What started out as an alternate Star Wars fanfiction would eventually become the concept I have in my head today. Initially, me and a friend from my 1st Grade class were the main protagonists; we were Jedi Masters who lived a life of luxury and defended the planet from extraterrestrial threats (also the occasional zombie horde). Heroes and Villains from various Sci-Fi and Fantasy verses w…

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  • Xmark12


    • Melee attack with constant DPS
    • Good at countering enemy attacks
    • Excellent in prolonged fights

    Main Combination: Stun, Counter, True Damage

    Stats (Rank 1 = Weakest. Rank 5 = Strongest):

    • Damage: Rank 5
    • Burst: Rank 4
    • Survive: Rank 5
    • Support: Rank 1
    • Simpleness: Rank 2
    • Control: Rank 4

    Type: Creature

    Rank: SSS

    Leader Skill: 

    • The Power of Will: When as squad leader, Linx increases all squad members' HP and all-damage by X%.

    Attack Skill:

    • Pressure Punch: A single Aura-boosted punch that does physical damage based on 200% attack power, true damage based on 100% attack power, and stun the enemy for X seconds.
    • Tag-in - Probability Manipulation: If Linx gets hit within 1 second of being tagged in, he'll negate the enemy's damage, then launch an Aura E…
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  • Promestein

    A blog post just to describe some relationships and feelings in Starcross. Better here than on a character's page. Just feels better to put them here than clutter everyone's pages with what will inevitably be a LOT of relationships sections.

    The relationship between EQUINOX and the woman that used to be her wife and the emotions running beneath it are... complex, to say the least. Even now, when all that EQUINOX feels for Alice is an almost disturbingly intense loathing, she admits to herself that the passion she had felt in that relationship was much more intense than any other. Not necessarily more passion overall, and not necessarily more love than she has for Kyarne, but a much different kind of passion. Whereas her relationship with Ky…

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  • CrossverseCrisis

    ...That probably would have made it had I left my Exceed series to be here any longer before I deleted them off due to hitting my "story development" limit.

    But that do aside, I decided to do a blog of what would have been made at the time as I actually gained more and more potential of what I could have done to make it more original and with less use of them needing to have things like fanfics to try and put up for their stats.

    Note that I probably won't put up what would their stats be like as I have to legit actually make a story of them. As noted in my status blog of them here, the main issue came from how I only managed to think up their very STARTING stats and sort of that of their ENDING stats which, although it's sort of complicated …

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  • Edwardtruong2006

    Eye God

    April 15, 2018 by Edwardtruong2006







    Date of Birth:

    • Zodiac/Horoscope:






    Eye Color:

    Hair Color:



    Martial Status:



    Previous Affiliation:


    Tier: 3-A

    Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Creation,

    Attack Potency: Universe level (Should be comparable to the other Gods, who made a Universe out of nothing)


    Lifting Strength:

    Striking Strength:




    Standard Equipment:




    Notable Attacks/Techniques:



    Notable Victories:

    Notable Losses:

    Inconclusive Matches:

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  • FateAlbane

    Part 5 (Conclusion) of Chapter 3.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

    (Recommended Song)

    - You heard her talking to me before. I’m sorry you had to go through that, but Atlach asking questions was just a formality that embellished her trap. She could hear your thoughts as though they came from her own mind.

    - …

    - This is no time to be down in the dumps. You should know she has every capacity to fulfill her threats… And that’s why you should also know that her offers will be fulfilled too, just like she did to me. What she wants is to push you over the edge. I doubt her end is to betray you after your choice is made as much as it’s what she already achieved: Leaving you in this state over what you should answer.

    - How can you be… So calm after all that? Eve…

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  • FateAlbane

    Part 4 of Chapter 3.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    (Recommended Song)

    - You really are Nephila’s master, even if you look way more like us.

    - Hmm? And why do you say that?

    - You seemed to be lost in your thoughts just like that spider, a second ago.

    - Quite an observer, aren’t you? When you get to my age, few things in this world can be called “quite a surprise”. You being here was one of them for me.

    - Huh… Really?

    - Hisashi’s 'son'… So you did come to me, after all. Was the idea of breaking your father’s advice that tempting of a honey?

    - N-no! Of course not, you misunderstand! – a provoking “Really? How so?” was Atlach’s reply, to which Yuji answered. – I have come here to plead for the sake of my village and my life. Nephila told me to come. I think it wa…

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  • FateAlbane

    Part 3 of Chapter 3.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    (Recommended Song)

    Her thoughts brought her mind to days long gone...

