• Dragonmasterxyz

    So this blog will explain my side of things with Xros Revolution, from characters-plot points. It will explain the inner workings of my mind when doing this. This will also go into detail of my character ratings and such.

    Xros Revolution is a combination of multiple stories under a single infinitely expanding Multiverse. Think of it being a type of Masadaverse, DC Comics, Marvel Comics or Image Comics. This is a project that is the work of two people. Me and Luxardel. However, here I will only discuss my verses. Each story focuses on a large cast of characters usually around the ages 12-25. Now the media of Xros Revolution is Video Games and maybe Anime(Who knows what the future holds?).

    Now one thing I noticed with my work is that the numbe…

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  • T0234807H

    The Seven Goddesses

    There existed a Godly Hierarchy, and it all stood on The Tower. It has infinite floors. Each floor, an infinite steps to reach the next floor. And in a single step, millions, quadrillions, probably even an infinite number of entities always try to get up to the next step but fail. Sounds daunting? For it was. Even the very ground floor, neither up nor down, anything there was theoretically alien to any concept we could think of. Let me give you an example. Know about Hilbert Space, which is infinite-dimensional? That is one concept. How about that weird Omnipotence Paradoxes, and those Memes and Jokes like Suggs? Those, while pretty wild, were still, concepts, at least of human perception. Humans are like Omnipotent Auth…

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  • Lekmos

    Last time in Tales of nephilim!

    Last time in Tales nephilim we saw fierce battles between angels and demons. Angels where pushing back demon legions and saving local multiverse habitants for corruption. As battles contnued in heaven capital golden city Rafael informmed that dark entity has spotted on planet of many universes.

    Samael taked action rigth away and taked his army to battle ground. There they founded large demonarmy and master mind behind all pf this, Darkness. Samael ordered Michael, Rafael and Gabriel take demon army, while he himself would take Darkness head on.

    Battle between Samael and Darkness was fierce, but it looked that Samael had upper hand all time. This was howewer Darkness plan as he continued speak sweet words to Sam…

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  • The 2nd Existential Seed
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  • The 2nd Existential Seed
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  • CrossverseCrisis

    Kind of inspired to do this by a couple of other blogs done from some people here.

    So this blogs purpose is meant to show the stories that are part of this verse. As you may know, Exceed is a story that follows numerous original characters of mine throughout time and history in not only in their world, but of other worlds that they otherwise would have seen in fictional media like anime and video games (of the modern age) or that of mythologies and legends (of the old age), each ranging from hero/protector of the eras. Most would either be told in passing mention, or may have some very minor story connected to the world.

    By stories, it's basically that of just a few stories or so that is accompanied by numerous fanfictional stories as the wo…

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  • Lekmos

    Here i gonna gather all story blogs what i shall write, is written and if i made more, they will be added here. So people can see what trilogies, chapters and stories are related each others. Of course this help keep myself to keep counting and at line, what i have write and where i have to continue....

    Alrigth at begining to end...

    Note: This only show chapters and not which my character is in chapter, before you read them. Almost each character profiles has information, which chapter they will make appearance.

    Very, Very, Very long time ago in the begining | Allverse Chronicles How everything begin | Allverse Chronicles Darkness rise and fall | Story book Chronicles Servant mission | Creator decides take vacation. Wait, i am now charge of whole ex…

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  • The 2nd Existential Seed
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  • Megamangohan

    These are the ways I think characters are developed/ the way i see morality of characters in general. They are forced to choose between one system of each category for a developed character.

    Category 1

    Lawful-Justice: These people are the ones that want a law system that elimination of humanity's freedom of action and even will, in order to have an end to all pain and suffering. There is no forgiveness here, all those that disobey are subject to immediate punishment.

    Lawful-Neutral: Those that believe in Law, but can't choose between justice and forgiveness.

    Lawful-Forgiveness: Similar to Lawful-Justice. Only this time, there are chances for those that want to come back to the law, to be able to. There is little punishment for those who do wro…

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  • Lekmos

    Last time in Tales of nephilim!

