Cousteau is the King of the Dead, the great being that commands the dead in the Unnatrual universe. He is one of the five Great Ones, the gods that act as servants of The Above. Cousteau named himself thus as he was in the full beleif that France would eventually conquor the world and he wanted to be with the times. He was mistaken, of course, and almost renamed himself Hitler during World War II, when he felt that the Germans, would take over the world, as well as out of respect to Adolf Hitler, who was signifigantly enriching his kingdom. The Above, who predicted (intelectually, not through precognition) that the war would end otherwise, convinced him not to.

Appearance and Personality

Causteau, like the other Great Ones, is of ambiguous appearance. He usually appears as a tall, hansome human male, dressed in expensive, but outdated suits, as he has largely stayed away from Earth since the 60s. He has the strange habit of always, always, describing the suits as either "snazzy" or "dapper," depending on the situation.

He has a qute balanced personality, buisnessmanlike, if you will. He is calm, collected, logical, and cool headed. What he gains in personality, however, he lacks in tact, wit, and foresight. He can be occasionally blunt, and, as described before, not be the best at making predictions. He also is somewhat against the idea of "justice" as that also entails preventing crime and murder, which enriches his kingdom. However, despite that completely personal reason, when he has nothing left to gain, (I.E. a murder has already occured) he will always attempt to see no evil go unpunished


Tier: 3-B+

Name: Cousteau, Great One #3, King of the Dead

Gender: Almost allways appears as male, but technichally assexual

Age: 450 to 6000 years old, chronologically, depending on when The Event happened. However, time passes vastly quicker in the realm of the dead, so he is perhaps millions or billions of years old.

Origin: Unnatrual

Classification: Great One, Death Lord, Commander of the Dead.

Attack Potency: Multi-Galaxy Level +

Speed: Massively FTL, infinite through interdimensional travel

Lifting Strength: Irrelevant. Could lift anything you can pack into a finite universe. Limits are unknown beyond that.

Striking Strength: Multi-Galaxy Level +

Durability: Multi-Galaxy Level +

Stamina: Infinite.

Range: Billions of miles. His own reach with Death Touch

Standard Equipment: Just a very dapper suit.

Intelligence: Above average, at least in execution. How ever, his mental capacity, that is, how much he can know, is infinite, which is convenient, as he gains the knowledge of anyone who has ever died. However, he largely ignores all of it.

Weaknesses: Arrogant, overconfident, litte foresight. Unlike Boomstick, despite being the god of the dead, he is not actually dead himself, so he could be killed and trapped in his own realm for eternity, unless he chose to become a ghost, and therby become Boomstick's servant, which he would never do.

Powers and Abilities: Death inducement, whatever he wants.

Notable Attacks and Techniques: Varies. But one of his main attacks is the-

"Death Touch"- By simply touching a foe, Cousteau can cause them to instantly die. Period. Anyone but those who are allready dead, (Boomstick) those who are truly immortal, (Luxvitea and Hatari, the Life Gods,) those who are undead, and lack their souls, (Zombies, wraiths) and The Above, who trancends his "simple powers" easily. But even those who are far more powerful then Coustea are still instantly killed. That includes vampires, as they still have thier souls. We are talking serious hax here.