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Due to the way the verse here is like and how it is with it's plot (especially with it's current storyline), the verses and it's characters that may end up on here on any story i have made are not of my own creation and thus rightfully belong to their original creators.

About the verse

Exceed is a verse created by CrossverseCrisis.

Exceed's story is primarily that of a bunch of original characters who live in their own kind of worlds that at a certain point in their young lives gain the ability to travel to other worlds and meet people as well as special powers to help fight off enemies they may encounter.

It's main characters are three young teens who all live in the same city and state, having been childhood friends with one another for a long time since pre-school. Two of them had a desire of wanting to reach out to other worlds and meet new people, the kind of which that would make them have everlasting memories to cherish and hold even after their eventual passing in life. However, their dreams could only be more of fantasy and dreams that they, along with the youngest who simply was content with his physical life but still joined in with the oldest two if partially to keep hanging out with the two, could only accept the normality of their lives that they were given. Instead opting to do what they can do with it such that they were also fine regardless of what their mindset was like of it, for all three knew it was purely fictional to even possess and pursue such desires let alone know of it ever happening.

But what first was thought up as fantastical dreams became a reality as during a morning walk around their city did the three end up seeing something strange in the form of a weird chaotic creature that distorted reality with its presence. Everyone in the city saw it and it saw them, and by them was its gaze looking towards the three teens themselves to be exact. The three young boys ran as fast as their youthful feet can carry them, one of whom even had to carry the youngest on their backs when he could no longer run any longer. Besides some collateral damage and several people were left hurt along with a few deaths, the beast eventually cornered them in a dead end of an alleyway, where it would have claimed their young lives had it not been for a strange man in royal clothes and a sword at his side striking it down.

It was from that day onwards, and with the man explaining to them of the existence of parallel worlds in danger of being extinguished to nothingness including their own, did the three found themselves going on an epic journey of abnormality and bizarreness that would test their sanity, moral, and actions amongst other matters they will face. All the while facing even more problems, from discovering that their was more to them than what they know to being on the boundary and line between normal reality and fantasy reality, for the price of one desire had to be paid in full with many challenges and obstacles for them to take...

Power of the Verse

Stories relating to the verse

As of recent, there are plans for stories that will be made that will either show things that are related to the plot of the story parts themselves or will be related to them in some way or another (ex. fanfics of verses that will be related to the verse here will showcase the OC's from here in them and how they all end up being a part of the main, big plot of the...verse, here).

Here is a blog listing the stories relating to this verse, both original and fanfiction wise.

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Xanix (Pretty cool chars)


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The Power of the Verse

(Note: work in progress. likely won't be done for a very long while so hang tight and please be patient on this for me)

Characters of this Verse

Note 1: Any and all artwork of any kind here, sans those done for some like here and here, are all owned by their original creators.

Note 2: In regards to the profiles shown here, none of them are up to par in terms of Versus Matches being made here involving them. Henceforth, it is preferable for them to not be used for the time being when they can finally be done.


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