• LuckyCharmingStar

    Unknown entity said 'hello, Wake up homosapien.' A boy called March was sleeping in his room he opened up his eyes and closes them and said not now mom I'm sleeping. But he didn't realize it wasn't his mother he opened up his eyes again and was in shock. The Unknown entity smiled as March said in fear 'who are you? And what are you doing in my room? The Unknown entity reveal his identity 'My name is Aki nice to meet you' The boy nods his head and asked 'Why is this weird girl in my room?' Aki replied ' I wanted to let you know something'  March asked 'And that is?' Aki replied 'Do you believe in aliens?' March said confused 'Yes?' Aki said 'would you believe if I told you I'm an alien?' March jokely said ' You sure didn't hit your head rig…

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  • Lightbuster30

    So in my upcoming fanfic, an early feat occurs. The MC: Riley Burton, turns 180 degrees and brings his hand from rest position to his face, catching a high velocity crossbow bolt roughly a foot from his face. I intend to calc his reactionary speed.

    Formula for speed iirc is distance Riley moved x Velocity of the projectile / distance from projectile to Riley. The bolt was described as "high velocity" so I will be using 134.112 m/s for it's speed. We also know the bolt was roughly a foot from Riley when he caught it, so we already have most of the numbers.

    For distance, Riley brought his hand from rest position (from his waist to his face) to his face. Now I got a ruler and using myself, my hand when extended downwards is 37 inches from my face…

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  • DiceyTheDie

    Another calc.


    2*atan(tan(70/2)*(311/345)) = 0.00268605265706061348675402784745 Radians or 0.15389948079985560359 Degrees

    1.2933e+6 meters

    It takes 7 frames to reach the surface. The video is 29.998 FPS.

    1 / 29.998 = 0.03333555570371358090539369291286 sec

    0.03333555570371358090539369291286 * 7 = 0.23334888992599506633775585039003 sec

    1.2933e+6 / 0.23334888992599506633775585039003 = 5542344.7714285714285714285714285 m/s or 0.018487272189577800413


    KE = 1/2 mass * velocity^2

    Moon is 7.34767309e+22 kg

    7.34767309e+22(0.5) * 5542344.7714285714285714285714285^2 = 1.1285138842426349592302898367347e+36 joules

    269.7212916449923 Yottatons

    Large Planet level

    Holy shit Saito.

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  • LuckyCharmingStar

    Once upon a time there was little red robbing people and banks with her crew. The reason why she robs people and banks is because she is greedy for money and Coins. While her mission is to protect humans from getting killed by demons she also robs them. Since she is not truly a hero and she believes she needs something in return for saving them. When the police comes to stop them they have to run since they can't harm humans.

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  • Therefir

    Mage (World of Warcraft)

    February 23, 2018 by Therefir

    Students gifted with a keen intellect and unwavering discipline may walk the path of the mage. The arcane magic available to magi is both great and dangerous, and thus is revealed only to the most devoted practitioners. To avoid interference with their spellcasting, magi wear only cloth armor, but arcane shields and enchantments give them additional protection. To keep enemies at bay, magi can summon bursts of fire to incinerate distant targets and cause entire areas to erupt, setting groups of foes ablaze.

    Tier: Likely 4-B

    Name: Varies, Masters of Time and Space

    Origin: Warcraft

    Gender: Varies

    Age: Unknown

    Classification: Mage

    Powers and Abilities:

    Attack Potency:


    Lifting Strength:

    Striking Strength:




    Standard Equipment:


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  • Therefir

    "Izuru kicked the White Whale and sent it over seven hundred meters into the air". Sounds very impressive indeed, but how does this statement fare when properly analysed?

    White Whale's weight = 140,000 kg (Scaling from Blue Whales)

    Now we are going to find the initial velocity:

    Distance = 700 m

    Angle = 90 degrees (Since I don't know the angle, I'm going to use this as a low-end)

    Initial velocity (Calculator) = 117.13 m/s

    Momentum = 117.13*140000 = 16398200 N*s

    Force (A punch last less than 60 ms, so I assume that kicks last the same as punches) = 16398200/0.06 = 273303333 N = 27869.18 Tons (Class M)

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  • MorkarBaroque

    Cataphract Spaceships

    February 22, 2018 by MorkarBaroque

    So, i had this idea on the 3D Builder program, about making ships for the Leviathans not exactlly "realistic", but more along the lines as something we might make, as they feel themselves as human as we are. Indeed tp htem we are their fathers, and they their worthy successors.