    During those days, a past guest had asked to a liberated Atlach about why she would go to such lengths to capture her prey. Her answer?

    “My. You aren’t the only one paying me a visit, you know…’

    “These webs are supposed to be a safety net, not a casting one.

    And they aren’t meant for you or anyone that stands before me either.

    It would be stupid to have restrictions on what is meant to restrict others.

    Look, and think of it as two doors.

    Here I show you a clean one, illuminated by light.

    There, I show you one filled with spider webs in a dark room.

    Which one would you avoid?”

    “The door with the webs, obviously.”

    “That’s it. The same way you acted as i…

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  • FateAlbane

    ...2nd part of chapter 3, and sequence to this one . As I'm separating it by parts because it turned out quite big.

    (Recommended Song)

    After hearing that voice, Yuji's eyes slowly opened.

    The black with no end that was behind the curtain of his closed eyelids separated, as the forms and the light returned to his senses, like leaving to the other side of a great tunel to finally reach a beckoning light.

    - Greetings once again, Yuji. In any other situation I would bring you back from your dreams with a well applied kick to the butt, but in this one I’ll say “nice job surviving it”, even if not by your own force of will.

    Amaterasu. The woman was sitting by his side, while his body was laid to rest by the floor, over a number of cottony cushions.

    - …

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  • Edwardtruong2006
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  • FateAlbane

    Aaaaand, now the conclusion. I'm amazed that I got this stuff done so fast. I thought it would take me like, what, three weeks? I'm kind of proud at how fast I did it.

    Doubt I'll be able to get this one done today though, so I'll extend the "imaginary deadline" on this one all the way to the weekend.

    EDIT (April 14, 2018): This final chapter will be separated by parts as it turned out bigger than the others. Everything will be posted today, though.

    (Recommended Song)

    - The accumulated malice is so thick it’s almost tangible. Almost feels like the air is being choked.

    The many rock formations and the great forest of pine trees he left behind now looked like a gray and green sea of needless in the distance, as Yuji climbed the stairs towards the …

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  • ThePerpetual

    This blog is exactly what it says on the tin: a place where I can describe in more detail the origins and cosmology of my own over-arching Verse, including briefly touching upon how it may correlate to a Vs Debating context where pertinent. Without further ado, let us begin... (Note: Currently a work in progress. Not finished...)

    If there exists beings that came before The Unending and the Allending, none know of them- indeed, each would lay claim to predating the other (in some strange, esoteric sense- such constructs of the cosmos as time do not apply to such beings as these.) After what might be described for brevity’s sake as an “eternity” locked in combat against each other, each seeking some obscure object they refer to only as “The A…

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  • FateAlbane

    Again,  not much to say other than dropping the title. The sequence to the previous one. Afterword: This turned out bigger than I imagined.

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  • FateAlbane

    A short story in three chapters that I'm in the middle of translating.

    Uploading this will be made my priority in FC/OC for the timebeing. This one should come within the week.

    EDIT (April 16, 2018): This story has been fully translated and uploaded.

    No hints in regards to the plot of this one. As it's a short story, anything I say about the progression can turn out to be a spoiler in hindsight. Right?

    (Recommended Song)

    "Because the field starves, so do ourselves.

    Do not take a step into that temple, for those who pay no heed to this warning shall be met with certain death.

    "At least that's what grandpa always told me. And even in this parting letter, there he goes saying it again."

    The youngster scratched his head, soon letting an expression tha…

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  • FateAlbane

    (Recommended Song)

    “Infinite is the number of people in the world. Even more so, are the many thoughts they give birth to.

    Out of that infinity, people and thoughts alike. So many will scatter, without finding a meaning.

    Yet that is necessary: In their place, the emptiness will be filled by new Ideals. However… Whereas thoughts fulfill an endless cycle of birth, death and rebirth. What of the people, who are bound to the same Fate?

    People once united, that are scattered as dust, and to the winds.

    People once rising, only to soon fall.

    Those once filled with happiness. Those who drown in sadness, unable to reach out, to breathe.

    Like Thoughts are, so are People.

    They all come together as one word, yet are so many, and so different.

