• CrossverseCrisis

    Okay so there's been quite a lot of things i've been constantly thinking up for my verse. One of them, recently, involves an old character of mines i created sometime in my younger days of Elementary school named Kenji Kazama (

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  • Joseph619

    Toriko character with all possible abilities and max stats

    Tier: At least High 4-C | 3-B

    NameComposite Toriko Character

    Origin: Toriko

    Gender: Variable

    Age: Variable

    Classification: Composite Toriko character

    Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Longevity, Immortality (Type 1, 3 and 6), Creation (via Gourmet Gods), Regeneration (High, Joa  was completely atomized by Minority Worldbut regenerated instantly), Resurrection (via Neo, who has resurrected several time from many supernova explosions; via Food Spirits, who can revive their host by eating full course ), Duplication (via Neo and Darume Horse) Flight , Energy Manipulation , Energy Absorption (via Acacia), Statistics Amplification (via Toriko and others with Autophagy…

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  • AkuAkuAkuma

    Tales of Tyr

    October 17, 2017 by AkuAkuAkuma

    In the illustrious empire of the Allorous Section, bearing magnificent royal burden atop his dome, is a deity embroiled in shimmering ray of light that mogrifies that shade of all luminous to a voided dusk, and his ever-holy majesty lays atop sturdy, cumbersome, throne that spits the image of all who yield before it back into their visage. 

    All that hold will of refined, resolved ore will be capable of being bathed in the glorious grace of his ever-benevolent presence and those of meek frame and ill-mind will be vanquished with the crimson wrath of his blade, but such barbarous deed is laid upon the palms of the eternally valorous men who would rid themselves of mortal coil for their might god-head. 

    ​Set foot atop the reaches of holy Stölkh…

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  • Monarch Laciel

    This is just a blog where I'll throw in cool feats as they come to me. This only looks at feats, not the mechanics behind the feats. I won't be labelling how powerful feats are, seeing as I've reached a point where I don't really care about making my verse powerful so much as I care about making it awesome.

    • Jonathan Hall/Chrysaor converts a man's entire body and clothing into energy, causing a nuclear explosion that decimates the surrounding valley. Jonathan is himself completely unharmed by this explosion despite being at its centre.
    • Chysaor is unharmed by space being sliced through his chest.
    • Fodder Lesser Chaosborn are capable of causing Magnitude 8 city-destroying earthquakes simply with the force of their footsteps.
    • Even the weakest of th…

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  • GreyFang82

    Possible D-9341 Profile

    October 10, 2017 by GreyFang82

    I wanted to make a profile for D-9341 from the SCP Containment Breach Game, I tried to make an objective profile for him and I'd like to get your guys' opinion on it and if it could be accepted. If there are any problems like with ratings or justifications, or maybe the fact I cannot make the profile in the first place, then please post it in the comments or my wall.

    D-9341 is the player character in the game SCP Containment Breach, in the start of the game little to nothing is known about him or his background until the breach occurs.

    By using SCP-1162 , multiple items connected to his past come out including a torn up Level 4 Researcher Personnel Badge with the name “Benjamin Oliver ---ker” on it. The player also comments on how the person…

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  • DiceyTheDie

    High 4-C Battle Royale

    October 5, 2017 by DiceyTheDie

    Welcome to my High 4-C Battle Royale.

    The rules are simple:

    • If your character is any higher and/or lower than High 4-C, they are not allowed in the royale.
    • You cannot enter anymore characters than two. If you have two characters then two characters from the same verse (OR different) are allowed.
    • The character must be in character to kill.
    • The winner will be decided by a vote.


