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Daniel wearing his armor, preparing for battle.


An OC created by The Everlasting, Daniel is an Angel of God. Before the genesis of existence itself, God had created his angelic children, with Daniel serving as a means to maintain communication between Heaven and (The eventually created) Earth, eventually finding love with the messenger Angel Vida. Millions of years before the present time, shortly after mankind's creation, Lucifer rebelled against Heaven out of jealously, believing that Angels should not bow to mankind. Through his sweet words and deceptions, Vida had joined the Morning Son in his rebellion, and was cast out of Heaven along with him. Daniel, heartbroken, effectively exiled himself to Earth, merely becoming a "human" scholar, but still maintaining a connection with the Heavens and God. However, in the year 1996, a messenger Angel warned Daniel about Lucifer's plan to invade Heaven once again, and take command of it once and for all, forcing Daniel to take up his wings once again. Through a long series of adventures, Daniel would rise in power. Starting as a moderately important Angel, he'd become one of the most powerful beings to ever exist.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 2-B, at least 2-A when channeling his full power | 1-C | 1-A High 1-A

Name: Daniel

Origin: Bellum in Caelum

Gender: Male

Age: Millions of years old in human form, as old as existence in his true form

Classification: Angel

Attack Potency: Multiverse level (Managed to fight off Stellata's weakest avatars), at least Multiverse level+ when channeling his full power (Seriously wounded Stellata's true form) | Complex Multverse level (As a Power, Daniel exists several levels beyond the most basic Angels, who transcend the multiverse. Roughly 8-dimensional) | Outerverse level (Vastly beyond The Nothings) | High Outerverse level (As a member of the Almighty Four, Daniel exists massively beyond all of the other Angels in Heaven, to the point where comparing the Archangels to him is like comparing humans to the Archangels)

Speed: Immeasurable (Kept pace with Stellata) | Immeasurable (Capable of literally racing through space and time to sustain the existence of the multiverse) | Nigh-Omnipresent (His essence permeates through all of existence with the exception of Hell) | Omnipresent

Lifting Strength: ImmeasurableImmeasurableIrrelevantIrrelevantIrrelevant

Striking Strength: Multiversal, at least Multiversal+ when channeling his true power (Managed to cut off one of Stellata's legs and pierce her stomach) | Complex Multiversal | Outerversal | High Outerversal

Durability: Multiverse level (Survived attacks from Stellata's weakest avatars), at least Multiverse level+ when channeling his full power | Complex Multiverse level | Outerverse level (Took hits from Beelzebub, an Archdemon, who are described as being identical in power to Archangels) | High Outerverse level (Save God Himself, the only beings in all existence that possess the capacity to harm Daniel are his equally powerful brothers)

Stamina: Infinite (Is not subject to fatigue due to being non-corporeal)

Range: Multiversal | Complex Multiversal | Outerversal | High Outerversal

Standard Equipment: His sword and shield

Intelligence: Superhumanly high, knows nearly every fighting style in existence, is proficient with countless weapons and has nigh encyclopedic knowledge of the history of the universe | Nigh-Omniscient | Omniscient (Was granted the gift of "infinite knowledge" by God)

Weaknesses: Can by harmed by unholy artifacts, beings or powers, the force of primordial darkness will instantly erase his existence | Same, but to a lesser extent | Unholy powers of the strongest caliber | None notable

Powers and Abilities

All Forms:

-Flight: Daniel is able to fly through the use of his wings.

-Regeneration: Daniel's regeneration in base works on such a level that, even if he is left with only his disembodied consciousness (Essentially only being alive mentally), he can regrow his body. As an Archangel, it goes a step further, allowing him to regenerate even if he's completely destroyed on a mental and metaphysical level. Once he became a Transcendent Angel, this went to its greatest level, giving him the ability to regenerate even if he's erased from existence.

-Light Manipulation: By virtue of living in Heaven, Daniel is capable of controlling light.

-Light Element Manipulation: Due to his holy ties, the elements Daniel controls are naturally more pure than the ones normal people use. His available ones are Holy Fire (Which are especially effective againt dark or demonic forces and cannot be put out by conventional means), White Water (Which can purity corrupted liquids and heal the sick when drunk), Pure Wind (Which can completely remove toxic gasses from the air), Pure Earth (Which can put the undead to rest and is especially fertile), Pure Ice (Which can put a stop to hellfire), and Sacred Darkness (Which, while functioning the same way as normal darkness, simultaneously is benevolent in nature).

-Space-Time Manipulation: Daniel is able to control the space-time continuum of the universe. This allows him to literally step outside of space and time (Elaborated on below) and create 4-Dimensional barriers, which, by their own nature, are invulnerable to 3-Dimensional attacks.

-Chronolock: Due to the abstract nature of his existence, Daniel exists beyond both time and space, allowing him to literally walk through history and move as though he were simply teleporting.