    Las time in Tales of nephilim we saw how Lucifer the demiurge started his own journey to full local multiverse with life. But little to know Lucifer Darkness had his own plans for corruptin multiverse and rgain his formers powers.

    Darkness manipulated, corrupted and mutalated habitants of universe to attack each other, harm each others and some even transformed demons. With this demon race has born to this local multiverse too.

    But Lucifer maked new plan. He would start spread his own salvation plan for everyone warn about Darkness and his corruption. Lucifer also greated his own guardians angels to fulfill this job. Angels begin spread the word around local multiverse and figth fierce war against Darkness and …

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  • Sir Ovens

    Waiting on an End

    June 6, 2017 by Sir Ovens

    The Horseman laid dormant. Floating around in the vast reaches of space. Having recently let the Devoid escape into Eternal Space, he waited patiently for the oncoming destruction that was to follow.

    He waited hours…




    Surprisingly, it all felt like a mere second to him. The Horseman was appalled at the tardiness of the Devoid. If you’re going to kill me at least do it fast… The Horseman thought to himself. The Horseman then assumed a standing position.


    The Horsemen was soon travelling back in time; to the exact moment he started his wait for the end.

    Spaced Out

    In the blink of an eye, the Horseman’s scenery changed from that of a black vacuum to that of a grand, white, temple surrounded by lush greenery. The Horseman wal…

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  • Sir Ovens

    The Last Star Child

    June 6, 2017 by Sir Ovens

    This... space... This space.... Regular Space.

    What is Regular Space? Why does this place matter. Why do I matter?

    It's been so long since I last saw Father and Mother. I miss them so... so... much...?

    How long has it been since I last saw them? It feels... feels so... Wrong.

    Am I not supposed to exist?

    Why do I exist?

    Maybe I...


    Maybe I should take a nap...




    Loud sounds... Loud, painful, sounds... I hope Mother and Father are alright.



    Why am I forgetting?

    How long...





    I will not forget!

    I won't!

    I... can't...


    I can't forget time.

    Mother said so.


    My hands. They look so pretty...








    I can't forget time. I musn't. Otherwise I'll disappear. That's what Mother said. I rememb…

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  • The 2nd Existential Seed
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  • Lekmos

    Last time in Tales of nephilim!

    Last time in Tales of nephilim we saw how Atropos begin hers guardian plan to capture Darkness, who was now pieces and spreaded around Allverse to hide and regaining his former power. We also saw Guardian of local multiverse Xomes and how he gaved his own servant Metatron to instructions about Darkness.

    There was also battle between demons and angels on random planet in one of many universes. Darkness was leading his demons against angels and their supreme commander Samael the Archangel. Darkness butler suggest they could corrupt Samael and bring him to ``Dark side``, which pleased Darkness and says it would be great plan.

    But how we get this situtation. We must go little back and see how everything begined in …

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  • Riiingo

    Vantablack (my verse)

    June 5, 2017 by Riiingo

    this is my verse

    its very terrible

    enjoy it


    There were two primiordial beings, the ones who came before. Aru and Plato. Both of them acted in a brotherly sort of fashion, fighting among eachother, quarreling, everything that a pair of siblings would most likely do.

    Those two soon came to wisdom and created two beings, Kuchiku and Vahniz.

    Unlike the formers, these two were far more destructive and ruthless, fighting every moment they saw eachother. They would fight until one of them were erased from their destruction. Although they soon rebirthed through their respective concepts; Kuchiku through Destruction, Darkness, and it's own Determination. Vahniz came through Nonexistence, Misanthropy, and Despair. Kuchiku and Vahniz viewed the …

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  • Zanybrainy2000

    In Advent of Ascension,if a boss is trapped within a large amount of blocks and is unable to move, it vaporizes the blocks in a 15 x 15 x 15 radius around it . I am considering this vaporization due to Saikou's reasoning (Destroying water without a trace). 

    The wiki states 15 x 15 radius, however, from experience, the height of the radius of deleted blocks is 15.