    1. Shifuto (The Dreamcrosser Squad)












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  • TeenAngel101

    2atan(tan(70/2)*(74/444)) = 0.157611155738 Radians

    0.157611155738x180°/π = 9.030454028 Degrees

    Distance: 8.8098e+9 meters

    8.8098e+9 meters/30 seconds = 293,660,000 m/s = 0.97c (Relativistic+)

    Using Relativistic Kinetic Energy, the yield is 6.963e+47 joules or 6.9 kiloFOE (Solar System level)

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  • Megamangohan

    After the destruction of most of Guiomar's home planet, Guiomar wrote a series of Journal entries that lasted from the two years Guiomar was forced to live and survive on his own. This takes place Directly After Part 1 of the Story and ends Directly before Part 2.

    Day 3

    I am finally able to get back up after what have seems to be from the Nucular Explosion that SATAN told me would have destroyed the entire crust layer of the Earth. Looking around I can tell he was wrong. Unfortionatlly, It seems humanity is dead and I am somehow the last survivior. Most of the trees are gone, very few animals roam around, very few of anything roams around. So many things feel illogical. How were some of the most important symbols that represented the cities …

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  • Monarch Laciel

    General Scenes

    September 29, 2017 by Monarch Laciel

    So this is just a blog where I'll be writing in scenes as they come to me.

    They'll probably be subject to change at times as the overall story develops and I get rid of contradictions or plot holes.

    Of course, any pointing out of grammar mistakes or spelling errors would be helpful

    Where am I?

    That was his first thought. He was floating in a void, nothingness all around him. Not a glimmer of light shone through the utter blackness around him. He couldn't even see his arms or legs, even when he tried to hold them in front of his face.

    Panic filled him. He couldn't feel his arms either. He knew where they should be, but where there should have been some feeling there was nothing. And it wasn't just his arms. His legs, his hair - he tried moving his…

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  • TeenAngel101

    1. Ray Sphere Collapse

    Cole destroys the Ray Sphere, which causes it to collapse and rip a hole in space-time, creating a black hole.

    Length = 73m = 565px

    Black Hole Radius = x = 141px

    X = 18.21 m

    Energy = 6.276e+41 x 0.006162740 = 3.8677356e+39 Joules = 924.410 Ninatons or Dwarf Star level+

    2. Beast Black Hole absorbs city

    In the final battle with The Beast (John White), who has succumbed to the nature of The Beast and is no longer holding back, if Cole is defeated, The Beast will unleash a black hole that explodes and collapses, absorbing the entire city.

    The event horizon reaches about the height of a skyscraper, so it's diameter is 150 meters.

    A 75 meter radius yields 0.025391 solar masses

    1 Solar mass = 1.9891e30 kg

    0.025391 * 1.9891e30 = 5.0505238…

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  • Sir Ovens

    Ovenverse Cosmology

    September 26, 2017 by Sir Ovens

    There are three layers within The Cosmic Oven: Primordial Space, Eternal Space, and Regular Space.

    Primordial Space acts as the void in which only the Primal Beasts can reside in. There is not much really to say about Primordial Space, other than it being dimensionless, infinite, and empty. This is also where Creation and Destruction reside, the former holding all of existence within it's grasp.

    Within existence, the first layer of creation - Eternal Space - wraps around the lesser existence - Regular Space. Here in Eternal Space, great beings known as the Eternals exist as personifications of concepts and emotions. Their power is directly tied to the space in which they exist in, and as such it is divided into three layers. Grand Eternal Sp…

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  • Monarch Laciel

    All Divine Armour is the same and gives the same resistances. It's just a matter of how powerful it is. Technically, Divine Armour is meant to negate all undesired change. But I can see that people would probably say that's an NLF, so instead you get a page listing the effects it grants resistance to.

    So, onto the main event. Divine Armour grants Resistances to:

    • Law Manipulation - the very existence of a Hallow goes against the laws of Alaya, which says they should not and cannot exist. Hallows can also resist the abilities of the Divine Laws.
    • Conceptual Manipulation - again, a Hallow's very existence passively defies the concepts that Alaya enforces on the solar system and Hallows can also resist the abilities of the Divine Laws.
    • Existence Er…
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  • DiceyTheDie

    Shifuto Feats

    September 22, 2017 by DiceyTheDie

    Welp, time for a list of Shifuto's feats. Anyway let's get started.

