As with the energy scale of ours here, the speed scale will be used to allow users here to know what each level of speed is referred to in terms of how fast a character or vehicle can go at.

Much like with the energy scale we have, we will be using VS Battles's Speed system and anything related to it that we also use for here as well. For here, we will only be covering speeds levels from Below Average Human to all the to MFTL+ (we will not be covering that of Infinite, Immeasurable, Irrelevant, and Omnipresent)


Below Average Human (0-5 m/s)

Normal Human (5-7.7 m/s)

Athletic Human (7.7-9.8 m/s)

Peak Human (9.8-12.43 m/s)


Superhuman (12.43-34.3 m/s)


  • Typical speed of a car in a freeway, the speed of a Cheetah, and the speed of a Sailfish: 31.29 m/s (70 mph)

Subsonic (Faster than the Eye) (Mach 0.1-0.5)


  • Maximum speed of the Bugatti Vyron (fastest production car): Mach 0.35 (119.7 m/s) (267.76 mph)
  • Muzzle velocity of black powder muskets: Mach 0.35 - Mach 1.07 (120-370 m/s) (390-1,200 ft/s)
  • Wind speed of a powerful tornado: Mach 0.38 (130 m/s)
  • World Record of the fastest bullet train (Maglev): Mach 0.49 (166.74 m/s) (373 mph)

Subsonic+ (Mach 0.5-0.9) (171.5-308.7 m/s)


Transonic (Mach 0.9-1.1) (308.7-377.3 m/s)


Supersonic (Mach 1.1-2.5)


  • Muzzle Velocity of the AK-47: Mach 2.08

Supersonic+ (Mach 2.5-5)


  • Muzzle Velocity of the M16: Mach 2.79
  • 125 mm APFSDS Kinetic Penetraters (going from lowest to highest): Mach 4.95 - Mach 5.24

-Hypersonic: (Mach 5-10)


  • Muzzle Velocity of tanks firing KE penetrator ammunition: Mach 5.02 (1,700 m/s) (5,600 ft/s)
  • Escape Velocity of the Moon, Speed of a projectile shot from a Railgun: Mach 7

Hypersonic+ (Mach 10-25)


  • Fastest known surface to air missile (48N6DM): Mach 14.11
  • The average speed of a space shuttle in orbit speed: Mach 20.27 - Mach 22.92
  • First Cosmic Velocity: Mach 23.24

High Hypersonic (Mach 25-50)


  • Second Cosmic Velocity: Mach 33
  • Speed of the Voyager 1 (relative velocity to the Sun): Mach 49.92

High Hypersonic+ (Mach 50-100)


Massively Hypersonic (Mach 100-1000)


  • Third Cosmic Velocity: Mach 123
  • Speed of Helios 2 probe (fastest man-made object, relative to the Sun): Mach 206.35
  • Fourth Cosmic Velocity: Mach 941

Massively Hypersonic+ (Mach 1000-8810.2)


  • Escape Velocity of the Sun: Mach 1,814.628
  • Typical speed of a Moreton wave across the surface of the Sun: Mach 2,938.7

Sub Relativistic (Mach 8,810.2 - 44,051 | (0.01c - 0.05c)


Sub Relativistic+ (5%-10% SoL) (0.05c - 0.1c) (Mach 44,051-88,102)


Relativistic (10%-50% SoL) (0.1c-0.5c) (Mach 88,102-440,510)


  • The return stroke of lightning, average escape velocity of a Neutron Star: 0.33c (Mach 293,867)

Relativistic+ (50%-100% SoL) (0.5c-1c) (Mach 440,510-881,020)


Speed of Light (1c): Mach 881,020

FTL (x1-10 Speed of Light)


  • Escape Velocity of a black hole: >SoL (or > 1c)

FTL+ (x10-100 SoL) (10c-100c)


MFTL (x100-1000 SoL) (100c-1000c)


MFTL+ (x1000+ SoL)



Escape Velocity

A PDF doc/file regarding the four cosmic velocities

Muzzle Velocity

Orbital Speed

Orders of magnitude (Speed)

Speed of Sound

Speed of Lightning

Speed of Light

A guide list for big numbers in the Massively FTL+ range.

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