Elizabeth Walker

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Sky Goddess Form

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Heavenly Angel of Hearts Form

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Shooter of Light

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Shield of the Lionheart

Note: Very long read.

Elizabeth Drake. A young woman coming from a rich upper class family in the country of England, Elizabeth had just about anything a teenager her age would have wanted; Money and wealth, a very nice house, access to great health care and education, anything a kid like her would want to have. However, Elizabeth was, in reality, bored of her life. Sure she may have things like a nice house and loving parents and people to tend to her needs whenever she needs them plus a number of activities to do, Elizabeth felt tired of doing more or less just about the same thing in her life. In addition, she wanted to be around "new people" and see other things outside of her home world. As in, Elizabeth had wanted to go to other places and meet new people. Though she has previous went to places like Japan and America in the past, Elizabeth still didn't feel quite "complete" yet. She had "friends" who never quite understood her in this regard, as they were pretty content with their lives and thus couldn't relate to her of this.

One day while walking home, she met a girl named Acantha Watson, who was about her age and seemed to have an interest in her. Though confused and weirded out even at first, Elizabeth decided to try and humor by tagging along with her of this. She was surprised as how...peculiar, this girl can be. Gothic-like clothing, having a sweet tooth of sorts, having a sort of collection of weapons, video gaming, an assortment of dolls, anything this girl did was awkward for Elizabeth. But overtime from hanging with Acantha after school time had allowed her to take a liking to her, even going as far as to call her a "true" friend after she got to know her and how she also had the same thought of wanting to see and do new things in life.

One day while having tea with Acantha, however, was when she heard the news of the latter leaving the country to go somewhere "far away" for a long time. Hearing this struck a pain in the young Drake's heart, one she did not know of why but realized that she had grown some "feelings" for the girl, and knew it hurted her to see the one she's gotten to know, especially one who understood her boredom of life and need for something new and exciting in life, leave her alone back to her boring and mundane life. But the girl she had gotten to know reassured her warmly that both will meet again eventually, she just has to wait for her for the time being. Elizabeth, unable to bear it with tears in her eyes and, unexpectedly for both, kissed her and hugged her, telling her that she will. Though she apologized for her action greatly, Acantha did not mind it and knew in her that Elizabeth liked her and gave a light kiss and hug back, now with tears in her eyes as well. By the next morning, the girl Elizabeth knew had gone on her trip out of the country, a red velvet rose being the only gift of her that she left behind. Elizabeth treasured it as her way of saying they now have a strong bond together.

Some time after that, Elizabeth had gotten more better and out of her boredom, having been able to do a bit of the things she did with Acantha during their brief time of hanging out together, even having been able to get her "friends" to do this along together as well. Though it took a bit for them to get used to it, they did like it in the end and as a result, Elizabeth had now liked them even more and was livelier in her life. However, there was two things that made her still incomplete in life: Missing Acantha in her life and the desire to head out to other places in the world.

One night, Elizabeth looked up to the sky to see the stars, looking out and hoping her love, that is Acantha, was doing fine on her end. And of her desire to go to and explore eve more places than to what she's seen and experienced thus far. After making a quick prayer of sorts, Elizabeth was preparing to go to bed for the night, a portal of the unknown opened up in her room. Not wanting to leave her parents place and planning on getting her assistants to deal with the portal, Elizabeth decided to leave it alone and thus ignore it only to get pulled into the portal. Elizabeth barely had time to scream for help before being being fully inside the portal, the last image she saw of her room and world being that of a black shadowy silhouette emerging from the spot she was last in; giving her a mocking wave as her very last sight of her world.

Elizabeth later awoke on a bed that was not hers, finding herself in a place unfamiliar to her at all. She moved around, finding herself in different sleeping clothing that looked very similar to her own. She was confused of all this til' she found a note on a table. Opening it, it read-

"Your desire has been met, but it is the beginning of anew. A road to many places has been opened for you. Take this opportunity and let it not go to waste and for naught."
~ Signed - Your helping "friend"

Heeding the mysterious words from the anonymous letter, Elizabeth understood her desire was met. Saddened that she would not be able to see her friends, family, and likely her lover Acantha again, she steeled herself and resigned to this situation she had gotten herself into, taking the one other thing in her heart as she looked on to what her future holds for her next...