    I really didn't know what i wanted, i desired to make a ship of the lore on the Adramelech profile, a laser planet killer spaceship, which is this. i don't know if this looks painfully inpractical, as i followed the aesthetics of the page and the previous ship. Alongside a few extra broadsides and cannons. 

    In terms of the other Flagship i thought of this one:  which...i literally want it for my verse, it is pretty much everything i want for the Cataphract spaceships.…

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  • LuckyCharmingStar

    T666 was watching how Akazukin saved the world & humans against demons. He got an very mixed emotion of love and hatred, he truly loved Akazukin but he totally disliked how she or the wolf gang defeating the demons everytime. After she was done wiping out demons she did something sinful like taking all the money for herself instead of sharing it with something. And so T666 was behind Akazukin since he is present by every sin. His presence was so powerful it wiped out 2 humans but it didn't affect Akazukin. Akazukin was confused when the 2 humans got wiped out without reason. And a voice behind her said 'My Presence wiped the humans out.' Akazukin looked behind her and notice a devil boy. She was ready to fight T666 as she summons her sword…

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  • LuckyCharmingStar

    In this realm exist character from the Teewy verse characters who reside in that realm  are forgotten or unused . A realm that is outside the concept of stories, Time and space, the multiverse and anything that has been writtin. These characters aren't written and  wants to be written back so they try to escape this realm. Lucky characters that The evil entity decide to use goes back to the realm of writtin. But any character that leave this realm doesn't remember anything about it anymore.

    This realm still reside inside the book.

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  • LuckyCharmingStar

    Any Character that is able to break the fourth wall can reach at this level of existence the Place where not even the concept of stories can reach. All character that reach this Realm aren't bound by the concept of stories how ever they are still bound to the Evil Entity & The Book. In this realm most Cross over events happen. Since character outside the Teewy verse who can break the fourth wall can reach to this plane of existence and meet with other characters within this or other verses. This is the same reason how 2 Fourth wall breakers from the beyond the 4th wall verse were able to communicate with Rosa another 4th wall breaker from Teewy verse. There are chances that characters on this level of existence can break outside the book i…

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  • LuckyCharmingStar

    Once Upon a time.

    Akazukin true self ascended to a higher level. Akazukin manage to surpass the likes of The Big Bad Wolf and all of the fairy tale city.The reason she became so godlike is because she trained everyday to reach a level no one else in the Fairy Tales could reach. It took her ages to gain the god like level. But at some point aging didn't even matter anymore. What she did was no normal training but rather a special one together with the higher dimensional angel called Rosa. The sweet angel called rosa is always up to help someone, she could have just give her the Godlike power but she wanted to train Red. The reason she wanted to train with her is that she need to understand how things work in a higher plane of existence. If s…

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  • LuckyCharmingStar

    Fairy Tails City is a place not just a city it's much more then a city. In fact it's a place that contains infinite Fairy Tales, in each Fairy Tales contains a multiverse and fairy tales stories. A place full of Imaginations and faith. the balance between Imagination and reality will remain as long humans believes in fairy tales the fairy tales city will remain to exist. If the human race decreased or less people start to believe in the fairy tales the fairy tales city will be imbalanced and slowly starts to get removed from existence. If no human exist or no one believe in fairy tales then the fairy tales city and all entities inside it  will cease to exist.

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  • Therefir

    Length of the door (I guess it's a double door because of its size) = 6.38 px or 125 cm

    Diameter of the crater = 477 px or 93.456 m

    Destruction assuming the crater is hemispherical. Radius is 46.728 m

    V = 2/3*pi*46.728^3 = 213692.95 m3 (213692950000 cm3)

    Pulverization of rock is 214.35 j/cc.

