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The Maiden of the Battlefield.


Caiza is an OC created my Dragonmasterxyz.

The leader of the Komodo faction, Caiza is a fantastic leader despite her age and gender. She is an inspiration for her younger brother Caizo as he wants to be a strong fighter like her. She is a serious and calm person who always says something important. She uses her pistol known as Scarlet Flare, her sword series known as Violet Punisher, and multiple other firearms and swords. She is the weapon mistress of Abyss Break. She is said to be an amazing cook as well. Her aim is amazing and her knowledge of war is second to none. He power is especially noted by Izayoi who is considered to be the Ultimate Warrioress and even Lucian. She peeks the interest of Kaishin, the Reaper and he strategic mind rivals even Ishida. Her aura is a reddish violet and she has the elements of Fire, Ice, and Lightning. She is special as it is rare having more than 2 element associated to their aura.


Tier: 6-C| High 6-B| At least 5-B| High 4-C| 3-C

Name: Caiza

Origin: Abyss Break

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Classification: Omiasian

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant, Aura Manipulation, Can attack atoms directly ignoring durability, Fire Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Lightning Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Expert Marksmanship, Master Swordswoman, Poison Manipulation, Can negate Resurrection and Regeneration, Precognition, Atom Manipulation, Can attack non-corporeal opponents, Resistance to Reality Warping, Time Manipulation, Durability Negation and Poison Manipulation.

Attack Potency: Island Level( Was equal to Tatsu. Tatsu completely obliterated Nosferatu Isle in which is an average sized island.)| Large Country Level( Still considered stronger than Veil who defeated Ishida.)| At least Planet level (Has shown to be equal to Cain on multiple occasions.)| Large Star level (Is equal to Cain. Able to fight off Midnight's soldiers without breaking a sweat.)| Galaxy level (When using her full power, she was stated by Tatsu to be above both Veil and Saica.)

Speed: Sub-Relativistic+( Kept up with Tatsu who exited the planet in around 5 seconds.)| Massively FTL| Massively FTL+

Range: Planetary

Durability: Island Level| Large Country Level| At least Planet level| Large Star level| Galaxy level

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Class EJ| Class ZJ| Class XKJ| Class XTJ| Galactic Class

Standard Equipment: Scarlet Flare(Transforming Firearm) Violet Punisher(Transforming Sword)

Intellect: Extremely High

Weaknesses: None Notable

Notable Attacks and Techniques:

Scarlet Fang: Caiza strikes the foes with multiple gunshots. These can cause burn, freeze, or immobility. Can chain into Scarlet Atom.

Scarlet Atom: Caiza create a ball of Red-Violet aura with Scarlet Flare and shoots it at the foes. The attack obliterates all the atoms in the opponents body unless they activate their aura shield.

Scarlet Flower: Tosses her mini grenades that create electrifying, burning ice flowers upon contact along with an explosion. Very useful for immobilizing and damaging foes.

Scarlet Gatling: Turns Scarlet Flare into a machine gun or a Gatling gun strike the foe multiple times at rapid speeds.

Scarlet Destroyer: Turns Scarlet Flare into either a rocket launcher or a bazooka. It shoots multiple missiles at rapid speeds that have the same effects as Scarlet Atom. The missles home in on the target and follow them endlessly.

Violet Venom: Violet Punisher leaves a very potenate poison on the foe that slowly weakens and destroys their body.

Violet Wave: Creates a reddish-violet colored slash wave across the ground that can cause burn, freeze, or immobilization along with doing heavy damage.

Violet Scar: Violet Punisher becomes a katana and Caiza charges up one powerful slash that obliterates the atoms of the foe. Can be used multple times to cause a cool looking slash combo.

Battlefield Goddess(Abyss Break): Caiza's Abyss Break. Both Scarlet Flare and Violet Punisher change appearance and so does Caiza's outfit. She radiates a Red Violet Aura that has attributes of Fire, Ice and Lightning. Her attacks can no longer miss, and all her stats are increased a lot.

Goddess Dance: Caiza's strongest technique. Caiza uses all forms of Scarlet Flare and Violet Punisher along with all of their attacks. Constantly speedblitzes the opponent. She ends the speedblitz with Scarlet Destroyer. This attack can burn, freeze, and immobilize foes. The opponents atoms are constantly being struck. Caiza slows down time to get the speedblitz started and then constantly freezes time when the opponent tries to counter. The opponent is next to non-existent when the speedblitz is finished.


Notable Victories:

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Key: Faction Arc| Stellar Tactician Arc| Brutal Dictator Arc| Nihil Arc| Rebellion Arc

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