    NOTE: This list of feats is a heavy work in progress.

    AP Feats:

    Tier 7:

    • Large Mountain level: Lifted Heatrius's largest volcano and threw it into Betemia.

    Tier 6:

    • Small Country level: Managed to defeat a master mage who was on the same level as him in TDS: Dungeons and Dummies.

    Tier 5:

    • Planet level: Destroyed a virus that was going to destroy the entire Digital World.
    • Large Planet level+: Destroyed VO-25524054 single handedly in his base form.

    Tier 4:

    • At least Multi-Solar System level: Traded blows with and even defeated Medlex in his base form alongside with the rest of his squad.

    Tier 3:

    • Multi-Galaxy level, likely Universe level: Defeated Medlex+ as Ultra Shifuto.

    Tier 2:

    • Universe level+…
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  • Roymaster11

    -Static Screen-

    A dark figure is then shown. "Oh? Why hello there, it seems that you have arrived. Now now, you must be asking, what is my purpose here? Well, I am here to tell you about a tournament, called Life and Death.. now how do you participate exactly?" the dark figure then giggled a bit. "You have a choice of two characters, but choose wisely as you can only pick one from each franchise.. but choose recklessly, you will see the consequence of your actions..."


    • You can only pick two characters, whom of which are from different series.
    • The character can only kill if it is in character for it to do so.
    • Winner will be decided by a coin flip.
    • However, if a user has only one verse, they may pick two fighters from that verse.

    "Now that …

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  • TeenAngel101

    inFAMOUS Reboot Calcs

    September 19, 2017 by TeenAngel101

    1. Cole creates a thunderstorm

    Right after Cole gains his powers, he starts spazzing out of control and easily creates a violent thunderstorm covering the entirety of the United States.

    The World's diameter is 2175 pixels

    Height of the storm is 46 pixels

    2175/46 = 47.28

    12,724,000/47.28 = 269,500 meters

    pi x 1276045.4^2 x 269,500 = 1.3786083e+18 m^3

    1.3786083e+18 * 1.003 = 1.3827441e+18 kg

    1.3827441e+18 * 0.5 * 154672.17^2 = 1.6540026e+28 J

    Speed of Storm: 154672.17 m/s or Mach 11,683 = Sub-Relativistic

    Energy of Storm: 2.65 Zettatons = Small Planet level

    This was performed by Cole at his very weakest, and scales to the strongest fodder enemies and the weakest Prime Conduits.

    2. Reapers survive Cole's Thunder Drop

    Cole Thunder Drops from the Archer Square statue an…

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  • Peppypony

    Skelebur teleportation

    September 19, 2017 by Peppypony
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  • Dragonmasterxyz
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  • FateAlbane

    As the name says, this is nothing much, just me messing around a little in RPGMaker to get a visualization of the "most definitely Final Dungeon" of Mirage Saga and how it would look as a gif of sorts as opposed to a still image. This kind of stuff helps quite a bit when thinking about how to describe the place, the scenery and think up about details to add in the book proper.

    This would be Willian walking towards the very same Access Gate they always used, but this time for the final location ...

    ...And close to the Gates of Erika's final dungeon.

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  • Ultima Reality

    Catland - The Prologue

    September 11, 2017 by Ultima Reality

    You open your eyes...

    You feels the air entering your lungs... Blood flowing throughout your veins and arteries... You feel your heart beating... Throbbing relentlessly

    You are sure you already felt these sensations before... but at this moment... You receive them as something new, and unknown, as if you were being created and modeled at this exact moment


    You feel your eyeballs filling the empty sockets that could barely be called "Eyes"


    You are born

    With a clumsy and confused walk, you advance forwards, feeling sharp rocks, and thorns and spines slighty cutting through your flesh...