    A block, via WoG statement, is one meter long. And the radius of blocks destroyed was already mentioned (15 by 15 by 15 blocks).

    15 x 15 x 15 = 3,375 cubic meters total, or 3.375e+9 cubic centimeters.

    The block we will be using for vaporization are iron, similarly to the ender dragon calculation that Saikou performed. The vaporization value for iron is 6,213,627 joules per cubic centim…

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  • Colonel Krukov

    In ancient times, orphaned siblings rise up against the tyranny of a corrupted orc lord to defend the power of a terrifying arsenal of weapons.

    In the present day, a mercenary group fights for peace against the traitorous nations that experimented on them, whilst a war hero battles his addiction for driving vehicles beyond their limits.

    In the near future, Mankind tries to escape the horrors of a deadly zombie infestation that plagues the solar system.

    In the far future, a chaotic war shatters all corners of the known universe, whilst in the shadows, an elite group of godlike agents search for potential timelines in order to bring an end to chaos itself.

    Work in progress is work in progress

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  • Darkmon cns

    Dark Forest Saga

    May 28, 2017 by Darkmon cns

    It was discovered that one living thing did survived from the Galaxy the shadow dragons destroyed the first time they were summned into this world A plant it was infused with the leftover negative energy that was drawn to the nerist living thing the plant changed it became A monster it only wanted 2 things to grow and more negative energy so it went from one galaxy to the next infecting all planets it came accrues turning the positive energy of it and all of its in habitations in to negative energy it grows vines and it created a dark forest that stretched accrues galaxys.

    it took Time for the kais to notice the Dark forest because non of its negative energy was leaking out as it was contained in the dark forest it was frightening to over t…

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  • Darkanine

    I tried writing this before, but I accidentally deleted my draft. To counter that, this will be a heavy Work In Progress with updates throughout my writing process. Since I'm in the process of moving, updates may be slower then what I originally want.

    Anywho, this blog is meant to be my solo discussion of my Amenia series, what it means to me, how I developed it, my inspirations, as well as my plans for the world. It will also share insight to the world, give an idea of its history (both in universe ad out of universe), its cosmology. If I find the time, I will also write a separate blog detailing almost exclusively in-universe information.

    Now I want to make one thing clear before I write further. Amenia is not an universe meant to be strong f…

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  • ShadowSoul123

    A quick google search tells me that the milky way is 100,000 Light Years in width which is 9.4607305e+17 km.

    Hollow crossed it in a nanosecond.

    1000000000 Nanoseconds = 1 Second.

    9.4607305e+17 x 1000000000 = 9.4607305e+26 km/s.

    Which is equal to 3,155,760,009,146,061,030,000c. 3 Sextillion Times FTL.

    Massively FTL+

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  • The 2nd Existential Seed
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  • Lekmos

    Last time in Tales of nephilim!

    Last time we see how dark entity, Darkness tried absorb whole Allverse and become one of it. Darkness had spread his aspects whole Allverse local multiverses and decided it is time to fulfill prophesy.

    Darkness manifest higher dimensions and easily beated Atropos, Lahkesis and Clotho. Darkness was ready to absorb sisters of fates and whole Allverse, but Existence stepped way of his plan. Existence wowed to proctect hers children and after fierce struggle Existence manage to beat Darkness, even Darkness tried blast Existence away with massive dark energy blast.

    Darkness: This is it where you lose everything and everything shall come one with darkness! You, your feeble sisters and all those maggots what where craw…

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  • The 2nd Existential Seed


    Future Matthew is essentially exactly what is supposed to be many years into the future . It is essentially an version of Matthew whom was grown into an seventeen year old young girl. She is the heir to the Ninome Family, being Hitomi's adopted daughter. She still has all of her previous powers , and the manifestations within her soul as well. Despite her gentle , quiet and immeasurably shy demeanor , she is consistently regarded as the most dangerous human that has ever existed by the "Higher-Ups" ( An council incomprehensibly, massively surpassing the lower powers such as The Behemoth and even Evil Mattomi [ An Alternate Mattomi created…