    Some people, the …

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  • DerpCity

    Hi! It’s been like, forever since I’ve actually posted anything on here even though I’ve meant to for a really long time. Same with the VS Battles Wiki, really. Need to finish up the War for the Overworld profiles, but that’s not important. What is important is that my verse is a mess and I need to make sense of it. This blog is much a reference to others as it is to me as I attempt to make sense and reorganize the verse here, so if it seems a bit discombobulated at first, yeah it probably is.

    Author's Note: Before you expect too much out of this because of the Table of Contents, I am currently not past Arezou's section, and the headings are only there for personal reference; basically, this is a massive Work In Progress, which at this point…

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  • Therefir


    April 8, 2018 by Therefir

    Height of Izuku: 1.66 m

    Diameter of the explosion: 3.32 m

    Y = ((x/0.28)^3)/1000

    Y is in megatons and x is in km. For our case that's 0.00332 km

    ((0.00332/0.28)^3)/1000 = 0.0000000016670175 Megatons

    That's 0.0016670175 Tons of TNT, or 6974801.22 Joules.

    Only 50% is from the blast, so we half it to get 0.00083350875 Tons of TNT, or 3487400.61 Joules.

    Wall level

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  • Reinhardthrowhisspear

    California USA. High class spa

    There is a woman in the spa, beautiful amalgamation of violet and yellow hair, brown eyes and white skin. She is a beauty in every single word except..............

    Woman: "It's too weak! C'mon! Stronger! Stronger! And faster! And make sure I'm in a best look after this, okay?"

    the personality is not to say the least. The employee scared out and said an apology.

    Employee: "I'm so sorry ma'am! But ma'am, you look like you have a stuff to do.

    He said that questionably, and the woman answered.

    Woman: Damn right I am! I'm very busy person! Besides-"

    Her name is-

    Woman: You need to be beautiful before you face the God's children, right?

    Ouroboros, one of the concepts of The Gate.

    Los Angeles. Satanael's mansion

    Satanael loves…

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  • DreamcrosserSquad

    Low End: 5 km radius

    Mid End: 10 km radius

    High End: 20 km Radius

    Let's start with the low end.

    Low end:

    Volume: 523.6 cubic km or 5.236e+17 cubic cm

    Value for fragmentation: 8 j/cm^3

    5.236e+17 * 8 = 4.1888e+18 joules or 1.001147228 Gigatons

    Large Mountain level

    Mid end:

    Volume: 4188.79 cubic km or 4.18879e+18 cubic cm

    4.18879e+18 * 8 = 3.351032e+19 joules or 8.0091587 Gigatons

    Island level

    High end:

    Volume: 33510.32 cubic km or 3.351032e+19 cubic cm

    3.351032e+19 * 8 = 2.6808256e+20 joules or 64.073269598 Gigatons

    Island level+


    Low end: 4.1888e+18 joules or 1.001147228 Gigatons (Large Mountain level/High 7-A)

    Mid end: 3.351032e+19 joules or 8.0091587 Gigatons (Island level/6-C)

    High end: 2.6808256e+20 joules or 64.073269598 Gigatons (Island level+/6-C)

    Nice, within Tier …

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  • DreamcrosserSquad

    I'm gonna calc the speed of Shifuto's hoverboard.

    Diameter of the Andromeda: 220,000 lightyears

    That is 2.081361e+21 meters.

    Timeframe is 3 seconds.

    2.081361e+21 / 3 = 6.93787e+20 meters per second

    That is 2,314,224,329,152c or about 2.314 trillion times FTL.

    Easily Massively FTL+.

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  • Reinhardthrowhisspear

    Lucifer, one of the Archangels, removed her blindfold by sheer spirit. Gained self thinking not just for the Angels, but to the humanity as well. She knows what The Creator and the Angels did to humanity and tried to expose The Creator to the Angels.

    The Angels believed that Lucifer was lying and disgusted. After the supposed revelation, the Angels asked for Lucifer's execution to the Judge of God, namely Satanael.

    Satanael was a family man through and through. He cherishes his friends, but the family goes first, friends second. He is Lucifer's older brother, and he loves his little sister from bottom of his heart.

    When the Angels asked for execution, Satanael desperately finds the way to justify Lucifer from being executed. He is Judge of Go…

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  • Reinhardthrowhisspear

    Before the Infinite dimensions were created, there was a man.

    Man with no name, all alone in a lowest layer within The Gate.

    He was bored and created something. Then something started expanding indefinitely.

    Man with no name was amazed by this, and started to live within something he created, calling it Infinite dimensions.

    Infinite dimensions is as the name suggests, has an infinite dimensions, creating new higher dimensions every second even in the modern day.

