Dragon Soul is a verse created by ExoSaiyan9000.


The Dragon Soul Verse was primarily inspired by Akira Toriyama's Manga called Dragon Ball. Most of the inspiration came from Dragon Ball Z in particular. I plan to fully flesh out this Verse with a more coherent story and populate it with interesting characters that aren't always OP in time. All of the characters in the Notable Fighters section can be freely used in Vs. Threads. Please check out the Verse in its current form, I can assure you that it'll only get better... I hope.

If you have any questions, please ask them on ExoSaiyan9000's blog here.

Power of the Verse

Dragon Soul is an exceptionally power Verse at its peak.

Ranging from Street level on its lowest level to a questionably Omnipotent character in Xeno, Dragon Soul characters are defined by their raw power and skill instead of their abilities and haxes. However, the top tier characters have extensive hax abilities of their own while some of the mid-to-high tiers have considerable defencive capabilities against some hax abilities.

Overall, Dragon Soul is very powerful. Not the most powerful, but definitely up there.

Supporters and Opponents of this Verse


CrossverseCrisis (The verse and it's characters, while some if not most, remind me of Dragon Ball's own, are very interesting and like the use of them being not overly OP for those of the "3-D" level. That and it's not as cringy as Dragon Ball itself, if at all, nowadays sooo......yeah.)



Characters (Work in Progress)

God Tiers:

Top Tiers:

High Tiers:

Mid-High Tiers:

Low-High Tiers:

Mid Tiers:

Low Tiers:

Misc. Characters:

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