-Fundamental Forces Manipulation: Daniel is able to control the four fundamental forces of existence, Strong Force (The interaction that holds together protons and neutrons), Weak Force (Radioactive elements), Electromagnetism (The reasoning for all physical phenomena not caused by gravitation) and Gravity (The force that keeps all physical matter grounded).

-Reality Warping: A simple power, and one Daniel is a near-master of, able to break or create new laws of physics, and do things that are not only impossible, but inconceivable.

-Telekinesis: Using his mind, Daniel is capable of controlling physical matter, down to the level of quantum foam, the very fundamental fabric that makes up reality. He can also telekinetically bend quantum strings, allowing him to bend reality to his whim.

-Omnipathy: Daniel possesses an incredibly powerful level of telepathy, allowing him to communicate with countless beings at once. His greatest feat using this was to warn the entire Marvel multiverse about the threat of the Chaos King.

-Omnilingualism: Daniel is able to understand any language in existence, even things like computer coding.

-Cosmic Awareness: Due to being attuned with the state of existence, Daniel is aware of what can drastically affect it.

-Astral Projection: By meditating for a few minutes, Daniel can separate his soul from his body, making him completely undetectable in a physical sense.

-Isolation: Daniel is capable of temporarily entering a state of nonexistence, making it impossible to sense him through any means, even if one were another nonexistent being.

-Size Alteration: Daniel is able to alter his size to either possible extreme, whether it be small enough to slip through the bonds of quantum foam or large enough to dwarf beyond-dimensional multiverses.

-Ultimate Intangibility: Daniel is capable of changing the tangibility of parts of his body, making it to where he can hit his opponents, but his opponents can't hit him.

-Resurrection: Daniel is capable of bringing back the dead, individually or en masse.

-Immortality: Like many Angels, Daniel mainly has two forms of immortality, Type I (Meaning he can't die of sickness or old age) and Type III (Meaning his regeneration makes him effectively impossible to kill). However, after becoming an Archangel, Daniel gained Type IV immortality, inheriting divine protection from God Himself.

-Empathic Healing: Along with possessing incredible levels of healing moves, Daniel is capable of healing emotional pain within a person,like traumatic disorders, psychological disorders or depression.


-Nigh-Omniscience: Through his ascendance as an Archangel, Daniel gained near-unparalled knowledge.

-Nigh-Omnipresence: Daniel has shown the ability to manifest himself nearly anywhere, and appear in multiple places at the same time.

Transcendent Angel Form:

-Power Anchoring: Unless the action is being preformed by God, Daniel's powers cannot be altered in any way.

-Primordial Force Manipulation: Daniel is capable of controlling the Primordial Force, the most raw energy of creation in existence, allowing him to create anything with virtually no limit.

-Primordial Light Manipulation: Similarly, Daniel can control the ancient light that brought about the dawn of creation. A light so powerful that the only darkness that can counter it is the Primordial Darkness.

-Divine Force Manipulation: Daniel is able to control anything that can be defined as holy or divine.

-Absolute Immortality: Helped by his Type IV immortality, Daniel is effectively incapable of dying, in either a physical, mental or metaphysical sense. He could be utterly annihilated on every plane of existence and yet still return almost immediately. This is even further helped by...

-Amortality: Daniel's nature in this state is beyond both life and death, simply put, it makes it impossible to kill him by essentially any means, only able to be erased from existence and then killed when in nonexistence.

-Alpha Reaity: Due to his deep connections with God, Daniel is capable of controlling the very foundation of existence.

-Absolute Restoration: Through his own healing nature, Daniel can restore anything back to its former state. This extends to erasing created objects, recreate objects that were sent to nonexistence, destroy paradoxes, restore boundaries, and many more.

-Living Anomoly: Due to the nature of his existence, Daniel is not exactly barred by the rules of reality, allowing him to preform seemingly impossible feats as though they were nothing.

-Causality Manipulation: Daniel is able to manipulate cause and effect, making virtually anything possible.

-Acausality: Daniel, in this state, is completely free from cause and effect, making it impossible to, say, kill him in the past to destroy him in the presence.

-Freedom: Daniel is completely unbound by the chains of fate, evident when Destiny of the Endless said he couldn't see Daniel's fate in the Book of Destiny.

-Omnilock: Daniel's true form in this state is beyond all, sans the realm of God. This makes him effectively immune to all forms of damage unless he decides to step into reality.

-Singularity: Daniel's nature is entirely singular, making it impossible for his powers (Or anything involving him for that matter) to be replicated.

-Zenith: Simply because of his nature as a Transcendent Angel, Daniel has reached his absolute possible peak in power.

-Tetralogy: Daniel holds absolute control over the four aspects of Power and Knowledge: Science (Giving him scientific abilities beyond any beings in existence, including the Time Lords and the Downstreamers), Magic (Allowing him to use all forms of magic), Divinity (Giving him control over all concepts) and Philosophy (Allowing him to change how people view things).