    E = 45805083832500 Joules = 11 Kilotons (Town level)

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  • LuckyCharmingStar

    Hello there, Welcome to the Teewy rolling dice game. In this game you have to fight a couple humans,demons,monster,abominations and more craziness.

    You're the main character of this game.


    1.  Follow the rules
    2. Use a rolling dice or create on with paper or an rolling dice generator.
    3. Don't cheat


    •  Don't cheat.
    • If a character tells you to start over then you start over

    Your first battle will be to fight off some humans. A couple Humans wants to eat you to survive.

    The number of the dice will tell you what's going to happen.

    Role the dice:

    1. Fights the humans into a standstill (role the dice again)
    2. Kill the humans ( Next level)
    3. Get killed by the humans(start over)
    4. Flees (start over)
    5. Does nothing (Roll the dice again)
    6. beat the humans( Next level)


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  • LuckyCharmingStar

    You Might been wondering what some terms means within the Teewy fiction.


    1. The Concept of Stories

    • The Concept of stories is most likely everything in the Teewy verse without it nothing except the The Evil Entity, The Book and the one shouldn't be named would exist.
    • The Concept of stories is beyond concepts as it is formless and placeless. The concept of stories speaks and views concepts as you write concepts and origins on it.
    • Entities that might be able to manipulate leser stories but not the concept story itself.
    • The concept of stories can never be truly destroyed.
    • 4th Wall Breaking is outside the concept of stories but still part of the book unless the evil entity allows you to break out the book.
    • 4th wall breaking doesn't apply on tiers…
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  • LuckyCharmingStar

    In the begin there was a thought and with the thought came the dream and with the dream came the error. It was neither God or corrupted being fault to be born like this. A completely dark and twisted entity older then origins and stories created a book to write his corruped,dark and twisted stories in it. The Entity was very lonely more lonely then anyone could be. And thus he created the first being outside the book. The being was a teenager girl called Rosa. The Daughter of the Evil Entity. A completely different personality so different you could say they weren't family to begin with.But Rosa was Stubborn and didn't listen to him. And he grew tired of her, erased her memories and send her inside the book. 


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  • LuckyCharmingStar

    Rosa The Lovely Angel is the daughter of The Evil Entity and the first person/entity that wasn't born in the Book. The Evil Entity erased her memory and send her inside the book. She forgot everything about her previous existence but somehow was still able to communicate outside the book thanks to her 4th wall breaking abilities. Rosa Is a teenager girl made of infinite Dimensions created the RosaPark for cosmic or higher dimensional beings to hangout or communicate with them. Rosa is a total sweetheart compared to her father she actually love all beings and creations the way they are. Her protective father will not allow anyone to hurt or manage to kill rosa if they tries to do they will get a punishment they get tortured and either get k…

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  • LuckyCharmingStar

    In the begin there was nothing but infinite blank pages without story nor form. The ruler of all wrote his first story out of nothing and formed a bunch of abominations. Where the concept of time wasn't even present only despair and chaos without form these Abominations exist beyond the  clusters of dimensioned spaces. Outside of all Larger Mulriverses they crunch and munch on infinite alls, time and space. The ruler of all wrote all these abominations to worship him and kill humans for fun. 

    (not done yet)   

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  • CoreOfimBalance(COB)

    GDF Excerpt 4

    February 18, 2018 by CoreOfimBalance(COB)

    “Behold the might of the sun….”

    It was a simple statement. A simple yet powerful one when backed up with the energy of a miniature sun. Leo couldn’t help but chuckle at the sight of their reactions. It was akin to being praised or feared for what he is.

    The very waters began to boil as the air itself dried up. Steam rising from a dpot close by. Some of the buildings were either starting to burn or even outright melt. And that was just from the appearance of this single sun right here. It wasn’t even maximized.