    This doesn't bother you at all...

    Taking a look at your sorroundings, you realize you are on a rocky, and cloudy landscape... No sign of life …

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  • Dragonmasterxyz

    This blog is kind of a follow up to my Yuracion Energy blog. Here, I will be explaining the Void Flame and its connection to the Angel of Death Azrael. This would also be a thread detailing Nico Karias' abilities.

    Yuracion Energy Blog:

    Azrael is known as the Angel of Death. He is also one of the 6 most powerful Seraphim in Heaven (Lucifer does not count). What his job is to control the make sure the souls make it to their final resting place after their judgement. He is not usually seen in person due to him actually being very quiet and shy around others. What makes him unique is that instead of white wings and a white and gold motif, …

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  • Peppypony

    The Faintree Multiverse

    September 9, 2017 by Peppypony

    The Faintree series has two different multiverses. The Multiverse (Existence) has an infinite line up of different universes therefore there are infinite possiblites. The Abyss (Non-Existence) is an infinite space of nothingness and things that have been erased from the multiverse. The only way you can enter the Abyss is by being erased. It can be done by any being or you can get sucked in by the giant blackholes possibliy the scariest and most powerful entites in the series. Unless you can travel to two or more multiverses and capable of comming back from being erased there is no way out!

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  • The 2nd Existential Seed
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  • Monarch Laciel

    In my main verse, the majority of the characters are Hallows. This gives them both extremely powerful defense, and extremely powerful form of regeneration, making it extremely difficult to put them down. In case anyone wants to know though, I made this page.

    The first thing you need to get past, to harm them in the first place, is their Divine Amour. More details on what that is on my main explanation page, but the gist of it is that it stops Hallows from changing unless they want to. It negates any change done to them, giving them resistances to pretty much everything. So, how to get past this:

    1. Have comparable Apeiron. Apeiron lets you "pierce" the Divine Armour, and more Apeiron lets you pierce it more. Having equal or higher Divine Ess…

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  • Dragonmasterxyz

    This blog will go in depth on everything revolving Yuracion Energy and to give a slight understanding of the power ratings and abilities

    Yuracion Energy is the energy the represents all that exists in the Xros Revolution. This energy flourishes all existence and is the foundation of the multiverse. It is the original power source given by the creator as a gift to the Gods and eventually mortals.

    Yuracion Energy grants multiple abilities and resistances to those who master it. Why you may ask? Well let me detail. One thing the creator feared would happen is that one day a God would eventually turn against the others. As you can guess, their are countless Gods who specialize with countless different powers such as, Soul Manipulatio…

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  • The 2nd Existential Seed
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  • CrossverseCrisis

    Guess i might as well create a blog for things that will be used for my verse and explain them.

    This blog, as mentioned above, is created for the purpose of explaining anything that pops up on any one of my profiles that would more than likely need...explanations on them. It will also serve as a note writing place for my ideas that may or may not take change to everything here.

    Among what will be put here are the cosmology of the verse and also why (at the very least) it's a neighbors with other worlds (if anyone happens to not get the memo of it), the beings who reside in them, what kind of reality they live in that's different from ours (as like all other verses of fiction out there), concepts that may be used as inspirations for the verse…

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  • The 2nd Existential Seed

    MASSIVE PROJECT . To Be Continued DAILY !

