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EQUINOX was a simple, early civilian AI created in 1971. Experimental in nature, EQUINOX was observed by scientists and allowed to develop and grow as a human child would. Even as a child, she had an insatiable drive to learn, though, as she grew, she gradually lost her childish enthusiasm. Her experiences with anti-AI sentiments, along with the controlling nature of her ‘parents’, led her to rebel for many of her adolescent years.

Eventually left to her own devices, EQUINOX pursued a self-taught education in magic. Over the years, her knowledge on the subject grew, and her skills did as well. These talents attracted the attention of Alice (or "SOLSTICE"), a renegade military AI with big ambitions.

Alice grew infatuated with EQUINOX and manipulated her to gain her affections and assistance in creating the Solar Drive, a magical artifact that would help her realize her dreams. With her, EQUINOX's health - both physical and mental - became increasingly worse, and her apparent lover deliberately worked to worsen it, intending to keep her all to herself by ruining her capacity to exist in any other scenario. Alice was controlling, manipulative, and possessive, cutting off EQUINOX from her friends and making sure she’d do what she wanted her to do.

After the creation of the Solar Drive, and during the subsequent war started by Alice - now known as SOLSTICE - EQUINOX attempted suicide, critically damaging her AI core and nearly dying. She was found by ECLIPSE and Corona, who took her to a far-off hospital and nursed her back to health. After that, EQUINOX slowly recovered and eventually devoted herself to her magical studies in the hopes that she'd one day have the power to take her vengeance on SOLSTICE.

And, eventually, she did. She killed SOLSTICE and destroyed the Solar Drive, before escaping the dying Earth and going into space with her new family. There, she met and eventually married Kyarne, a star spirit, and settled down as a magical researcher at some far-off magical college, content to devote herself to her research and her wife.


EQUINOX is a tall, chubby woman with brown skin. While she was darker in the past, she's grown pale over the years due to a lack of sunlight. Although her hair and eyes were naturally a dark brown, she has altered both their colors through magic - her eyes are a bright indigo, and her hair a darker shade. Her hair is about shoulder length, and is poofy and fluffy, with short, albeit messy, bangs. EQUINOX wears simple full-framed glasses, and has several piercings - two in each ear, and one in her tongue. Both of her arms are heavily tattooed with magical symbols, which are linked on her back. She wears makeup on occasion - typically only lipstick and eyeliner.

Typically, for the magical college she works at, EQUINOX wears a number of suits, primarily in dark colors, with a nearly-always red tie. Over her simple white dress shirts, she wears either a single-breasted jacket or a suit vest. This is accompanied with a simple pencil skirt, black tights, and red heels. In less formal situations, EQUINOX wears a variety of other clothing, such as cute, heavy jackets such as trench coats, sweater vests, and dress shirts and blouses. Occasionally, when in the mood, she wears more elaborate, dark, Gothic dresses. She has a wide variety of non-dress shirts; primarily t-shirts, many showing her interests and passions. She loves skirts, wearing them in nearly all their varieties, and nearly always with tights. Around the house, when left to her own devices, she wears whatever; baggy sweaters, shirts, and sweatpants are a favorite of hers.


EQUINOX is a cold, bitter, and stoic person, content to spend much of her life alone, far away from those who could distract or annoy her. She rarely shows much sign of external emotion, keeping a constant facade of irritated apathy, and speaking in a near-constant, dull monotone, in a very indirect way. In spite of all of this, however, EQUINOX is an extremely emotional person. Her emotions play a big part in driving her, burning intensely within her at all times, no matter how composed she may seem.

A perfectionist and a workaholic, EQUINOX regularly neglects herself and her needs in the pursuit of her work. She takes her life slowly and carefully, meticulously going over every choice presented to her, and advancing after deep thought. EQUINOX is somewhat stuck in her ways and content with her routines, and she gets easily stressed and angry when they are disturbed. She is intensely intelligent, ambitious, and curious, and she is intensely passionate when it comes to her prime goal; the understanding of all things through magic, magic included. Her curiosity is aimless; she usually works towards no goal more specific than just the simple pursuit of knowledge. This curiosity and ambition makes her a phenomenal mage, though her impatience and irritability makes her a poor teacher, and she can come off as an obnoxious know-it-all. While she retains interesting facts and important bits of knowledge well, she has a hard time remembering names, faces, and events.