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  • Nephillim99

    Some calcs for feats from my verse:

    Plutonic Adventure:

    At one point Ally flys to Pluto, the dwarf planet, to stop Alien Bandits that wanted to cause the sun to go nova. He flies there and returns in a few hours. Using 24 hours as a big low-ball that would be 28.9% c. Relativistic

    More realistically "a few" means like 4 at most, which would be 1.737313c. Just over the speed of light

    Return from the Sun:

    Ally was knocked to the sun by Ar-Mage-ddon and returns in seconds. If you use 10 seconds, it would be ~ 49.9 c which is probably his fastest speed feat. 

    Ally redirects Asteroid:

    Ally redirects a planet-sized asteroid heading for Earth, and pushes it away. 

    Assuming Earthlike planet it's mass of 6e24 Kilograms. 

    It's movement after being redirected…

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  • Nephillim99

    Hello! I was away for a long time because school was being horrible, but I am back and I would like to get back into adding my verse. My verse is called Infinity Break and is basically the superhero universe I made when I was younger. It's not probably as strong as some of the verses here, with "hyperverses" and "higher dimensions" and stuff like that but I hope you like it regardless.      

    History of The Multiverse:

    The main villain of Infinity Break is the Unnamed One, a Cosmic Entity that destroyed the previous multiverse and created a new one specifically to strengthen itself. However during the creation of the infinite, one universe resisted The Unnamed One's influence due to the powers that be, causing a break in his power which allow…

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  • T0234807H

    I made this feat just for fun, just wanted to see what results I get.

    I wanted to make a scene where Elizabeth (My OC which failed numerous times due to being a tad too op for some time), in her Saint Form, crosses in a straight line what seems to be the real size of the Universe, which in my verse, will regard the size as The Size of The Observable Universe squared.

    If you do not get it, I am saying Elizabeth travels Diameter of Observable Universe X Diameter of Observable Universe / Diameter of Observable Universe Squared.

    Diameter of Observable Universe is 93 Billion Light Years or 5.5e + 26 Metres.

    She travels this at 0.01 seconds, what humans can call "Subsonic".

    So Calc is like:

    5.5e + 26 X 5.5e + 26 divided by 0.01

    =3.025e + 55c

    = 30.25 Sep…

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  • Lekmos

    Last time in Tales of nephilim!

    Last time we seen how Allverse get it`s shape by it`s supreme deity Existence. Engineer gaved to Existance basic information how multiverse work and with this Existance quicly puts newly born Allverse running. She also created three servants to help his quest for maintance Allverse. These created being where Atropos, Lakesis and Clotho. Each one got their own ``area`` to control and their area chooosing was what they liked most. Clotho taked over magic and supernatural, Lahkesis taked over science and magic and lastly Atropos taked over life and death. Together sisters would called Sisters of Fates, by lower beings.

    Everyting looked fine and running smoothly, but in lower dimensional universe was something goi…

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  • T0234807H

    Elder's Key - The Collective Powers of the other manifestations of The Omnipotent One. It's powers it not clearly understood but it is shown to be extremely powerful.

    Chronodial - Made by Chromus, The Omnipotent One's sense of Time. It allows maximum control over time, able to halt and rewind the time of places where time should not even exist.

    Boots of Infinimon - Made by Spyrion, The Omnipotent One's speed. Elizabeth is the absolute fastest force in all fiction with this, she can move even when time is stopped and erased, and even steal speed. She is also given the power to be faster than anyone in a conceptual nutshell.

    Angelina Chrysalis, All-Fiction Rhapsody Grimoire - She contains The Omnipotent One's knowledge. Also contains an Inner W…

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  • T0234807H

    Elizabeth Valentine is the main protagonist of Blade Works: Reforged. She is the headmistress of Data Magius University.

    She is extremely kind, polite, and hates fighting, but will fight if an absolute evil beyond redemption comes around. She was also extremely intelligence, getting top grades for all her subjects. She is extremely talented at magic and contracts.