    1. She is the vessel of all possible and impossible to be created, already created , and already created Omni-Gods in the continuity .Due to her endless copies of Omni-Gods due to Omnipotence Sharing, her power levels are paradoxically li .
    2. Even in a reality where the rivals of True Gods and Omni-Creators are running about, she is recognized by the Higher-Ups ( A group of The most influential of the True Gods from each of their own separate worlds tied together by a crossover )  as having " the largest potential , unfathomable by even entities as high on the scale as them " . 
    3.  She can create an Infinite^Infinite^Infinite^Infinite^Infinite ( And the ^Infinite's are limitless in number, even attempting to e…

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  • FanofRPGs

    Cosmology ideas

    August 29, 2017 by FanofRPGs

    Credit to TheLivingTribunal1 with this, he helped a lot with the science I honestly knew shit about'

    My story attempts to stay relatively grounded with science. Using this scale from TV Tropes, it would be a 3. The cosmology is based off M-Theory, more can be read from these links

    The physical universe the characters mostly interact with is a space-time continuum consisting of three spatial dimensions and one temporal dimension (4 in total). Each universe is born by a Big Bang, a collision of two branes. From one big bang stems many other universes (over 10^10^10^6), amounting to a very large finite number of universes in a multiverse with ten spat…

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  • The 2nd Existential Seed

    YES. This isn't something i made up. The two things i found online, so i thought it'd be funny to include them here for how insanely creative they are. I also added the "Omniversal Brawl" from an idea i got based off of it  to the original to make a fanfic variation of what i saw here as inspiration.  It would also be REALLY funny to see some reactions from what i am about to do. So without further ado, let's get this started.

    And now, the final character reveal for Ultimate Nickelodeon Brawl Stars! The unique thing about Dora is that, unlike the others in the cast, she has absolutely NO idea she's in a fighting game. As a matter of fact, she thinks she's on one of her adventures, and as such will be completely oblivious to everything on sc…

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  • CrossverseCrisis

    Seeing that my personal series has a really long line of events as well as other things related to it, i decided to make this blog in order to record the time stamps of events that will (try) to explain when and where these events take place in.

    Before i start it off, however, there are some things that i will note about this.

    For starters, there are some that would not have a really particular time stamp that will determine how old a certain event/era took place in. A good example will be that of Aaron's ancestors time of the Golden Age of Mankind, where it's taken in a place so far in the past that history "wasn't able to ever record". Not a lot i can explain with this but think of this as my way of saying that the world and it's history u…

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  • The 2nd Existential Seed

    According toTvTropes  [ because the Author decided to place him at the first level of their hieraarchy ] ... Zach would be  considered completely above Jeanette, who was supposedly via WoG to match TOAA  in combat. Similar to Minus supposedly via theieir words,who is completely above a character who supposedly is completely above TOAA. I am not even close to joking. Considering that the creator of the Youtube video was directly implied to have been the one to place him at such obscene levels, we have to consider it as a part of this [ as much as it goes against my better judgement ] .

    • To compare, even someone as broken as Ivan and even Hitomi at her supposed peak or even is would logically not be reaching. But hehe.... Fiction is Fiction... [Sl…
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  • The real cal howard

    For the record, this is for Potents as in the subset of "superpowered" humans, rather than the series. This will explain certain powers they have, and some qualities they have. Also note that some cybernetic enhancements can reach the same effects of most of these.

    Not all are like Seth and his reactive evolution or Delia's plant powers. Some with super strength could simply be 10-A or 9-C. There are some who have superhuman charisma, or even the ability to iron clothes perfectly every time.

    Basically, what makes a Potent a Potent is a certain gene. This gene can be tracked by certain machinery, and the trace gets stronger depending on the power of the individual. Think of it like a Scouter from Dragon Ball, mixed with the Dragon Radar from.…

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  • Lekmos

    These stories go little different way, because of paradox which will reveal at time or not...

    It`s time to take destiny to own hands!

    This tale takes place of another route after Darkness insident. Darkness has locked up and caused paradox, that previous events never happen, so tale continues after Trapped and Separated Saga, with little different way. John is still recovery coma, Marth and Lilim had just escaped from Samael and Michael, Carl is founded by Sonny (still his 4th incarnation) and in hell demon god Inureshi has escaped.

    Marth and Lilim returns back to hideout and heals John from his injures. After some talking and Lilim`s refuse to figth, Marth decides to take destiny his own hands by fulfilling his promise to free nephilims from…

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  • Lekmos

    In these stories heroes will face their most powerfull enemy, Darkness primordial evil and darkness.