    Infinite dimensions has full of concepts that Azathoth didn't even imagined before, making it more vibrant and alive compared to The Gate.

    Man with no name, calling himself now The Creator, was happy to see his own creation going their lives, until his creation started to create things t…

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  • Megamangohan

    Nanashi Stuff

    April 2, 2018 by Megamangohan

    Kite Haseo's comment on the matter

    I became a teenager, yet despite that, it felt as if I was so little. Technology had advanced in our world. It was so brilliant. I had not the slightest clue other universes existed apart from ours, I thought ours was the only one. Of course, that wasn't without this concept called "The World," It existed as a place where so many teenagers such as myself could enter this virtual reality, where we could all explore, have fun, and access powers that we normally couldn't have in the real world. However, I didn't expect there to be consequences. Hackers, Viruses from all over started to damage the fragements of this New Place called "The World." Eventually, things got so bad, that It became impossible to tell …

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  • Reinhardthrowhisspear

    Before The Gate was created, there was "That Place", the place where Azathoth originated from.

    He started to create something out of nothing, thus creating what is known as The Gate, a creation with higher position than the Infinite dimensions.

    He existed in "That Place", where nothing occurs no matter where, what, or when you are, so Azathoth made The Gate as interesting as possible to him.

    The Gate also has infinite layers, each with dimensional difference similar to us, but far, far greater effect. Essentially making the lower layers completely invisible even for the ones above it, even if it is just 1 layer difference.

    The Gate has a very few population, just a few millions. In order to maintain the balance to his own creation, Azathoth cr…

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  • Reinhardthrowhisspear

    "There must be something lower and higher than you, no matter where you are."

    A basic understanding for the dimensional being but this rule goes higher than that.

    The whole creation created by The Creator,  is not just the one bound to this rule, but also dimensionless void, The Gate, Primordial Void, "That Place", and so on.

    To simply put, the whole KamiVerse System is a big sandwich spreading across true infinity.

    It isn't just a dimensions above you, but also other creation created by other creators is also above you.

    It isn't just a dimensions below you, but also other creation created by other creators is also below you.

    Because the creators themselves comes from other creations above, the rest from the creation above can be considered a sup…

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  • Megamangohan

    Black Goku: So this is it huh, the second largest country in the entire multiverse, that which they call America. This concept they call freedom, it is of a wicked way, it is their excuse to do whatever they want, and to disobey the law, what is that law, the law of God of course. I will destroy it, and I will kill all those who testify in the way of Freedom, for it is a lie.

    EVERYONE LISTEN UP, you will all turn from your wicked ways now, you have all fallen into sin and the practices in which you have fallen into shall not be forgiven by the lord. Trun from your ways now, or I will tear this whole county into ashes.


    So no one will listen to me, at least I have your attention mortals, I will use that as a means to attack.

    Last chance. No,…

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  • Reinhardthrowhisspear

    It's just like a dream.

    This world is nothing but a dream until months ago.

    It was nothing but an illusion I come back from time to time.

    But now, things are different.

    Now I'm living in this world like anyone else.

    Now I'm protecting this world from harm.

    Now I'm...........

    "Why is it late, huh!? Because I look like a snake!? You little b***he's! I'm from Metal Gear Solid, c**ts! I'm Solid Snake, do you know what I'm saying!?"

    I'm living in this bull**t!!!!!!

    "They are scared, you idiot. And Solid Snake isn't snake looking."

    "Shut the f**k up!"

    .......I'd scolded.

    His name is Nyarlathotep. Green hair and eyes. Jacket. Shirt. Jeans. Snake looking face. Grenade Launcher. 350 m/ph Motorcycle. Embodiment of Destruction. Insanity.

    Just a normal guy. Except…

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  • TeenAngel101

    This is pretty much just like the original feat in canon, except rather than merely vaporizing, the Ray Sphere destroys six city blocks on a subatomic level.

    This happened in Empire City, a city based on real-life New York, so I'm going use the average city block specs on Manhattan, which are 80m x 274m (source). We only need height to get a volume for the explosion.

    In this scan, we can see the explosion destroying what is either the Chrysler Building or the Empire State. I'm going to use the Chrysler Building for a lowball. That would make the explosion 319.5m high, at least.

    • V = LxHxW
    • V = 7003440m^3.