    She soon meets 3 girls who shares very important meaning to her in their past lives, including: Sayuri Kirigiri, Chitose Mizuki, and Anastasia Fairhorn. Their past lives were revealed later on. Elizabeth was the embodiment of Light, Magic, Heaven and The Sun. Sayuri represented both Darkness and Science, Chitose represented Hell, and Anastasia represented The Moon. They were madly in love, a…

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  • T0234807H

    If I remeber, last blog, I have showed you the most OP in all fiction. Yet now, I will show you the weakest of the whole lot. Behold, the hierarchies of the lower classes!

    • Honey, We Do Not Exist
    • Shapes Made Of Nothing
    • Fodder-Man
    • We are trapped in a 3-Dimensional Arcade
    • We were drawn, and nothing else
    • The Loser's Fighting Ring

    -The Family Who Was Smaller Than A Point


    -The Lord of The Smallest Dimensions

    -Point Ones

    -Line Beings



    -Geometric Eaters

    -The Lost Game-Urs

    -The Drawn One

    -The Arcade

    -Fodder Joe

    -Rotten Bones Man

    -Snail Man

    -Saddie Van Helsing

    -Jim The Goldfish

    -The Dead Man

    -The Living Cube…

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  • Lekmos

    Last time in Tales of nephilim

    Last time we saw how Deus Ex Lekmos or shortly DEL created meadow with three with shiny fruits, cafe and being called Engineer. DEL gives Engineer indructions how to create worlds and watches as he created two own hyperverses, with both holding infinite dimensional structure. Later after DEL tolded Engineer about golden rule, Engineer decided destroy and create new 100 dimensional hyperverse.

    After that DEL wanted see how much Engineer has improved, DEL decides that is time for Engineer test.

    DEL: Okey (swallows last pice from fruit) It`s time for you thesis work. Show me could you create something smaller and still interesting.

    Engineer: Something smaller? I never...uuh..think...doing smaller multiverse?

    DEL: Give a…

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  • T0234807H

    My World is a collection of many stories of the Supernatural, the All-Powerful, the destructive, all made by me. It is the best word to put all my profiles and said works together. It also crossovers with all of fiction, especially the more powerful kinds. Lovecraft, Suggs, SorA, they were all in. Fanons were also crossed over.

    • Maiden’s Endless Colourful Symphony
    • The Key Files
    • Supernatural Mythos
    • The Cabin From Hell
    • Tokyo Skies
    • The End of Time
    • The Mythical Mist

    Seeks to be the most powerful in any fiction. It is stated that 1000s of High 1-A beings and Infinite 1-A beings exist. It is noted for nullifying some crossover powerhouses, even Suggs and SorA, fanon worlds, meme worlds etc, until they only become 1-A or something like that. Even some once ques…

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  • The 2nd Existential Seed

    Any names ( Talking about the Mlp one ) and pictures ( All of them ) that i use here are not my own. All rights go to their respectable creators

    Subjects are the Incarnations of The Source, which an infinite maount of is created every plantack length, which is astronomically large and truly ridiculous. Do keep in mind that the Aspects ( The Source and others ) are also created by the True Creator in the exact same way, both Incarnations, and Aspects are sharing their powers, making each of them essentially Omnipotent. While there are an incomprehensible amount of these things, but the ones below are the most notable ones.


    Magarette  is considered to have  the highest potential of all the Incarnations of The Source  in The Facility , and even The…

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  • Lekmos

    Location: Unknow

    Time: Not even yet created

    I was there, why? No one know, i was just there. There has never been being before me and never would be. I has always been there, i has created many worlds before, changed them and destroyed them, if they would be somehow wrong. Well i would have created perfect world, if i want to, but what fun is to create perfect world. Yes, it`s more fun create flaw world and watch it try to grow up to perfection. It`s time to create new story from scratch, shall we begin?