    “That bastard…” Adam and Winter were close to everyone unleashing what cold they can muster around them. Just to prevent everyone from draining their aura too much. But with how things are that might be too difficult. Even at this Weiss…

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  • Colonel Krukov

    Operation Endgame Timeline


    1346 - 1353

    • The bubonic plague claims the lives of an estimated total of 200 million people.(RL)


    • The Industrial Revolution begins.(RL)


    • Archduke Franz Ferdinand is assassinated starting WW1.(RL)


    • A French excavation site is rumoured to contain German troops on a secret mission. Overnight, screaming and gunfire is heard, they were never seen again, and no bodies were ever found.(REZ)
    • WW1 ends in an allied victory.(RL)

    1918 - 1920

    • The Spanish Flu infects 500 million people. About 5% of those infected are fatal.(RL)


    • Germany invades Poland and the Allies Declare war.(RL)


    • A secret group of German scientists attempt to manufacture wonder weapons and make super soldiers using unknown elements.(REZ)


    • WW2 en…
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  • DMUA

    Jack of All Trades: Prologue

    February 16, 2018 by DMUA

    An old man in a big cloak starts walking towards… a very wicked place. A den of criminals. The closest thing one would get to peace down there is in the deafening quiet after a Gang War finally reached it's bloody climax. To the left, one can see a brick building that should be red all over, but one spot is charred from an amateur Molotov getting thrown at it. To the right is an amazing sight, a building made mostly of rotten and termite infested wood, covered in bullet holes, with a large hole blown out the side via a pipe bomb, and yet, is somehow still standing.

    But why is a man, who looks like he's been long since retired, walking down the road in a neighborhood like this? Looks can be deceiving. He’s not done with his line of work yet. …

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  • DiceyTheDie

    Oh boy...time for an overpowered as shit calc.

    Anyway, this is gonna be calc, basically where Medlex flies across the entire Local Group in his Super Form.


    Radius of the Local Group is 94.60730473 Zettameters, or 9.460730473e+25 meters.

    To get diameter you gotta multiply the radius by 2.

    9.460730473e+25 * 2 = 1.89214609465e+26 meters

    Timeframe is 5 seconds.

    1.89214609465e+26 / 5 = 3.7842921892e+25 meters per second


    Massively FTL+

    As a bonus, I'm gonna calculate the KE.

    KE = 1/2 mass * velocity ^ 2

    I'm gonna use 200 kg for Medlex's mass since he's a robot, and, well...robots are metal.

    200(0.5) * 3.7842921892e+25 ^ 2 = 1.432086737324012859664e+53 joules

    1432086737.3240128 Foe

    Solar System level

    Damn Medlex.

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  • Promestein

    “I’ll take the white side!” Ceres says, and Alice narrows her eyes. Is she trying for first-move advantage? Whatever, it doesn’t matter. I’ll crush her either way. Ceres positions herself comfortably in the seat across from Alice, turning around the chess so that the white side faces her. A pawn on Alice’s side falls over, knocking a few other pieces over, and Alice sets them back up.

    “Fine,” she says, straightening up in her seat and crossing her arms. “We’ll alternate after this, though.” The Solar Drive is burning with anticipation, adrenaline flooding through her veins. She taps her foot against the ground, looking at Ceres with as much of a poker face as she can manage. How will she start? Where will she go? Alice is already forming counter…

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  • Lekmos

    Here are listed other possible timelines in lower multiverses and how differently story would go..

    Universe 1 (Alpha universe aka begining or original timeline):

    • Story goes as it told in each characters backstories or in story blogs.

    Universe 2 Emperor Kain timeline (also know as Annie`s timeline)

    Turn point:

    • Story makes point after Samael was overthrow by Kain after latter obtained Gear of Inuresihi and stoled most of Samael`s powers. 
    • After that Marth make final decision and used ``All in One`` spell to purificate Samael from his ``dark side`` aka Darkness influence making Samael pure angel again. Spell has howewer one drawback and it is that it will kill user after used.

    What changes?

    • As Marth gone, Save the nephilim bridage lost it valuable me…
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  • Dragonmasterxyz

    Blurado is stated by Yvonne to have enough power to wipe away the multiverses easily.

    Sakura Abachi is reveled to be the member who is stronger than Blurado.

    Blurado and Sakura's powers is stated to be nearly reaching the 5th Dimension.

    Zavin and Kaisairyu are directly noted that even among the 5-Dimensional level of power, they are infinitely above the likes of the Devas.

