Felicity is an original OC by Krinn.

She is a notable antagonist of Sonny 2 flash game, having stolen the Tape on the beggining of the game. Later, she join Sonny and his friends.

Appearance and Personality

Felicity is a tall, slim woman with blue skin and brown short hair. Her eyes are fully yellow, growing brightly.

Her usual attier consists of dark blue coat, pants and tall leather boots. She usually uses black gloves as well.

She has shown to be sarcastic and easy-going, with incredible recklessness and brutality when fighting. However, she is also cunning, transforming her into a dangerous enemy. Also, when she knows that she's in danger, she usually gets very serious and angry.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 8-C.

Name: Felicity.

Origin: Sonny 2.

Gender: Female.

Age: Unspecified; Probably on her 30s.

Classification: Zombie blade dancer.

Powers and Abilities: Blending within the terrain, super strength, speed, durability and reflexes; Very skilled with swords and daggers.

Attack Potency: Small Building Level at least - Higher with Serious Business (Her most damaging attacks caused massive damage output even for the likes of the Mayor).

Speed: Peak Human+ Level w/ at least Supersonic+ reactions - Faster with Shadow Blend (She displayed massive speed while running; Able to dodge Veradux's Electro Bolt, a attack that instantly hit a speeding car).

Lifting Strength: Class H.

Striking Strength: At least Class KJ - Higher with Serious Business (Much stronger than her first fight with Sonny and Veradux, where she hurt Veradux by simply throwing a knife into his face).

Durability: At least Building Level - Higher with Blade Shield (Could tank heavy hits of Sonny).

Stamina: Superhuman. (She fought enemies of Mayor's league and didn't displayed tiredness)

Range: Extended range with swords; Significantly longer with thrown knife.

Standard Equipment: A curved blade, a long dagger, throwing knives, motorcycle.

Intelligence: Smart in combat, average otherwise; Able to device complicated plans, strategies and tactics, and she has shown to be a experient fighter and sword-user. Shown to be stealthy as well.

Weaknesses: None notable.


- Could fight Sonny and Veradux at the same time equally.

- With a surprise attack, she casually ran over Sonny with a motorcycle and thrown a knife into Veradux's face.

- Managed to dodge a Electro Bolt from Veradux. Note that the Electro Bolt almost insta-hitted a speeding car.

- Her attacks teared through very tough armor from the likes of Iron Warden.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Leading Strike: Felicity attacks with surprising speed, and manages to focus on the enemy significantly more.

Slash: Felicity slashes (duh) the enemy and dips acid residue on the wound, lessening any regeneration or healing from the attack.

Gouge: Slashes the enemy with massive strength, stunning them.

Garrote: Strikes the enemy brutally, silencing them and making they lose their concentration and focus temporarily.

Throw Knife: She throws her knife with astounding precision, always aiming at the enemy's face. It will cut the enemy's speed by 50% and reduce their concentration.

Planned Assault: Felicity assaults the enemy with cunning brutality, causing major damage and bleeding to them.

Blade Shield: Felicity shields herself with her blades, absorbing massive quantities of damage. However, if her guard is broken while Blade Shield is active, her physicl defense will reduce by 50%.

Black Metal: A attack with mysterious propoerties; Healing & regeneration will only work at 5% of their original potential.

Serious Business: Felicity is very enraged, and her attacks boost greatly as a result of that. Also, her body seems to get tougher to damage as well.

Shadow Blend: Felicity blends herself within the shadows, multiplying her speed twice of the original value.


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