    (Insert DEL Theme)

    I begin create new world (1*) by creating meadow of grass field with flowers, also i created three middle meadow. In this three grows pink shiny fruits. These fruits would grant to their eater ernomous godlike powers, but th…

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  • The 2nd Existential Seed


    To become even a one on the Ultimate God Scale, one needs to be infinitely ^infinitely superior to those who can destroy structures and beings that can destroy a million number of infiintely-increasing sized outerversal structure easily . To become a 2 on the Ultimate God Scale, they need to be infinitely^infinitely^infinitely^infinitely^infinitely^infinitely stronger than previous feat. Continuing this cycle, here is the Ultimate God Scales for every character in DBZ X MLP 2:

    To even an One of an Omni-God Scale , the Ultimate God Scale of infinity is so insignificant that an entity that has an Ultimate God Scale of Infinity, that they believe that an entity that has an One on an Omni-God Scale is limitless and can do anything possible. Ho…

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  • The 2nd Existential Seed

    Hello everyone ! I believe some form of introductions is in order. This is me, The 2nd Existential Seed, or just simply Seed for short. Some entities on this site may know me as Minus Either one will do, but please do try with the upmost of respect to show gratitude towards this wonderous idea that combines things that have not been fully explored within the fictional realm. Keep in mind that the things mentioned in this page is canon to Wonderlands & World's Beyond.  It is also to be well known that this is quite simply an area that i will use to get my ideas on paper using these blogs, and then transport it to   this wikia , where it will stay. That way, i will have two places that have my information, one my own, the other not so much. …

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  • Roymaster11

    (And upgrades)

    Now, he is gonna get quite of a downgrade with his weapon Kaedna having a lot of changes with his powers and abilities being changed quite a lot, as rewrites are being made and outliers are being corrected.

    7-B Mako

    This is changed to Large Building Level due to the fact that Kaedna is indeed weaker than the one the hero used 1,000 years ago, and has only been shown to destroy buildings.

    6-A Mako

    A big outlier as when he defeated Naga, he was only suppressing his power, and the explosion on the continent? Yeah that was Naga. This would make Mako City Level

    Supreme Kaedna and True Kaedna is now Unrivaled Kaedna

    This is changed due to the many variations of Kaedna. And a downgrade as well, The effortlessly winning Mako part is now re…

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  • CrossverseCrisis

    Note: History, Appearance, and Personality are excluded from here as it will (eventually) be on his main page here.

    -Act of Zero: Xero's special ability. Act of Xero is a power that allows Xero to manipulate all of space-time, causality, fate and destiny, and other such metaphysical aspects and concepts across the multiverses. It allows him to manipulate the fabric of all reality of worlds to see fit. For example, he can use this very power to rewind all of space-time back to the very beginning of existence (even in worlds where space and time no longer exist). For aspects such as fate and destiny, Xero is capable of rendering any changed fates of other beings back to it's pre-destined work, even causing those to die in ways they were suppo…

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  • Dragonmasterxyz

    Xros Revolution is a MASSIVE multiverse filled with many powerful and colorful characters. However, the cosmology of the verse is both simple and complex. Let's get started.

    This is the absolute God Tier of the entire multiverse. An omnipotent being who is absolute and infinite. He created the multiverse as well as the countless higher dimensions that encompass it. Character-wise he is perfect in everyway, yet it doesn't keep him from being on gem of a character. He is known for having very odd sense of humor. He is kind of a troll who tends to tease the lower beings when he aids them. While he is a being of ultimate goodness and purity he tends to be slightly snarky and sarcastic. However, he has the multiverses best intentions in mind and…

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  • Promestein

    Starcross - Angels

    April 25, 2017 by Promestein

    In Starcross, angels are artificially created magical superweapons that make up the population of Heaven. Created by Yaldabaoth, they are, while not truly related to Seraphs, created in their image. However, over the millennia since their inception, angels have grown increasingly varied and diverse, as Heaven's scientists work to better improve upon the original design, and as other angels escape Heaven's grasp and spread across the universe themselves.