    Since the explosion subatomized six city blocks, we multiply this by 6 and get 42020640m^3 for the affected volume. That'd be 4.202064e+13 cubi…

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  • Xmark12

    Link to the vs match: Linx vs Gilgamesh


    • Base epilogue Linx Rifelson.
    • Gilgamesh's original power/when he was alive (Full Power).
    • Speed equalized.
    • In-character.
    • Win by whatever they would do in-character to win.
    • Other than those, Standard Battle Assumptions apply.

    Setting: The battle took place on an infinite plane of grass under a sunset.

    Results: It was concluded that the battle would be a tie.

    A beautiful view was in sight. A grassy plain, stretching on for infinity. The wind blew gently. The sunset shined brightly. And under this view, two flashes of light sparked in the sky. It grew bigger and bigger, until it became fully visible. Then— suddenly— two figures dropped from the light in the sky, crashing onto the plain below, creating a dust of…

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  • FateAlbane

    Hi everyone.

    As some might know by now, I asked for a ban of three months from VSB some time ago, but stayed around here for a few extra days to get some stuff done, and also update a few pages of mine that needed polishing (there are others who need too, but they aren't that notorious so I'm leaving them as WIP for the timebeing).

    As things currently stand, I'll have to leave here too for at least three months too, which is the ammount of time I'll be asking for a ban. I'll also be leaving the Discord group again during this span of time (I actually left most other groups I was in, by now). This is not a problem with anyone, again, it's something I *have* to do.

    Considering that I will not be around these days (well, it's more a case of "sho…

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  • Edwardtruong2006

    Uhhh, this is a tough one. I don't have a reliable speed for Minecraft characters swinging their swords besides Steve's Mach 291 feat. So I'm gonna use both the arrows (100 m/s) and the Hypersonic for an inflated and a realistic.

    The orange wool is 23.02 Pixels tall. The entire block is 1 meter.

    1/23.02 = 0.0434404865334492 meters per pixel.

    I'll treat the sword as a rectangular prism.

    The sword's height (blue line) is 124.15 pixels.

    0.0434404865334492*124.15 = 5.39313640312771818 meters.

    The sword's length (green line) is 31.02 pixels.

    0.0434404865334492*31.02 = 1.347523892267594184 meters.

    The sword's width is 6.13 pixels.

    0.0434404865334492*6.13 = 0.266290182450043596 meters.

    Now to get the volume.


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  • Darkmon cns

    The encounter part 1

    March 28, 2018 by Darkmon cns

    (Holding spot will add sequence of them entering the town to better establish characters)

    The team was tracking a extreme signal of dark energy when they arrive, they find the city in ruin, then Jeff comes at them from the shadows, they open fire on Jeff, the bullets go through him, Jeff is unfazed. they run in to there reinforced military van they try to drive away but, Jeff got on the top of the van he was slashing away at the top of there reinforced military van.

    In panic the driver slam the brakes, Jeff fly's off, they try too drive away but the next thing they know 666 graves the van and picks it up. out of no where something slashes the tentacle holding the van, an unearthly wail came from 666 as it teleported away. a mysterious figure…

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  • CrossverseCrisis

    Welp, I'm at my limit here with this.

    Alright, everyone. Hey, how's it goin'?

    To everyone that has known me for a while here, probably those from about a year or two give or take, you all know I have a verse of my own called Exceed (then known originally as "Crossverse" or "Exceedverse" before having taken up a simple name without the verse part).

    Well, I have...and I did. Today (or some time ago or even later to those that read this at a later date by the time this is posted), I have decided to just delete my work after having it on there for about 2-3 years since it’s creation at the time I first went on there. Now the reason for this is not that I dislike it or even hate it, but that I can’t really get a proper grasp of my own work anymore…

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  • FateAlbane

    This blog post can also be known as "Please stop giving me work, Lithia."

    Anyways, this will cover Lithia's role in the many different verses and oneshots I write about, so I don't end up filling her profile with too much information, but don't leave her like a total blank slate either. This ocurred to me in light of the recent high tier talks, since I kind of had been meaning to update her stuff properly in a long while (which I didn't have the opportunity to do before due to lacking time).

    Without further ado... Summaries ahhoy! WIP naturally. 

    Lithia appears for the first time during chapter 5 ("Who would even write about us?").

