Crunchdown is a verse/game created by l-smel.

This verse - in fact a game - spins around the White Guy and the Yellow Guy, that after having their house's door broken, decide to take justice on their own hands, and depart into a journey towards something much more dangerous and deep than what they expected.

Link: Crunchdown

Power of this Verse

This verse is pretty weak, with the high-tiers having nothing but Wall-to-Room Level at max.


God Tiers:

White Guy (Crunchdown)

L.T. Brickfist Uppercut

Yellow Guy


Ebenezer Scrooge

High Tiers:

Hobo (Crunchdown)

Medium Tier:

Muscular Guy (Crunchdown)

Boxer (Crunchdown)

Low Tier:

Guy (Crunchdown)

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