    As magical superweapons, angels possess a variety of powerful magical abilities engineered into their existence. They are created in research stations across Heaven in high amounts, grown in tubes and carefully observed throughout their brief "childhood", which they spend mostly unconscious as…

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  • Xmark12

    Basic Information

    Primary Role: Fighter

    Secondary Role: Slayer

    Secondary Bar: Mana

    Health: 550 (+60. 1630 at lvl 18)

    Health Regeneration: +10 (+0.5. +19 at lvl 18)

    Mana: 400 (+25. 850 at lvl 18)

    Mana Regeneration: +5 (+1.0. +23 at lvl 18)

    Melee Range: 125

    Attack Damage: 60 (+3.5. 123 at lvl 18)

    Attack Speed: 0.6 (+4.5%. 1.41 at lvl 18)

    Armor: 30 (+3.0. 84 at lvl 18)

    Magic Resist: 25 (+1.5. 52 at lvl 18)

    Movement Speed: 355

    Passive - Battle Healing & Survival Instinct: When in combat, Kirito will gain 50% bonus Health Regeneration, increasing the lower his Health is, up to 200% at 35% Health. At 35% Health, Kirito will gain Survival Instinct, in which his Movement Speed and Attack Speed are increased by 30% for 5 seconds.

    Q - Vorpal Strike (Skillshot. Mana: 4…

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  • Xmark12

    Date of Birth: June 19

    Birthplace: Private

    Weight: 130 lbs

    Height: 5'6 ft

    Laterality: Left-handed

    Likes: Video games, art/animation, anime, manga, the internet, books, music, memes, nature, swords

    Dislikes: Self-doubt (though he's a hypocrite on that one, which is primarily why he dislikes it), selfishness, not learning from your mistakes

    Hobbies: Reading, making games or playing on Roblox, playing LoL or some random video game

    Values: Spend life looking up and enjoying it to the fullest (Totally not cheesy at all amirite)

    Status: Alive and active

    Affiliations: Private

    Previous Affiliations: Private

    Alignment: Chaotic Good


    Favorite Color: Dark Blue

    Favorite Music:

    • The Boy Who Shattered Time (MitiS Remix)
    • Calm3 Dubstep/Chillstep

    Tier: 10-B

    Name: Mark (Not …

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  • Lekmos

    Location: Fire Sanctuary

    Ghirahim: I know you know location of Gear of Inureshi. I hope we can get some deal, that you would tell location and i will spare your life.

    Endymion: I don`t know where that is and i don`t know even what it is? But what i know is, i will kick your ass!

    Ghirahim teleports rigth behind Endymion and wispers in his ear `` Really now!``. Endymion is shock little while, but quicly recovers and tries slash Ghirahim, but Ghirahim manages teleport away. Endymion tries look around where Griharim is but he don`t see him until he hears voice from behind.

    Ghirahim: Oh well, i tough you would tell nicely, but now i have to beat you until you cry. Ghirahim makes his gloves go away way and summons two swords to himself. Ghirahim licks…

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  • Fllflourine

    Some of you may have noticed that I am mass deleting a lot of my pages with the reason "Gonna start over from scratch, Will probably write a blog explaining everything." 

    Let me explain myself.

    The main part is that, although I want to people to learn from the mistakes I've made, not only are the pages that I've made in the past a bit cringey, but I find them embarassing and I have associated them with bad memories, so I've came to the conclusion that I wanted to start over from the beginning, that is, if I want to start another 'verse here. Seeing as afterall, I've completely lost interest in my (now deleted) verse. Although, I'll still post some of the mistakes I did here.

    First off, I got a little bit too carried away with crossovers. At f…

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  • Darkmon cns

    the first day

    It ran home and locked the door but when it sat down to watch it's soap opera about a vampire and a girl who had a baby and had a divorce then the house burned down and they made up. ( I know that sounds absurd but that's actually what he watches in sister location ) he couldn't feel anything the was just... nall In all ways but then he thought about what had happened to him and he felt something, hate the desire to destroy but it though what should be destroyed the animatronics that did this to him.. no they were trapped there and did what they must I should destroy the true cause of my suffering... Fazbear's and those who run it my father Henry the one who sent me here, his horrid partner aftin and all thos in it's walls. it…

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  • ArbitraryNumbers

    This blog is a work in progress.

