He who once served the Gods


A character made by CrossverseCrisis.

Work in progress...


Work in progress...

Powers and Stats


Name: General DION, "Lord DION", Overthrower of the Gods

Origin: Exceed

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown (Existed in the Golden Age, which takes place in a time so far back that "none have which been able to know when and where it takes place")

Classification: Ancient human being, Demigod, General (Initially)

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced Senses, Extrasensory Perception, Regeneration (High initially. Capable of reconstructing himself from the particles of the universe), Flight/Levitation via gravity manipulation, Gravity Manipulation (Can lift anything that can be affected by gravity, including the likes of the stars and even galaxies themselves. Can also use gravity around him to either bolster his strength or durability to great heights. Able to use said element to create pseudo black holes or to restrain his foes by pinning them in place), Lightning Manipulation, Intangibility via lightning manipulation, Expert H2H Combatant, Master Swordsman, Telekinesis, Earth Manipulation, Fire Manipulation and Magma Manipulation, Forcefield Creation, Vibration Manipulation, Attack Reflection via gravity manipulation, Matter Manipulation (On a sub-atomic level. Once created a galaxy out of nothing, complete with legitimate stars, planets, and moons. Can also recreate bodies to use for souls of those who died to inhabit. In addition, he can smite his foes on such level and his "lightsaber" can cut enemies down at the same level), Resistance to Mental, Spiritual, Material, Poison, Elemental, and Space-Time Attacks. Immunity to natural poisons and diseases.

Attack Potency:


Lifting Strength:

Striking Strength:




Standard Equipment: An advanced "lightsaber" that glows up a red light capable of easily cutting and burning through any known metals of creation (with the only possible exceptions that can take them being abnormally powerful material like "adamantium"). Said saber can also burn off even the smallest particles that make up ones being and even of those in the univese, allowing it to bypass conventional durability through mere solid contact with its blade.


Weaknesses: None notable




Theme: Death of the Gods

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