    For the Amatagarai Arc the characters are to be rated;

    "At least 2-A" for either scaling to Blurado and Sakura or just being able to slightly compete with one another.

    All characters at this point should be solid Immeasurable at this point.

    These are the only 3 Arcs that needed Revisions. As of now everything else is fine. I will create a separate blog for the scaling of 1-A's.

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  • Alfred Spade Smith

    Characters - 

    • Core (Legacy Core)
    • Linx Rifelson (Defender of Gyrohem) 
    • Koumari Seioto (Incineration) 
    • Alfred Smith (Stew n' Swords)
    • Champion Hawklight (Legacy Hawklight)
    • Note (PROJECT - Mechanization)
    • Jack Kudo (Stew n' Swords)
    • Zeke/Phase (Legacy Gamer)
    • Yoku (Servant's Night)
    • Itazu (Servant's Night)
    • Midori (Servant's Night)
    • Kowai (Servant's Night)
    • Raven (Servant's Night)
    • Akuma (Servant's Night)

    Events Featured and Difficulties -

    • (Legacy Core) - Starstorm to Supernova (3 forms)
    • (Defender of Gyrohem) - Starstorm to Galactic
    • (Incineration) - Starstorm to Galactic
    • (Stew n' Swords) - Starstorm
    • (Legacy Hawklight) - Starstorm
    • (PROJECT - Mechanization) - Starstorm to Galactic
    • (Legacy Gamer) - Starstorm to Galactic
    • (Servant's Night) - Expert to Starstorm (Depending on the amount …

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  • BlazetheStriker

    League of Warriors

    February 12, 2018 by BlazetheStriker

    So recently I held a tournament that was advertised in the tournament and I was thinking, what if there was a whole League kinda thing? It'll be a round robin. We need 16 characters, so feel free to apply. Two characters max, and like the tournament I held the tiers will be set to 5-B and speed equalized to FTL. Transformations increase tier by one letter (super form is 5-A, beyond that is a hyper form at 4-C, etc.) btw this is a discord roleplay you kinda need to join xd

    • Kasai (BlazetheStriker)
    • Linx (Xmark12)
    • Kiir (Xmark12)

    13 slots remaining. I'll link the bracket later. Here's the discord.

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  • DiceyTheDie

    Felt like I needed to set some rules for them when being used in VS Battles.

    Anyhow, now onto the rules:

    • Reality Warping is restricted to normal level.
    • Temporal Freeze has a time limit of 10 seconds.
    • Temporal Zip can only rewind/fast forward time by 1 minute.
    • Wish Grant is not allowed.
    • Since Cosmic Blast is capable of Smite and Death Inducement, it can ONLY be used once.
    • The Cosmic Stars/Star of Despair are restricted by default unless the VS Thread says otherwise.

    And that's pretty much it.

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  • ParadoxRegiement

    Just wanted to say that I'm not gonna be here much. I don't trust VS Wiki anymore because I was discussing with someone on a different platform about some of the stuff on there, and it just pushed me away. Therefore, I won't be here much either. If you want to find me, I'll most likely be over at CharacterRealms Wiki, Touhou Wiki, or Re:Creators Wiki.

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  • Dragonmasterxyz

    Kallista vaporizes 2/3 of the city sized arena. (The arena notably has buildings as well)

    During this arc the characters' destructive power was restricted via special sealing artes.

    Chase, Kira and Reinhard travel from the other side of the entire universe to earth in 3 seconds.

    Reinhard is directly stated to be able to slash 5 trillion times per millisecond. He then showcases this in his battle with Hisagi.

    Adrian creates space-time continuums during his free time as he considers it fun to created very odd looking universes.

    Adrian has exactly 817 realms that he has created and currently maintain with his power.

    Adrian erases all of his worlds.

    Aegis can easily utilize Sacred Arte: Transcendent Roar, an arte that absorbs uninhabited universes to …

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  • CoreOfimBalance(COB)

    GDF Excerpt 3

    February 8, 2018 by CoreOfimBalance(COB)

    Once again the script is written by yours truly, Redhavic

    Yang: Yo, robro!