    The story follows a group of teenagers with supernatural powers (Known as The Bounty Blunters) who travel across the universe to defeat the many anomalies created by the A.N.G. (Arbitrary Number Generator), a random OC generator that was created by The Author's self-inserted persona when he was running out of ideas for characters. After the A.N.G.'s defeat, the story then follows Kenny, a former member of The Bounty Blunters, as he "goes for a relaxing walk" across the Multiverse.










    The Nameless Thug



    Dr. Yesterday



    Dick Richards

    Rodrick Williams

    Lord Vermillion




    Simul Simon

    Harry the Horse

    Nicely Nicely

    Benny Southstreet


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  • Darkanine

    Alloman was casually blasted away by an avatar of Barbamon with enough force to leave a massive crater. How big was the crater? Well, it was described as being as long as a Seadramon. In the anime, a Seadramon (IIRC) was as long as the Rainbow Bridge, which is 798 Meters. The length was about three times as tall as Allomon, who while has no official height, was considerably taller than Renamon, who is 1.6002 meters.

    1.6002 * 3 = 4.8006

    Volume: Cylinder

    Volume = pi × r2 × h

    r = Radius

    h = Height

    798 / 2 = 399m

    pi × 399^2 × 4.8006 = 2400994.60863 m^3

    1 m^3 = 1,000,000 cm^3

    2400994.60863 * 1,000,000 = 2.4009946e+12

    2.4009946e+12 * 214.35 = 5.1465319e+14 Joules

    123 Kilotons, Large Town level.

    File Island was calculated to be 15,692 Meters

    1024 / 312 = 3.282051282…

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  • Fllflourine


    February 18, 2017 by Fllflourine

    I have to admit, I have been quite a bit inactive ever since I updated my stuff back in January 1 2017, so I'm sorry if I did not live up to the "Status: Active" part. I am going to try to finish my revisions of the Flourineverse pages before the end of this month, but I will try to live up to my duty as a Content Moderator. 

    I am deleting some of the pages that I definitely consider to be too cringey for my tastes now. Especially the profiles that were a weeny (or a huge) bit on the overpowered side. Some pages that I used to consider great are nowadays highly cringeworthy in my eyes, and apologies if you did enjoy those profiles. I am making heavy edits to my existing pages, namely the ones in Eisverse, and scrapping Upheaval, but, like t…

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  • The 2nd Existential Seed

    This is simply to give an ridiculous amount of detail into the character that is The Crying Child. I am going to go into as much detail as remotely possible about the changes i am to make to said profile, and to explain previously stated implications that i made here and there about my profile before. This will be completed BEFORE i make any editations to said profile. If any mods, such as Dragonmasterxyz or Promestein decide to comment on such new editions , it would be truly appreciated, but please keep in mind this is not mandatory , this is simply an request , nothing more .

    • Matthew is the Truest, Omnipotent, Supreme Deity of World's Beyond. No one in that multiverse has the raw power to rival him essentially, even Hitomi . 
    • Word of God …

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  • Monarch Laciel

    So this is just going to go over the various concepts of the Forsaken By God verse (Forsaken Verse). 

    Reality in the Forsaken verse is divided into 4 'planes' (these are NOT equivalent to dimensions). They are referred to in order "height", or rarely "depth" with the highest also being the deepest, and the lowest being the shallowest. Every being in the Forsaken verse exists on at least 2 of these planes. These planes are:

    Assiah, the physical plane. This plane is inhabited by all physical objects and forces in the multiverse. Matter, light, gravity and time all exist on Assiah. This plane is inhabited by the body. Magic that controls fundamental forces, physics, matter, space and time, and other similar things is done by using magic on the As…

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