    She is introduced as the Villain's wife, which makes her "THE BOSS of THE BOSS" when it comes to the Evil Committe…

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  • Ultima Reality

    In her grandeur, Enoch stood tall and majestic: She hanged in firmament of the vast Cosmos that stretched before herself, and in her ignorant infancy; wondered about a particular corner of the endless painting of white dots that mortals from many species named "The Universe". It was a buzzing feeling, that clouded her complex thoughts and memories, and constantly penetrated inwards, to the bottomless depths of her mind that could encompassed the firmament of worlds that circled slowly around her vast orbit, digging deeply within her memories and thought-patterns, and encompassing every single corner of her consciousness. And in it's divine simplicity, the flickering sensation manifested itself as as strange glow within Enoch's view, and ac…

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  • Promestein

    Today is the day.

     EQUINOX had sworn to herself that today would be day that she’d end it all, the day that she’d kill Alice - SOLSTICE, avenge herself, and save the world. The date was set months ago, an absolute deadline that limited the time she had to perfect her magic and become powerful enough to win. The time constraint had actually helped in that department, making her try harder and harder the less time she had.

     Despite all the preparation, EQUINOX still doesn’t know if she’s ready, but she’s still here, floating near the bottom of the exosphere, 500 kilometers above the planet. It feels more like she’s in space than in the atmosphere. A deep, numbing emptiness and anxiety has flooded throughout most of her body, muting every sensat…

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  • ThePerpetual

    Pretty self-explanatory.

    (Currently, none)

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  • Edwardtruong2006

    This page is a work in progress.

    The Higher Beings are characters from the FC/OC DND RP, created by Xmark12.

    There are two Higher Beings, The Supreme One and the other unnamed higher being. The Supreme One is a ruler, who likes to limit creativity. They have been summoning 'established' characters such as Godzilla and Majora to fight our heroes.

    The unnamed being is the most creative one. He has summoned our heroic, "original" characters (besides Steve) to fight against the Supreme Ruler. He did however make a mistake, and summoned them when they weren't at their peak.

    These beings have been warring for years on end, until it all changes in the RP.


    Name: The Supreme Ruler, The Higher Being

    Origin: FCOC: The DND Adventure RP

    Gender: Unknown …

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  • LuckyCharmingStar

    Inside a chaotic dream where there is no order, hope nor peace

    Where entities undo the multiversal space-time

    Where no life exist 

    Where no humans exist

    Where concepts as their own will

    Where there is no balance 

    Where nothing remains

    Where there is no where

    Where dreams getting erased

    Where you gets erased

    Where there is no light

    Where there is only eternal darkness 

    Where there is hate

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  • LuckyCharmingStar

    Inside a dream where countless lifes lives peacefully.

    Where childrens go to school.

    Where Adults go to work.

    Where everyone just like to enjoy themselves

    Where People eat

    Where people have dreams 

    Where no evil exist

    Where perfect existence exist

    Where Grandma is always in your heart

    Where people believes

    Where animals having a good life

    Where he found interest in another boy

    Where a boy is in love with another girl

    Where a girl married another girl

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  • LuckyCharmingStar

    The Dreaming symbol is something that dreams everything. 

    There was a new dream out of nothng.

    There was a dream where realities collapsing

    There was a dream where Humans are just enjoying  their lives

    There was a dream where aliens trying to rule over earth

    There was a dream where there was no balance within the Multiverse

    There was a dream where other dreams reside in

    There was a dream where entities transcending the concepts of dimensions

    There was a dream where Mortals was clashing with gods

    There was a dream where nothing resides in

    There was a dream where everything is destroyed

    There was a dream where concepts are floathing 

    there was a dream where infinite Universes are created

    There was a dream where someone jumps out of the window

    There was a …

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  • ThePerpetual

    Just so I can keep track of them on a place that isn't the pages itself. Don't want them to get too cluttered with numbers, right?

    Also because, well, I design a story first, then work out how strong that would make the characters, not the other way around. The characters weren't deliberately invented for the purpose of being used on this site, haha.

    This one is relatively simple: Captain Darte Jones's flying ship Skyweave uses a Magitek galvanizer to fire leaden cannonballs at the speed of lightning towards his targets without incinerating them due to the immense launce force/friction. This, of course, would carry a lot of energy with the shot:

    Mass: Given this was a 5-6 inch diameter shot, about, I'll use a low end (18 lbs., or 8.16 kg), a …

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  • Drag-O-Drawgon

    First one.

    Naiomi launches an attack from Venus to Earth within 2 seconds. Naiomi also can travel that in the same amount of time.