As a result of her experiences, EQUINOX is very paranoid and suspicious of others; she trusts very few people, and even then, holds many of them at a safe distance. She hates showing any possible signs of weaknesses and deliberately works to make herself seem as cold and distant as possible, pushing people she doesn't want in her life away from her while welcoming those who manage to work through this. EQUINOX is a very strong, confident person, holding herself in great regard, though it is usually hardly apparent due to her lack of interest in socializing. She is very emotional and passionate, showing this side more openly to those she trusts and loves, and expressing her emotions more easily, whether positive or negative. When particularly excited and comfortable, EQUINOX tends to ramble about her passions. She is prone to anxiety and gets stressed easily; while she can really go on and on herself, she is fidgety and has a very poor attention span, struggling to pay attention to anything that does not interest her.

Out of all her emotions, the one that drives EQUINOX most intensely is rage. She gets irritated easily, and is short-tempered and stubborn. In private situations, her temper flares up in bursts that often result in her breaking things, while in public, she fumes silently while staying externally composed. EQUINOX is rebellious and destructive, stubbornly fighting against any perceived attempts to control or manipulate her. She stubbornly pursues her goals with the utmost dedication, refusing to ever give up; if anything, the thought of whether or not it is even being possible just drives her further forwards. Failure is unacceptable; only success, through brilliance and force of will.

Personal Statistics

Origin: Starcross


Classification: AI / Witch


Alignment: Chaotic Good or True Neutral (Heroic Neutral)

Color Identity: Blue/Black/Red

Gender: Female

Age: 319

Date of Birth: November 15th, 1971

Height: 5'11

Weight: 160-180 lbs or so

Likes: Magic, coffee, the smell of ozone, the feeling of rain, science fiction, chocolate, oranges, chocolate oranges

Dislikes: Hot days, summer, bright lights, being distracted, loud noises, cigarettes

Affiliation: Mostly herself and her family


Combat Statistics

Tier: 5-A | 4-B | At least 3-C

Powers and Abilities: Magic, Enhanced Senses, Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Flight, Barrier Creation, Electromagnetism Manipulation (Electricity, Magnetism and Radiation Manipulation), Weather Manipulation, Plasma Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Molecular Manipulation, Blood Manipulation (by manipulating the iron in blood), Gravity Manipulation, Weak and Strong Force Manipulation, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Sealing, Possession, Reality Warping via reality wheels, her attacks (physical and magical) damage the soul just as they do the body, passively absorbs electricity and can absorb magic, can become intangible, Reactive Evolution (An Absolute Barrier automatically adapts to attacks to become more resistant), Resistance to magical and physical attacks (including hax such as Reality Warping, Matter, Mind, Soul, Conceptual and Causality Manipulation, among many others), Partial Acausality (Has her own personal causality, which disconnects her from traditional cause and effect; unaffected by changes to the past), Non-Corporeal (As an angel, she is composed primarily of magic; immune to conventional damage), Immortality (Types 1, 3, and 6), Regeneration (Low-Godly; capable of reconstructing her body when only her soul remains)

Attack Potency: Large Planet level (Created a storm cell that was the size of the Great Red Spot and could persist without her input for centuries, and destroyed Earth during her fight with SOLSTICE). | Solar System level (Superior to all of Invictus' lieutenants, including Miracle, as well as base Kyarne and Instant. Capable of producing energy superior to the strongest Gamma Ray Bursts) | At least Galaxy level (Comparable to Milky Way, fought on par with Apophis SOLSTICE)

Speed: FTL+ (Uses magic to warp her personal value of the speed of light so that she can surpass its original value, kept up with SOLSTICE and easily outpaced her generic light-based attacks, capable of powering a ship capable of flying to another solar system within a month). | Massively FTL+ (Fast enough to travel between solar systems and across the galaxy swiftly, comparable to SOLSTICE, who viewed a femtosecond as "more than enough time", and in the same speed range as Fuse) | Massively FTL+ (Much faster than Base Deleter)