    Quarter: Please don't call me that.

    Yang: Okay, okay. Say, you want to,go anything later? Never did get ta know ys, cept from Penny.

    Quarter:...You know what? I wouldn't mind.

    Yang: Sweet. Know this great Japanese pizza place with an arcade. You're buying.

    Quartet: Thst...seems kinda rude-

    Yang: The arcade, silly. I mean...guy of your metdl should be used to buying arcades, right?


    Quarter: I don't get it.

    Yang: Yup. You're her brother alright.

    Yang Xiao Lang


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  • Xmark12

    Vs Battles Stories Template

    February 4, 2018 by Xmark12

    Just a little thing I decided to do. Basically it's just writing a story about a vs battle, and how said battle would play out. Kinda like Death Battle (but potentially better c:).

    (You can add a picture here of the two characters if you want)

    Link to the vs match: Insert link to vs match here.

    Rules: Insert all of the rules of the match here.

    Setting: Where the match took place.

    Results: Who won?

    Summary: The reasons as to why the characters are fighting.

    Results: What are the lasting effects after the fight? What happens in the aftermath of the fight? What happened to the opponent (Did they live or die)? What morals did the winner or loser gain (Optional)?

    Write the whole battle here, from before they fight (optional), to why they're fighting, t…

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  • CoreOfimBalance(COB)

    GDF Excerpt 2

    February 4, 2018 by CoreOfimBalance(COB)

    Once again the script is written by yours truly... Redhavic

    Yang:...Dude, ypu look alright? You look kinda pale.

    Tundrafang: A side effect in In the cold. Away from the persecutions of Man-

    Yang: Look buddy, I just got done with another speechifer who is the worst kind of animal rights activists. So how about we skip that?

    Tundrafang:...Your temper is heated. But soon, it will wilter. Like everything the cold. Including your...humanity.

    As if it couldn't get any colder, this guy managed to do it. And the racers who were around him..start convulsing. Claws ripping through fingers, fur growing all over, cries of terror became howls of anger. What was one guy and a couple of racers...became one man and a squad of white wer…

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  • DeadOldManLogan

    My First Character

    February 3, 2018 by DeadOldManLogan

    This is my first characters.Check him out!!!What do you think?

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  • DiceyTheDie

    Possible speed upgrade? Wow.

    Anyway, another calc. Yay. This one is gonna be of Saito sending a guy to the Sun.

    This is the Sun in the vid.

    Radius is 65 px.

    This is the Sun as seen from Earth.

    Radius is 6 px.

    65 / 6 = ~10.8333

    The Sun is about 1.5e+11 meters from Earth.

    1.5e+11 / 10.8333 = ~1.384e+10 meters

    Timeframe is about 3 seconds.

    1.384e+10 / 3 = 4.61333e+9 meters per second or 15.388412473004908776c



    Now onto the speed Saito flew.

    Saito is 70px tall here.

    12px as seen here.

    70 / 12 = ~5.8333

    1.384e+10 / 5.8333 = ~2.372e+9 meters

    Timeframe is about 2 seconds.

    2.372e+9 / 2 = 1.186e+9 meters per second or 3.95607016905c


    I guess I'll calculate the KE as well.

    Gonna use 9 kg like always.

    9(0.5) * 1.186e+9^2 = 1.668222856e+27 joules

    398.71483173996626 Pet…

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  • GreyFang82

    This blog is going to be used for myself to keep track of what me and my group goes through session by session in my first time playing DnD.

    My Character

    Name: Kiryu

    Sex: Male

    Age: 39

    Race: (Variant) Human

    Class / Sub-Class: Fighter / Ronin (Home-brewed)

    Height: 5 foot 7 inches

    Weight: 145 pounds

    Feat: Defensive Duelist

    Battle Style: Dodge Tank

    We were all on a small boat, it was a cargo ship run and piloted by dwarfs. The captain was named Gimberson. For almost all of the trip we were in the cargo hold talking to each other and sharing our reasons for going to Durnik. The group was made up of a female human ranger, a male drow half-breed monk, a lady of ambiguous race, and myself. I was singled out first and asked why I was here, I told them that I …

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  • Therefir

    Young Saitama's Durability

    February 2, 2018 by Therefir

    Length of the can of soda = 42 px = 12.27 cm

    Diameter of the crater = 306 px = 89.40 cm

    Radius = 44.7 cm

    Height = around 10 cm 

    I assume the crater is a Spherical Cap

    V = pi*h/6*(3a^2+h^2) or pi*10/6*(3*44.7^2+10^2)

    V = 31909.52 cm^3

    I'm going to use both fragmentation and violent fragmentation.

