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Due to the way the verse here is like and how it is with it's plot (especially with it's current storyline), the verses and it's characters that may end up on here on any story i have made are not of my own creation and thus rightfully belong to their original creators.

About the verse

Exceed is a verse created by CrossverseCrisis.

Exceed is originally a series of stories surrounding the life of a long line of protectors who are sworn to protect all life and the multiverse, as well as through the life of those they become friends and enemies with and the journeys they endured and lead onto. It is also a series where the characters go to various worlds of various types (from Kleon's adventures with the various gods of mythology, mainly just the Greek ones, to that of his descendants encounters with characters of modern media like games, comics, anime and manga, etc.).

This being a concept that has been a part of the verse for a long time since it's creation. No date or stories have ever been made in stone for a very long time, due to constant writers block among other problems, but they are coming around and will posted on both (For fanfics involving my characters) and/or possibly Fictionpress (for original stories that pertain to the casts own world and "would-be" standalone original plot).

To know more of other aspects of this verse, refer to here.

Parts of the Verse (Work in progress)

Note: Due to constant issues regarding the on-going planning of creating the stories for each parts (aside from personal issues outside of the wikia IRL), all of the major plots here may not be able to be written.

Per the theme of Exceed, the major plots of this verse is about problems that occur throughout all existence in the countless multiverses that reside with one another. There are five stories that have the same theme involving going through those multiverses and the worlds inside them, three out of those five all have the same issues while the remaining two have different reasons of them in it.

===The Legend of Kleon===

Work in progress...

Existential Crisis Trilogy

Tale of the Dragon General

The first line of this series follows the life of Kiyoshi "Kiyo" Rashin. Kiyo was just a normal kid in high school just living off a plain, simple, and yet peaceful life in the U.S. However, it all ended abruptly when mysterious beings in black and red attacked his school and killed nearly everyone except himself and several other people who ended up being saved by a group of powerful unknown beings. This followed by a series of other events lead Kiyo to become just like the ones who saved him, not knowing that by simply partaking this route would thrust him into a destiny far greater than any would expected to see.

Knight to the Stars

Second line of the series here resolves around Joel Rashin Myers, the son of the late Kiyo Rashin. Having lived a tough time after his fathers sacrifice to the world that allow his loved ones to live on, Joel had been very curious as to who, what, and how his father was like in life. Finding out his father's old belongings while searching through his and his mothers home, he was then told of what he did and how much he's done to the world and all others he encountered and did for them. Seeing who and what his father was, Joel then decided to live up the legacy his father made by becoming a knight for those in need, essentially becoming a guardian much like his father was in his time. However like his father, Joel would end up taking a role that would lead him beyond the cosmos of the world and to that of the multiverse...if only to end up with a cause that may possibly lose him his family...

A Guardian's Odyssey

The third and current line of the series (likely the last one of this) revolves around the life of Aaron "Rashin" Myers, the son of Joel Rashin Myers and the grandson of the late Kiyo Rashin. Joined alongside with close friends Patrick Walker and Michael Morales, the teen has been longing a desire to partake in traveling beyond his universe and onto other worlds, having heard stories of this being made by his grandmother when he was young as well as from his father. But he and his friend did not possess the power to do so nor were they allowed to attempt such a thing, for his grandmother warned him of a fate and destiny that claimed the lives of her husband and that of her son. Sadly hearing of this, he nonetheless took it and accepted to living and dying in his own "small world", unaware that an attack from a mysterious beast would come to try and take his and his friends lives that, along with gaining powers in the process and being saved by an unknown man from another universe, would the three teens take up the same role as Aaron's grandfather and father have once taken up.

===When Time Goes===

Work in progress...

Stories relating to the verse

As of recent, there are plans for stories that will be made that will either show things that are related to the plot of the story parts themselves or will be related to them in some way or another (ex. fanfics of verses that will be related to the verse here will showcase the OC's from here in them and how they all end up being a part of the main, big plot of the...verse, here).

Here is a blog listing the stories relating to this verse, both original and fanfiction wise.

Supporters / Opponents



Eldritch abomination


Xanix (Pretty cool chars)


Matthew Schroeder




God-King Superman77



The Power of the Verse

(Note: work in progress. likely won't be done for a very long while so hang tight and please be patient on this for me)

Characters of this Verse

Note 1: Any and all artwork of any kind here, sans those done for some like here and here, are all owned by their original creators.

Note 2: In regards to the profiles shown here, none of them are up to par in terms of Versus Matches being made here involving them. Henceforth, it is preferable for them to not be used for the time being when they can finally be done.

The Legend of Kleon

Tale of the Dragon General

Knight to the Stars

A Guardian's Odyssey

When Time Goes

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