Few years went by since her arrival in a new world, and Elizabeth had become a strong and independent woman. She had not only become another keyblade wielder of light to help fight off darkness and being an ally to many friends she's made, but also having actually learned many life lessons in her time of the place she was sent to. Though she had yet to figure out who this "mysterious friend" that helped her and she had yet to find Acantha, Elizabeth stood tall and strong as a figure of grace and power worthy enough to be a Keyblade Master in her own right, something that was stated so by both King Mickey and Merlin the Wizard themselves (two beings who, while one is retired, possess knowledge of how to wield such a blade itself). Her task as being a true warrior of light would come when one day, while out seeing the sunlight outside the gates and castle of the King himself, she's encountered by a man in strange robes who came to propose to her of an impending doom upon not only her new home, but of all worlds that she's went to and that of others she herself did not know existed.

Remembering her lover from those years back and hoping this is the chance she can get to finally reuniting her into her life, she took up the offer to help lead the mans cause. Eventually coming home and later meeting even more new friends and allies and worlds before her eyes...


Work in progress...

Personal Statistics

Name: Elizabeth Drake. "Liz" (Prefers others to call her this for short naming sakes). Lady Elizabeth or Lady Drake. Goddess of the Skies. Angel from the Heavens. Princess of the house of Drakes.

Origin: Exceed

Age: 17-18, 21 (End of Series) | 22-23 (Beginning Arc), 24-25 (Middle Arc), 26~ (End Arc), 30+ (End of Series)

Gender: Female

Classification: Human, Noblewoman, Keyblade Wielder

Date of Birth: July 29th, 1996

Birthplace: London, UK

Weight: You never really ask a women her weight, should you? 

Height: 5'9

Likes: Acantha, her two kouhai's, tea, strolls/walks, teaching, reading, playing music (sometimes with Patrick and Aaron), being a good figure to all female heroes, taking warm calm baths


Eye Color: Grey normally, Blue in Sky Goddess and AoH Forms, Green when wearing her "Holy clothing"

Hair Color: Light Blonde normally, Light Pink in Sky Goddess and AoH Forms, Blonde when wearing her "holy clothing"



Theme(s) (Songs and credit goes to the original artists:

Martial Status: Dating

Status: Alive

Affiliation: King Mickey, Sora and his friends, Aaron Myers, Patrick Walker, Roman Pierce, Kenji Kazama, Acantha Watson, House of Drake (Partially)

Previous Affiliation: N/A


  • "Sir Drake" (Father)
  • "Madam Drake" (Mother)

Combat Statistics

Tier: 4-B

Powers and abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Magic, Highly skilled acrobat, Expert hand-to-hand Martial Artist and Swordswoman, Flight/levitation, Energy manipulation, Afterimage creation, Elemental Magic (of the fire, ice, wind, and lightning variation), Healing, Barrier Generation, can breath in space | Same powers as before, Time Stop via Stopga, Sealing (Through the use of her Keyblade and/or via special magic spells, Elizabeth can partially or even permanently seal certain properties of a person or even an object. Can also unseal them off if she desires to), Chain Manipulation,

Attack Potency: Solar System level

Speed: Massively FTL+

Lifting Strength: Class M+, possibly higher

Striking Strength: Solar System Class

Durability: Solar System level

Stamina: Superhuman (can keep up in long sparring matches with Patrick and Aaron as well as dealing against Sora and Riku in battle)

Range: A couple meters with throwing knives and regular melee, dozen of meters with bow and arrows, keyblade telepathy and guns, Several thousand kilometers with magic

Standard Equipment: Originally possessed a saber sword that later is used as a physical vessel form for her keyblade, Lionheart (Said Keyblade over time gains the ability to affect the mind and soul after Elizabeth trained even more). Later gains the use of two other swords in her possession: Lævateinn (The Sword of Inferno once belonging to the Norse fire giant Surtr as well as being her lovers sword) and Goujian (An ancient sword of Chinese origins that was last held by her dear friend). Also gained a pair of dual heavenly made flintlock pistols with blades on the bottom.


Weaknesses: None notable

Key: Born Great, Become Greater | Exceed | Goddess of the Heart

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

-Keyblade (Lionheart): Through channeling one's strength of heart, the user can summon a Keyblade to use in battle. Elizabeth's Keyblade is the Lionheart, using her saber sword that she's been trained with as a key of the realm of light representing her courageous heart and soul and for fighting with her friends in the name of love and friendship. Through use of the Keyblade, the user is granted increased strength, speed, durability, and increased magical power, as well as access to special abilities, like turning your keyblade into a bike or whip. Elizabeth demonstrated said special abilities, but cannot preform that of it's transformations.

-Magic: Through channeling the magical power within the user's body, one can perform various magic spells, ranging from fire attacks, to the ability to stop time for a short time.

  • Aero:
  • Blizzard:
  • Cure:
  • Fire:
  • Light Barrier:
  • Thunder:



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Note: Credit goes to all the original makers of the images.

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