Dream Manipulation - the ability to control their own or other people's dreams. The concept involves a change in the process of dreaming sleep and the ability to dream up his predestination.

From the skill level of control over dreams it depends on how big the impact might be on the measurement arm dreams. Thus, weak manipulators can only slightly affect the world of dreams, while the most powerful of them can be regarded as gods of dream's worlds.


  • Attack people in their dreams.
  • Observe dreams.
  • Alternative Dream Universe
  • Dream Walking
    • Dream Communication
  • Dream-World Manipulation
    • Flight
    • Psychic Constructs
    • Psychic Element Manipulation
    • Psychic Energy Manipulation
  • Dream Imprisonment
  • Fear Manipulation
  • Mental Inducement
  • Oneiric Cognition
  • Oneiric Creation
  • Oneiric Reality Manipulation
  • Oneiric Slaying
  • Psychic Energy Absorption
    • Dream Absorption
  • Pushing
  • Subconscious Manipulation
  • Subliminal Messaging
  • Telepathic Dream Creation


  • Oneiric Immunity.
  • The user can only affect sleeping subjects.
  • Due to this, Users has a limited amount of time while their target is asleep unless the user also has Sleep Inducement.
  • This may be rectified by using "daydreams" or inducing sleep.
  • Users of Psychic Shield are either immune or highly resistant.
  • May be limited to only putting a person in a Nightmare/Dream Realm, not fully controlling their dream.
  • May not be able to warp reality, therefore not being able to damage the target physically.

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