    Fragmentation energy is 8 j/cc

    E = 255276.16 Joules (Wall level)

    Violent fragmentation energy is 20 j/cc

    E = 638190.4 Joules (Wall level)

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  • DiceyTheDie
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  • DiceyTheDie

    Ohohohohooooooo boy...

    Anyway, uh...this feat...was RIDICULOUSLY powerful, I have to say. More powerful than I expected.

    Anyway, onto the calc.

    I'm too lazy to pixelscale, so I'm gonna guess that this galaxy is the same size as the Triangulum Galaxy, or 60,000 ly in diameter, which is 5.67644e+20 meters.

    Velocity = distance / time

    Timeframe is 12 seconds, so...

    5.67644e+20 / 12 = 4.73036667e+19 meters per second, or 157,788,047,823c, Massively FTL+

    KE = 1/2 Mass * Velocity^2

    9(0.5) * 4.73036667e+19^2 = 1.0069365974691100005e+40 joules

    Dwarf Star level+

    Damn. Almost Low 4-C.

    So, I suppose I should revise all the pages...?

    EDIT: I'm gonna recalc except I'm actually gonna pixelscale this time.

    Red is 176px, green is 324px.

    324 / 176 = 1.84090909090909090909090…

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  • GreyFang82

    I'm sorry I cannot calculate Atomization, I made a mistake in naming this blog and I cannot change it I will be calculating Fragmentation to Pulverization

    This is more for personal use rather than anything else...

    Not only will I calculate the need energy to fragment, violently fragment, and pulverize The Great Pyramid of Giza.

    According to this website


    The Great Pyramid of Giza has a volume of 78,300,000 cubic feet or 2,217,209,090,000 cubic centimeters

    Now we just plug in values for either concrete or cement from the Vs Wiki

    We will start with the low-balls and the work our way up


    Low-Ball (Concrete)

    6 j/cc

    2,217,209,090,000 x 6 = 13,303,255,000,000 joules or 3.17 …

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  • GreyFang82

    This is more for personal use rather than anything else...

    Not only will I calculate the need energy to atomize The Eiffel Tower but I'll also calculate how much energy is needed to fragment it, violently fragment it, and pulverize it.

    So first we need to know the weight of the thing... According to this website


    It weighs 7300 tons

    Now thanks to this we can use the formula Mass = Volume x Density or in this case Volume = Mass / Density

    So first we find the density of iron which by searching it up is 7.874 g/cm^3

    Next what we do is take the 7300 tons and convert it into grams which is about 6,622,400,000 grams

    Now it's 6,622,400,000 g / 7.874 g/cm^3 = 841,046,482.093 cm…

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  • GreyFang82

    This is more for personal use rather than anything else...

    Not only will I calculate the need energy to atomize Cloud Gate but I'll also calculate how much energy is needed to fragment it, violently fragment it, and pulverize it.

    So first we need to know the weight of the thing... Now multiple sources say it weighs 110 tons


    So I will assume it is 110 tons... Now it is also said it is made of stainless steel

    Now thanks to this we can use the formula Mass = Volume x Density or in this case Volume = Mass / Density

    So first we find the density of stainless steel …

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  • Therefir

    I am relying on this calculation to find the lifting strength of Boros.

    Saitama's weight and distance:

    • Saitama's weight = 70 kg
    • Distance = 384,440,000m (The average distance from the Moon to Earth).