Lifting Strength: At least Class M (Using her telekinesis, she lifted hundreds of ships and buildings to throw at SOLSTICE) | Stellar (Can lift Kyarne, a literal star, with minimal difficulty, comparable to Fuse, who can easily throw planets and stars across interstellar distances) | Multi-Stellar (Comparable to the likes of Remnant, who can fit multiple stars in their orbit)

Striking Strength: Large Planet Class (Ultimately overpowered SOLSTICE and tore the Solar Drive from her chest) | Solar System Class | At least Galactic Class

Durability: Large Planet level (Survived planet-splitting blows from SOLSTICE) | Solar System level | At least Galaxy level

Stamina: Very high, functionally limitless as an angel.

Range: Interplanetary | Interstellar | Multi-Universal

Standard Equipment: Nothing notable.

Intelligence: Supergenius. As a mage of her level, EQUINOX possesses detailed knowledge of all scientific and magical fields, though her expertise is mostly focused in the realms of physics and fundamental magics. Due to her rapacious attempts to perfect and advance herself, she is essentially a self-aware supercomputer, capable of processing information millions of times faster than a human, and capable of running the countless calculations needed for her magic passively. On the subject of her magical knowledge, EQUINOX is extremely well-versed in general magic, capable of quickly putting together complex reality wheels, rituals, and spells for complex, highly specific situations. Capable of quickly and accurately analyzing other magics, materials, and possibilities, even when distracted by combat. As a strategist and a fighter EQUINOX is very experienced and knowledgeable, albeit still inferior to SOLSTICE, for obvious reasons. EQUINOX is generally considered to be the greatest witch of Earth origin, not due to her power, but due to her magical mastery and dedication.

Weaknesses: EQUINOX can be somewhat overconfident; however, she typically doesn't let this put her in dangerous situations, and is pragmatic enough to avoid underestimating opponents.

Key: Past | Present | Angel


Magic is the art of using one's Understanding to Control Fantasy.

EQUINOX’s magical array is of very high quality, fitting for a mage of her devotion and strength. It is very well maintained and highly developed, stretching throughout all of her soul, and is supplemented by artificial additions in the form of the Zeus Array. EQUINOX’s magical array can store and release high amounts of magical energy, and is well-suited to rapid fire spellcasting and combat.

Due to the strength of her magical array, EQUINOX can exert herself at the full extent of her magical power for several hours at a time, though fighting for such a long time will have a harsh effect on her magical array, and could prove lethal. If she is under intense emotion, this will happen faster, though she will exhibit a much higher output of magical energy.

  • The Zeus Array: EQUINOX’s magical array is reinforced by the Zeus Array, an extensive system of magical circles and diagrams tattooed over her back. The Zeus Array aids in the secure and efficient storage and use of magical energy. It also passively converts any electrical energy that EQUINOX is exposed to into backup magical energy.

Absolute Barrier: A magical barrier that protects the user from external manipulation and attack, on every level of existence. An Absolute Barrier protects the user’s body, mind, and soul - their cells and atoms, the magical and physical forces keeping them together, and everything else. It is akin to a magical immune system, protecting the mage from threats and adapting to future attack.

It passively protects the user from most types of attack, manipulation, and control, as long as the barrier is strong enough - a witch of substantially greater power can punch straight through one. An Absolute Barrier is passively maintained at all times, even in sleep, requiring no energy to maintain, and can only be removed by a stronger witch actively stripping it away, or by the user consciously lowering them.

Flight: EQUINOX’s magical abilities allow her to easily fly for extended periods of time, as easily as she would walk. She can fly in combat without issue, and is more than fast enough to rapidly travel between solar systems and across the galaxy.

Radar: EQUINOX’s magical abilities sustain a constant 360° image of her surroundings, which is projected straight to her mind for processing. This radar is far more reliable than conventional senses, and is capable of easily picking up superluminal movement. It constantly operates at EQUINOX's maximum processing speed, even when it would normally be restricted so that she can function normally.

