Bonum is one of the four founding members of the Guardians of the Triplane. He was born Finn Jameson, and grew up poor, the child of a single mother. Working hard and never giving up, he slowly made his way up the walks of life until he was able to found his own small buisiness. Despite all this, he never forgot what it was like to be alone and on the bottom, and resolved to become a friend to every man. On a vacation trip to the Netherlands, he and three other men met, became aquainted with each other, and went out to the docks, where the saw an interesting sight. As it turned out, what they saw was a battle between the ANGELS and the DEMONS, extra-diminsional entities who were each the polar-opposites of each other. The DEMONS won this battle, but thanks to the dying acts of the leader of the ANGELS, Rich and three other men with him were powered-up with the Human Enhancement Device, and their most dominant personality traits became the source of their power. Thus, Finn Jameson became Bonum, the incarnation of good naturedness.

Tier: 7-B 6-C +

Name: Finn Jameson, Bonum, ANGEL of good naturedness

Origin: Triplane

Gender: Male

Age: In his early 30s

Classification: Human, ANGEL

Attack Potency: City Level (Via scaling to other ANGELS) At least Island Level, possibly higher

Speed: Relativistic, SOL, possibly FTL reaction speeds

Lifting Strength: Class M, Class T +

Striking Strength: Class TJ, Class EJ +

Durability: Small City Level, Large Island Level

Stamina: Nigh-infinite, Infinite for the 60 minutes the form lasts

Range: Unknown, most likely LoS, Planetary

Standard Equipment: (On occasion) One fifth of the ANGEL CORE

Intelligence: Above average, Superhuman

Weaknesses: Too kind, not very willing to fight all-out, vulnerable to radiation, rage (given that rage is the opposite of good naturedness, feeling too much anger can cause him to temporarily lose his powers), transformation only lasts for 60 minutes before he is locked in human form for 72 hours

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Fight, Personality Empowerment, Energy Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Senses Manipulation (Can blind and/or deafen opponents, although the effect is temporary and cannot be spammed), can survive in space, Holy Energy Manipulation, is superhumanly good natured and friendly, regeneration (Low-mid)

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Energy Beam: A simple beam of energy, capable of blowing a town to peices with one casual shot
  • Energy Ball: A more concentrated blast of energy, slightly more destructive, but slower and more easily avoided
  • Galactic Stomp: A foot dive backed by relativistic speeds. This strike can hit with the force of a nuclear bomb.

Key: Base | Using his fifth of the ANGEL CORE

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