    Now we are going to find the initial velocity:

    • Distance =  384,440,000 m
    • Initial velocity (Calculator) = 86804.52 m/s
    • Momentum = 86804.52*70 = 6076316.4 N*s
    • Force = 6076316.4/0.06 = 101271940 N = 10326.86 tons (Class M)
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  • AkuAkuAkuma

    Robert Anthony Jones

    February 1, 2018 by AkuAkuAkuma

    Robert Anthony Jones, infamously more known, the Nightchild, is chosen of a solemn and ever shaded variant of the world of Earth (by name of primitive tongue, now going by 'Urth') to vanquish the festersome fiends that lay wicked palm upon the reaches of a marred world. With little in impedance to flay those that put corpse the innocent and ravage further damned fields, through crimson blade and marooned panoply may this avenger in cladding of the hue of midnight may the next dawn be naught for those who bear home to the most vile of sins to their souls. 

    Tier: At least 5-B 

    Epitaphs: The Wild/Night Child, Master of the Universe, The Raging Saint, The Rainbow in the Shade, The Paranoid Sentinel, The Chosen

    Origin: S.A.V.A.G.E. (Shocking. Appalin…

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  • Panemorfos

    Sorry for bothering, i am new to the wiki and i enjoy it quite a lot! I have faced a small inconvenience with the profile picture of onw of my characters. To be more specific, i have created 3 characters as of now, but when i search them, while the to of them appear with the photo i have added for them, the other one dosn't, while i have added a photo for him as well. The character i speak of is Neithorn, while the other 2, who are fine, are Ranca and Rona Drake. What could i do to fix this?

    Thanks in advance

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  • Zanybrainy2000

    I just did this for fun, and possible future profiles for Abyssalcraft.

    Apparently - according to the ingame guide known as the 'Abyssalnomicon' - there exist antimatter entities within Abyssalcraft that upon making contact with the normal matter equivalent of the mob they represent explode, which likely implies that they convert the entirety of their mass into energy, given how antimatter works.

    According to wikipedia, antimatter and matter collisions result in the entirety of both of the object's mass-energy equivalent being released. So if antimater weighing one kilogram touched another object weighing the same, it would also convert that object into energy alongside it - or if a two kilogram mass of antimatter touched another object weig…

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  • GreyFang82
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  • CoreOfimBalance(COB)

    Greetings to Levy's Choose your own Adventure. It's clearly undergoing work but you'll see much information soon.

    This story chronicles the life of Levy Fuller, one of the most versatile and powerful esper out there! And her life sucks! She firmly believes that powers inherently causes more failure for everyone!! Let's see her life to show why she thinks that.

    > You feel the unease of hunger and starvation looming around the corner. Of course, death won't come instantly but it's still there. But you must find a way to craft yourself somethng to consume and revitalise!! Also seriously stop talking like this, there is no need to be fancy.

    Use Portal Creation - You have successfully summoned a portal that connects two dimensions!! Congratulations…

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  • ParadoxRegiement

    Random Info

    January 29, 2018 by ParadoxRegiement

    Just feel like posting this here cause I'm bored and it's technically my page's blog section so--

    I'm gonna be trying to get my username changed, in fact I already sent the email to FANDOM. If it's accepted, the new UN will be "ParadoxRegiement", which is my "pen name" and general name that I use online now. If anyone's curious, I can explain why I use ParadoxRegiement, though only if someone asks.

    And yes, I literally JUST realized that I may have spelled "Regiment" wrong, but YOLO--

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  • ParadoxRegiement

    Feedback Welcome

    January 29, 2018 by ParadoxRegiement

    Just wanted to quickly write this to explain something.

    So, I'm a writer, still in school, and I'm a roleplayer. In fact, RP is how I seriously got into writing. Anyways, through RP I've mainly made OCs and RPed OCs, only RPing a canon character 3 times (compared to 5 OCs and one AU version of a canon character). The problem is that I did so through Twitter, and the OC building style is very different on there than it is on here.

    Because of this, feel free to tell me if I've done anything wrong, or screwed something up. Especially with Tamika, as she's basically my pet project, and I want to make sure that I get everything right with her. Considering how complex I've made her, that might be hard though lol.

    Anyways, agian, feel free to give m…

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