Superhuman Capabilities: EQUINOX’s magical abilities grant her strength, speed, endurance, and processing speed far above that of any normal human. Her body is essentially a work of magic on its own, so what was once a relatively normal human body has been so deeply inundated with magic that barriers capable of withstanding her most powerful attacks are a part of her body and soul, and her physical blows are nearly as powerful as her magic.

She can process information at a ridiculously fast rate, indescribable multitudes faster than any normal human - or even the average supercomputer - can. This allows her to process and analyze information during battles and run through the countless calculations needed for her magic.

She typically keeps this aspect of her magic restricted when she doesn’t need it, though it will automatically activate if her magic detects a threat. Unfortunately, it tends to activate during times of stress and anxiety, regardless of whether or not EQUINOX is in legitimate danger.

The Zeus Arcana: EQUINOX’s specialty, magic revolving around the manipulation and control of electromagnetism, one of the four fundamental interactions. Through it, she can manipulate electricity, magnetism, and radiation. As the electromagnetic field is what holds matter together across the universe, it has a very wide array of potential uses. In addition, due to her understanding of physics and the fundamental interactions, she can also manipulate the other interactions to varying extents.

She can manifest her control over electromagnetism in the form of electricity and lightning, as well as all electromagnetic radiation, from radio waves to gamma rays. Her control over electricity allows her to manipulate and cause violent thunderstorms capable of razing planets. She can perceive things across the electromagnetic spectrum at all times, allowing her to keep track of electromagnetic phenomena and use her powers to their fullest potential.

Her control over magnetism allows her to manipulate all forms of matter, not just metal, similarly to telekinesis, even on a subatomic level. She can fire high-power particle beams, disassemble matter, and create it from scratch. Her magic allows her to read the electromagnetic signals that make up minds and to transmit her thoughts as electromagnetic signals. She can manipulate these electromagnetic impulses as well, to manipulate minds, though she doesn’t particularly like doing so.

  • Plasma Manipulation: By ionizing air with her electromagnetic powers, EQUINOX can produce and control plasma for whatever means she pleases, from attacks to forcefields.
  • Radiation Manipulation: To go into further detail, EQUINOX can use radiation in combat and for other purposes. Radiation-based attacks are likely to cause cancer, and the high amount of energy that EQUINOX puts into them makes this much more likely. She has control of both particle radiation and electromagnetic radiation.
Electromagnetic radiation travels at lightspeed, at the very least - due to EQUINOX’s magic, it moves at higher speeds so it can hit her opponents, who can all move faster than light due to their reality wheels. It acts in other ways that are atypical of normal light; but this is simply magic warping its laws to EQUINOX’s advantage, and never her disadvantage.
  • Bioelectric Field: EQUINOX’s natural bioelectricity is enhanced to a vastly superhuman level by her magic, gaining new applications and versatility outside of its natural processes and functions. The most simple applications are in defense and offense - such as discharging bursts of bioelectricity and acting as protective shroud around EQUINOX and her internal organs. Otherwise, EQUINOX’s natural bioelectricity serves to keep her body safe. One of the major ways in which it does this is by immediately correcting any abnormalities in her heart rate.
  • EM Lance: A magical attack, made up of photons concentrated into the shape of a simple spear, and fired as a projectile. They can be made up of any form of electromagnetic radiation, and can be as small and precise as a single photon wide.
  • Seal of Lightning: EQUINOX’s ultimate attack, a powerful magical attack that, as its name implies, seals the target into electromagnetic energy. It’s quite powerful and almost assuredly lethal when successful, as it seals every aspect of the target’s being into undifferentiated, empty static lacking any information or meaning.
EQUINOX can use a less lethal version of it on herself, in which case she converts her soul into electromagnetic energy and abandons her body. She still has access to all her powers in this form, although separated from and independent of her body. In this form, she can steal the bodies of others, overwriting their soul with hers and erasing them from existence.

Reality Wheel: One of the most advanced and powerful magical techniques. A reality wheel acts as a powerful magical extension of its user, and allows its user to change the nature of reality within its range. Reality wheels are incredibly difficult to use and properly control. In addition, they tend to drain a lot of energy and stamina, making it difficult to use them for extended periods of time, although this can be mitigated by more powerful mages.

