Elen is an OC created by JiyuuNoTsubasa. He is from from the Highearth Chronicles series, part of the Saga of Cosmos and is one of the strongest human characters of the Omniverse.


Elen is the son of a former general of the Humanor Kingdom, Alien Glory, who after a humiliating loss in the decisive battle of the war between the Humanor Kingdom and the Sindra Empire, he quit from his position and became a merchant. His mother, Elsa, was an assassin of the Order of the Infinite Edge, who after the Order's disbanded, married Alien.

After many years of training with both his mother and father, Elen became a Master Swordsman and at the age of 18 enlisted to the army of the Humanor Kingdom, in order to gain the glory he lusted for since he was a kid.


Elen has long, curly brown hair that reach to the height of his shoulders, as well as brown eyes. Elen is described as a handsome young man of more than average height. Due to a decade of constant training in Hand to Hand combat and Swordsmanship, he has developed a well-developed muscular physique. His usually expressionless and along with his calm demeanour , often makes it difficult to guess what he is thinking.

Elen is usually see wearing the Royal Army uniform, even though he greatly despises it. When not in military attire, he is dressed in expensive clothes. While training he wears a dark blouse, jet black training pants and black boots. He always carries with him the Flaire, his weapon of choice.


Working on it...

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7B | 6C | 6B to 6A+

Name: Elen Glory

Origin: Highearth Chronicles (a series made by JiyuuNoTsubasa)

Gender: Male

Age: 18 (at the beginning of the series)

Classification: Human, Mage

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Magic, Master Martial Artist, Master Swordsman, Telepathy, Barrier Creations, Mastery over Fire Creation and Manipulation, Limited Time Manipulation, Resistance to Mind Control, Mind Fuckery, Illussions.

Attack Potency: City Level (capable of overpowering an attack that destroyed a town 2 times bigger than New York), Island Level (obliterated Soland, who busted an island at full power), Country to Continent Level+ (superior to the likes of Oldrake, whose roar evaporated a country the size of Europe)

Speed: Light speed combat and reactions (blitzed Soland who moves faster than enhanced Lightning), superhuman travel speed, likely mach speed

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