Crafted by the finest of the Celestial Heavens, the spear was forged within the heats of resplendent silver, which marks it's silvery color. The spear is very sharp and is spatially marked, allowing it to cut anything that exists in the fabric of space and reality, even cutting voids in space itself.

It can also use Stryder's spiritual energy to charge attacks for him to use. It is 72 inches (182.88 centimeters) in length.

Power and Stats

Tier : 4-B

Origin : Total Armageddon

Wielders : Stryder Xiaolong Yun

Destructive Capacity : Large City Level (Can send slashes that decimate cities.) | Continent Level | Multi/Large Planet Level (Charged beams can destroy multiple planets and larger planets with ease.) | Solar System Level (The omni-directional blasts of the spear was capable of destroying Gaea's reflected solar system.)

Power and Abilities : Spatial Manipulation, Spiritual Energy Manipulation, Spiritual Force Manipulation, Slash Projection, Spiritual Aura.

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