    Distance from Earth to Venus: 261,000,000 Km

    Time Frame: 2 Seconds

    261,000,000/2 = 130,500,000 Kilometers per second, 435.3c or Massively FTL (welp, better go change that on the page)

    Second one.

    Naiomi snipes someone from across the galaxy with her Stun Beam within 0.1 Milliseconds.

    Length of galaxy: 50,000 light years

    Time Frame: 0.1 Milliseconds, 0.0001 Seconds

    50,000/0.0001 or 50,000*10000 = 500,000,000 light years per second, 1.5768E+16c. Obviously Massively FTL+

    That's over 15 Quadrillion times FTL.

    Who scales from this? Only one other person: Beret. (scales to first feat, not second)

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  • Edwardtruong2006

    I'm just posting this here for convenience. Credit goes to Easy Pete (Dunno who you are on the wiki) for making the calc. A few words might've changed but it's nothing major.

    The Hydra breaks an 18 x 18 x 14 area of Iron around it. Around 4536 cubic meters.

    The Hydra destroys water so we'll assume vaporization.

    Iron weighs about 7.87 grams per cubic centimeter, or 7870 kilograms per cubic meter.

    4536 x 7870 = 35698320 kilograms

    Vaporization value for iron is 6213627 joules per kilogram, according to the calculations page

    6213627 x 35698320 = 2.21816045e14 joules, or 53.01530712237154 kilotons

    Town level+

    Picture Evidence:

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  • MorkarBaroque


    March 16, 2018 by MorkarBaroque

    So i had this idea for a little while, retconing the Fell Mortals page, it is true that the corrupting powers of the Fell demons can cake anyone even the inhuman, but...i had this idea, instead of the humans being the posterboy of that, why not another inhuman, yet mortal race? 

    i present to you, the Hófrmaðr!

    They will be the "Norsemen" of Ornair, living on the cold places like the center of the planet, the sorrounding islands and the artic circle. There will still be human Fell worshipers, but the "posterboys" of the Fell stuff will be them, they will still use armor, knot and interlaced imagery but they will be inhuman;

    Their heads are shapped like a cane, with two big, mountain shaped slabs, that support that head, they are a fusion of th…

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  • Akreious

    Lets jump into the meat of this shall we!?

    In this feat, Beerus casually flies from one end of the universe to the other. Whilst he did do pit stops on his way, it will only complicate and make this feat even more crazy.

    Milky Way Galaxy = 100,000 Lightyears (Minimum size for a Galaxy)

    Despite my verses as awhole having Infinitely Sized Universes (High 3-A), lets horribly downplay it and say it's only 100 Galaxies.

    Distance = 100,000 x 100 = 10000000 Light Years

    Time = 5 Picoseconds (Can't be more than 10 but can't be 1, so it's a good average).

    A picosecond is 10^-12 of a second, so... 5 x 0.000 000 000 001 = 0.000 000 000 005 Seconds.

    Speed = 10000000/0.000 000 000 005 = 2000000000000000000c, or 2 Quintillion times FTL at the very minimum. Less than C…

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  • Monarch Laciel

    In the story Erebus, the main character Erebus manages to escape a mouth of the Gigantic Hydra by flying out at high speeds. Let's work out just how fast he is.

    To give context to the scene, the Hydra has just effectively teleported one of its heads around Erebus (and the rest of the city he is in) by moving through higher dimensional spaces and approaching from an "angle" that they cannot comprehend.

    Here's the sequence of events:

    The head apears around the evacuated city (and Erebus within it) -> Erebus looks around to see why everything has gone dark, and realises he's in the cavernous mouth of a giant creature, with the rest of the world still visible beyond its teeth -> He sees the mouth is closing -> He flies for it, and manages to get …

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  • DreamcrosserSquad

    Yay, a calc.

    Anyway, I'm just gonna calc TDS: MT Shifuto's speed at base. He was basically capable of running around the entire Cosmic Highway; a road around the entire universe; in 5 seconds.

    Diameter of the observable universe: 93 billion lightyears

    Converting that to meters, and that is 8.7984793395e+26 meters.

    I'll just say the timeframe is around 5 seconds.

    8.7984793395e+26 / 5 = 1.7596958679e+26 meters per second


    Easily Massively FTL+ by a longshot.

    And take note, this is his BASE FORM, which is pretty damn crazy. This is over twice as fast as Shifuto's Hyper Form from the original series, surprisingly enough; who is 126.23 quadrillion times FTL.

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