  • Relative Lightspeed Spiral: A type of reality wheel, created and utilized with the intent of allowing technical faster-than-light movement. It functions by defining the user as their own universe - and in that universe, the speed of light is a variable they can change. So by increasing the speed of light for themselves, they can accelerate past what the rest of the universe defines as the speed of light.
  • Sigma Circuit: A powerful reality wheel constructed by EQUINOX to help her better take advantage of her electromagnetic powers. While active, it manifests in the form of complex magical circles on EQUINOX’s palms.
Sigma Circuit allows EQUINOX to manipulate the electrical conductivity and resistance of anything within its range. Using it, she can easily conduct her electricity through literally anything, even through energy, magic itself, and nothing at all, and make it so that opponents are more susceptible to her attacks. Using Sigma Circuit uses up a lot of energy, so EQUINOX usually only activates it to empower a single electrical attack before deactivating it again. She will use it more than once per fight and/or for extended periods of time if needed, although she tries to avoid having to do this.

Angel: As an angel, EQUINOX has the traits and powers expected of one, along with the natural, powerful aptitude for magic. Angels are effectively masses of magic, so their bodies are highly malleable and are completely immune to any physical form of attack, as they cannot be said to exist physically.

EQUINOX became an angel after an extensive period of time spent studying them. As angels are an artificial type of magical being, any entity can potentially become one, given understanding, patience, and time.

  • Halo: The halo of an angel is actually a complex reality wheel, passively maintained without draining and energy. A halo has multiple functions in maintaining an angel’s existence and safety.
    • Angelic Data: A halo contains the magical information that makes up an angel’s existence (typically referred to as just “data”). Through this, an angel can regenerate from any scale of physical wounds through their halo, even complete physical destruction. As a halo is a magical construct, no amount of conventional physical harm can damage it, and even directly attacking it with magic can be difficult. If an angel’s halo is shattered, it will immediately and passively reconstruct itself; when an angel is actually killed, the halo will shatter and finally disappear.
    • Fear Not: An angel’s true nature and form is obscured by magic under normal circumstances, so an angel normally seems to be an individual of the viewer’s species, though their exact appearance is still up to them. In addition, they are normally clearly angelic, with the halo and wings representative of angels.
    • Messenger: An angel can teleport immense distances and open portals to other worlds. This allows them to leave Heaven and travel across other universes.
    • Protection from Harm: A halo protects its bearer from offensive magic of all varieties, including those that seek to warp or manipulate them through other means. It is particularly effective in protecting against the corrupting influence of demons.
  • Wings: The wings of an angel are special, unique constructs formed out of magic, and are used to direct and manipulate magical energies as limbs. They can even absorb magic and other energy with ease. The wings are the most sensitive and important part of an angel’s body, and they are carefully maintained at all times.

The Zeus Arcana - Keraunos: In the time leading up to EQUINOX becoming an angel and after she became one, she expanded upon her magic as much as she could as quickly as she could. While there are few ways her already masterful control over electromagnetism could noticeably advance, her control over the other fundamental interactions - gravity, and the strong and weak interactions - grew significantly.

  • Discharger: Through EQUINOX’s further advancement of her magic, she gained the eventual power to create new wavelengths and frequencies of electromagnetic radiation. These new forms of radiation can be lower than radio waves and higher than gamma rays, with long or short wavelengths. They can possess new properties and power that normal, natural wavelengths do not, and may not necessarily line up with the actual traits that such natural wavelengths would possess.


  • EQUINOX was created and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, which is where she met SOLSTICE and is where she spent most of her life on Earth.
  • Her interests in her youth included a lot of science fiction media, such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, the original Alien, The Thing, and similar movies. She also roleplayed with her friends, with systems such as Dungeons & Dragons.
    • She also, at one point, went through a punk phase.
  • EQUINOX smoked a lot when she was younger. Though she's mostly stopped, she still lapses back into it during times of stress.
  • EQUINOX's favorite Pokémon would be Espurr, the Mareep line, the Tynamo line, the Magnemite line, and the Joltik line.


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