-Omni-Magic: Through his own Omniscience and Transcendent nature, Daniel can use all possible forms of magic.

-Science-Magic Ascendency: To add even more to his magical strength, Daniel's attacks also transcend the rules of science and magic, ultimately making his powers completely unfathomable by scientists or mystics.

-Boundary Manipulation: Daniel is able to control any and all boundaries between two extremes, through this power, he has (And can do) the following:

  • Beginning/Conclusion Dominance: By controlling the boundary between beginnings and endings, Daniel can begin/end anything and decides how it begins/ends.
  • Age Shifting/Manipulation: By controlling the boundary between young and old, Daniel can make beings older or younger. However, this only works on beings who naturally age and lack biological immortality (At least when regarding increasing age).
  • Deification: By controlling the boundary between man and God, Daniel can make mortals deities or vice versa.
  • Distance Manipulation: By manipulating the boundary between near and far, Daniel can change how far away objects are from each other.

-Omnicide: Daniel has the ability to kill all beings in existence, whether they be undead, nonexistent, living or even absolutely immortal. The only beings who wouldn't be affected are God and the other Transcendent Angels. However, he has made it very clear that he will never use this power unless there is no other possible alternative.

-Unity: Even with his omnipresent nature, Daniel is capable of becoming one with anything and everything.

-Boundless Inner World: Within Daniel's subconsciousness lies a world filled with limitless knowledge and power, which is only accessible to himself and actually possesses sentience. As such, it is completely loyal to Daniel and will not aid any other beings, and anyone who tries to mentally take it over shall know the true meaning of Hell. This world is capable of giving Daniel advice in the middle of battle, and was originally able to teach Daniel things he never thought could be known, but this became useless after Daniel became omniscient.

-Chaotic Form/Divine Presence: Daniel's true form is that of chaotic ethereal matter, and revealing it would cause destruction in the area surrounding him and be felt throughout all multiverses.

-Divine Protection: Through his unimaginable power, Daniel is capable of granting his own protection to any being he chooses.

-Unimind: If he were to ever consider it, Daniel could link his mind with every being in existence (Sans the other Transcendent Angels, as they possess telekinetic shields strong enough to prevent him from doing so). However, his telepathic power is so strong he must create barriers around his mind to prevent people from looking into it and have their brains be overloaded from the information.

-Meta Teleportation: Daniel is able to teleport either himself or others absolutely anywhere, be it through time or space, and into things like a person's subconscious or dreams.

-Meta Summoning: Daniel can summon any being or object in existence or nonexistence.

-Meta Transcendence: Daniel is completely unbound by virtually all limitations given to any other Angel and to his own abilities.

-Omnibenevolence: Daniel now represents the paramount of pure goodness, making him immune to any and every power that would affect evil beings, and regardless of a being's mental state, they are fully capable of seeing Daniel as good.

-Perspective Manipulation: Daniel is able to change the very way people look at things. This power is not as useless as it seems, as the existence of certain beings, causality, time, space and even reality itself are simply based on how they are perceived.

-Preservation: What is essentially his job, Daniel is meant to keep all of existence in balance and prevent Lucifer from throwing it off.

-Almighty Law: If Daniel were to wish it, he could impose near-absolutely unbreakable laws that all beings must follow, even himself. However, they are still able to have loopholes (Which Lucifer constantly exploits) and can be broken by God.

-Totality Connection: By virtue of Daniel's Omnilocked nature, he is not bound by one particular fiction, and can traverse existence in its totality. Throughout his journies, he has been shown to meet Elder God Demonbane, Featherine Augustus Aurora, Yog-Sothoth and [God-Thing].

-Author Authority: When Omnilocked, Daniel views the rest of existence as an empty book, of which he is capable of writing in, and whatever is written in that book becomes real, allowing Daniel to rewrite existence no differently than an author would write a story. This gives him the ability to do absolutely anything just by writing it down. This power is even capable of affecting other Transcendent Angels, but not if they are able to flee to the Omnilocked location where Daniel exists. This also gives him a few new tricks:

  • Beyond The Impossible: Allows him to achieve literally impossible feats.
  • Karma Houdini: No matter how diabolical the person is, he can have them go unpunished for their evil deeds.
  • Narrative Causality: The most basic power he possesses in this state,
  • New Powers As The Plot Demands: Can grant himself or others any abilities he wants.
  • No Sell: Can make any attack ineffective against the person he gives this to.
  • Plot Armor: Can grant himself or others protection from the plot itself, making it literally impossible for them to fail at things Daniel doesn't want them to.
  • Plot Device: Can create artifacts that force everything to revolve around them.
  • Word of God: Anything he says or decides is true and cannot be overwritten.

Key: Faux Angelic GraceTrue Angelic GraceArchangelTranscendent Angel


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