Two million years ago, the Seven Sacred Shines of the universe was snuffed out of existence. What follows is the catastrophic destruction of much of the stars in the heavens. The cause of this widespread destruction and grief is the being known as the Lord of Cataclysms, a dark deity painted in fable and fear. The great heroes of this universe are preparing for one final showdown with the Lord of Cataclysms, to grasp the future for themselves and for their loved ones!

Notable Characters

War Goddess Cherry - Tier 3-A

Benevolent Princess Chocolat - Tier 3-B

Star Sage Sugar - Tier 3-A

Galaxy Overlord Vanilla - Tier 3-B

Illustrious Dark Slayer Milk - Tier 3-A

Known Creatures and Races

Milky Squid

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