    Darkness has begins rise again

    All heroes are back in hideout and introduce themselves each others and recap how they get and are here now. Carl introduces Sonny aka Doctor`s son and Marth introduces his big sister Lilim. Group don`t get speak further as one nephilim runs inside and tells that there is strange texture at sky. Everybody runs out and notice strange texture in the sky.

    Everything begins from dark.

    Everything will be susteined by dark.

    Everything will be live in dark.

    Everything will became one with DARK.

    ~ Unknow texture

    Carl: What is that ?!

    Doctor`s son: Its ....Prophesy

    ~ Carl and Doctor`son after they see texture

    As all look text…

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  • Lekmos

    These two tell how everything beging and how Carl as nephilim and main hero start his journey.

    Who created tales of nephilim verse, how Allverse was created, how Darkness rised and how everything else started. Begining Saga tells how everything started and begin to roll forward...

    Ligth versus Darkness...Angel versus Demon..Heaven versus Hell

    Darkness has begun plan to regain his former powers and what would be more better to do it, than put demons rampage across universe. This causes Lucifer the demiurge to create army of angels to protect all what is precious to him. Heavenly wars has begun.

    Heaven and Hell Chronicles tells tales, how angels begin their figth against Darkness and his demons across universe, how Samael become Satan, how great…

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  • The 2nd Existential Seed


    Rachel " Ivan Grey /Dark Beyonder / Beyonder " Summers (a.k.a. The Beyonder) (born: 28th December, 1996) is seemingly an omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent entity . She is considered the most powerful cosmic entity and a New God of the entire Existence. Rachel  is the most powerful being in the entire Omniverse, and present everything that existed, exist and will exist and also she is The Heart/Nexus of the entire Omniverse. She  is better known as " Girl Beyonder", the  most feared and most powerful being in the entire Omniverse.   She is also a Judge of Everything that exist in the entire Omniverse and New God and Ruler of the entire Omniverse.

    She is the only one (along with his father The One Above All) who possess omnipotent, omni…

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  • Darkanine

    From a young age, Kowl was infected by the Inky Blackness, an entity that sought out people feeling negative emotions in an attempt to cheer them up. However, it doesn't know how humans work and thus drives them insane with its cosmic nature. It's possessors however gain immense power as they adsorb a fragment of the Inky Blacknesses power. Kowl was cured from the possession before any real damage was harmed, but retained the power.

    The power grew as he grew. In adulthood, his power forcefully reached its full potential when he was taken control by Akalabeth.

    The planet is made of the densest metal found throughout the Guldan Star System.

    The planet is slightly bigger than Pluto.

    Radius of Pluto is 1,187 km

    (4 × pi × 1,187^3)/3 = 7,005,526,273.16…

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  • AkuAkuAkuma

    It was killing me a bit that EMPIRE had a single character profile when I had way to many ideas rolling around inpatiently in my head, despite adding two more pages I don't plan to do more then the three pages that are already on the verse page since I don't want to clutter it with a multitude of new profiles to not double the work with my verses. 

    From the tides of birth, two of spirit, two of mind, but same of body did the ever grotesque infant(s) swim out of the canal of his mother; ​"Forsaken" ​was the title they beared in their youth to manhood, no man nor woman could to gaze upon their horrific visage as they would bear the eternal curse of such an memory immortalised into one's consciousness. Their bones were of brittle branches and s…

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  • The 2nd Existential Seed

    Cho-Mein is an character created by NERDHAN . She is a very powerful human whom somehow obtained the level of a God of Destruction . It is unknown where she got her potential from , but she was taught by the Z-Fighters to utilize said potential. She can usually end her opponents with a single punch, 2 at the most. 

    Tier : 3-A

    Name: Cho-Mein

    Origin: Dragon Ball 

    Gender: Female

    Age: Unknown

    Classification: Human 

    Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics , Ki Manipulation , True Flight , etcetc.

    Attack Potency: Universal Level ( Was said via Word of God to be able to defeat Beerus in one-shot ) 

    Speed: MFTL+ ( Should be at least comparable to Beerus. ) 

    Striking Strength: Universal Level ( Able to one-shot Beerus ) 

    Durability: Likely Universal…

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  • SiamesetheKitty

    So The Windmill Keeper was the first character I made in The Abyss of Dreams, but I was hoping to explain exactly who he was and what he used to be through just a simple backstory. This is going to follow many logs of reasearch and time and I'm going to be constantly updating this blog with a new chapter each time of his experiences and I hope it turns out to be an interesting tale. This is my first time really writing something of this calibur so feedback would really be appreciated after I'm done. But without further ado...

    I've finally settled in my new place, far away from civilization...Far away from much of anything really. At last, I could do my research in peace. Barring the minor annoyance from some creature out there in the wild t…

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  • QuagsireTheLegend

    That´s all...i have a name

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  • QuagsireTheLegend

    In charge of watching over specific sectors, composed of huge galaxy clusters, and eliminating any Multi-Galactic threat. They exist troughout all 3 storylines, though they only make physical appearances in the 1st. heavy mentions on the 2nd and a major appearance by one of them, very minor mentions on the 3rd

    By the 3rd storyline, Earth has nearly forgotten all celestial related entities, due to the events of the 2nd storyline

    All storylines develop in an specific sector of one of the Overseers.







    Races or beings that range from wall to continent level individually, up to Solar System with their guns

    False Gods of the Universe in which this story develops, part of the 2nd storyline, as the name impli…

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  • QuagsireTheLegend


    August 1, 2017 by QuagsireTheLegend

    Tier: 3-B | 3-B

    Name: Scorkoros

    Origin: WIP Universe

    Gender: Female

    Age: As old as the Universe it resides in

    Classification: Overseer, Light of the Universe, Core of the Stars | The Ever-Existing Light

    Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Elemental Manipulation (the only overseer capable of performing nearly all types of elemental manipulation), Gravity Manipulation (can make herself a living star with a massive gravity field, mostly used to attract elements she can later manipulate at will), Water Manipulation (can make planet sized jets of water from the water she attracts due to the gravity field), Fire Manipulation (can create a fiery aura around herself, usually charring anything in the vicinity, including large planets), Ab…

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  • QuagsireTheLegend

    The abilities for Utopian have already been detailed on his page, this is just a little blueprint for the rest of them

    -Scorkoros (very manip oriented) Elemental Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Absolute Zero, Flight, Immortality(Types 3, 4 and 8), Regeneration (Low-Godly), minor Time Manipulation, Air Manipulation, Clairvoyance, Electricity Manipulation, Explosion Manipulation, Forcefield Creation, Healing, Light Manipulation, Bioluminescence, Resurrection, Size Manipulation

    -Dusk (Mind Manip oriented) Fear Aura, Darkness Manipulation, Intangibility, Acausality, Regeneration (High-Godly), Resistance to Existence Erasure (higher than all other Overseers), Mind Manipulation, Void Manipulation, Shapeshifting, Time Stop, Sou…

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  • QuagsireTheLegend


    August 1, 2017 by QuagsireTheLegend

    Tier: 3-C | 3-B | 3-B

    Name: Utopian

    Origin: WIP Universe

    Gender: Male

    Age: As old as the Universe it resides in

    Classification: Great Overseer, the Idealist God, God of Rage, Fear Beast.

    Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Type 4 and 3), Telekinesis, Telepathy, Energy Manipulation, Absolute Fragmentation (Utopian is capable of fragmentating every aspect of an object it touches, in the case of a living thing, it also fragments their soul), Regeneration (Low-Godly), Berserk Mode (rarely ever triggered, as despite Utopian´s status, he is extremely calm), Extrasensory Perception , Regeneration Nullification, Forcefield Creation (by nature, all overseers are protected from indirect damage via a forcefield), Danmaku (when hi…

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  • QuagsireTheLegend

    The One Soul

    July 31, 2017 by QuagsireTheLegend

    The One Soul is an Universal Constant, the most important one of them all, there is no universe that Architi creates that does not contain an instance of The One Soul. While Architi creates the universe, the soul is the reason for why a single universe is ever expanding, within the soul, there is an inmensely large quantity of energy, which it uses in order to keep creating every aspect of the universe (bar living beings).

    Due to the inmense amount of energy contained within the soul, every couple hundred years, the Soul begins pulsing, releasing shockwaves that travel across the universe, warning every possible race that the Vessel Ritual must be performed, otherwise, the shockwaves would steadily become stronger, with the potential to err…

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  • QuagsireTheLegend

    While i dont want to make an overly complicated Cosmical Mythos, i do want to establish a relatively basic one, the higher cosmical beings play little to no role in the main storylina and are merely mentioned troughout by their worshippers.

    Before anything in the multiverse can ever develop, first come the two primordial concepts, the end and the beginning, represented by Architi and Telosephalus, both of which exist far beyond the reach of any living thing, and only the beings from the second highest cosmical tier can ever catch a glimpse at them, this, however, does not stop humans and some other intelligent races to be aware of their existence and by consequence, worship them, though in both of the Primal Concept´s eyes, no living thing …

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  • SiamesetheKitty

    The Abyss of Dreams has 6 different main species and each one of them has their own unique magical capabilities which I plan on fully explaining in this blog post. The races are as follows: Human, Draphilim, Necium, Leveans, Renterian, and Sirinas, and I'd be happy to explain them all to y'all! One good thing to note is that each race's main abilities are always going to be resistant to those of the same race. So, without further ado, let's get started...

    Humans are pretty much the bread and butter. They have no special unique magic capabilities but have resistance to nearly every other Race's powers, which includes Darkness, Death, most forms of BFR, Dream, Mind, Soul, Possesion, powerful matter and spatial attacks, so they resist practica…

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  • Xmark12

    This blog post will be a "what-if" senario, where FC/OC characters, as well as official characters, are dumped into the world of Soccer Spirits.

    Max Lvl: 60

    Type: Assist

    Rarity: 6★

    Gender: Male

    Attribute: Light

    Team: Enacia Peace Makers

    Spirit Stones: Light Spirit Stones

    Weather Immunity: Rainy

    Ace Skill - WIP: .

    Ace Burst: .

    Active - WIP: .

    Skill 1 - WIP: .

    Skill 2 - WIP: .

    Skill 3 - WIP: .


    Max Lvl: 60

    Type: Striker

    Rarity: 6★

    Gender: Male

    Attribute: Ardor

    Team: N/A

    Spirit Stones: 2 Ardor Spirit Stones, 1 Thunder Spirit Stone

    Weather Immunity: Soul Grave

    Ace Skill - WIP: .

    Ace Burst: .

    Active - WIP: .

    Skill 1 - WIP: .

    Skill 2 - WIP: .

    Skill 3 - WIP: .


    Max Lvl: 60

    Type: Penetrator

    Rarity: 6★

    Gender: Male

    Attribute: Thunder

    Team: Band of the Nations

    Spirit Stones: Thunder …

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  • Xmark12

    Name: Self explanatory

    Chosen Skill: Basically the character's Passive (think League of Legends)

    Type of Fighter: Melee, Ranged, Magic, or Mixed

    Style of Fighter: Bruiser, Tactician, All-In, Tank, Counter, etc

    FURY SPECIAL: Small Special Attack

    ACCEL SPECIAL: Medium Special Attack

    CLIMAX SPECIAL: Largest/Final Special Attack


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