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Flame is a hedgehog and older brother to Turbo, he was once with his parents which of how what happened that he lost his memory in some sort of portal and forgot about his parents but Turbo. Now he is best friends with Speed, Jayro and Toon


Full Name: Flame (Last Name Unknown)

Relatives: Turbo (Brother)

Birthplace: Unknown

Typing: Fire

Stats and Powers

Tier: High 7-C | 7-A | 6-C | 6-B | 6-A

Origin: World of hedgehogs

Power and Abilities: Fire Manipulation, Superhuman Strength, Flight, Super speed, Fire Resistance (He can resist fire attacks or be immune)

Attack Potency: Small Town Level (Stronger than Jayro and Toon who are able to bust Multi-City Blocks, and casually sets forest fires on accident) | Mountain Level (Much stronger than Base) | Island Level (Has been said to be slightly stronger than Super Form, and he ranges around this level) | Likely Country Level (Slightly stronger than 1st stage, and could possibly be a match for Flash who destroyed a country before) | Possibly Continent Level

Speed: Likely Superhuman (Comparable to Toon and Jayro who are able to fight faster than the blink of an eye) | Subsonic+ (Faster than base, and should be able to go faster than Toon and Jayro by now) | Supersonic (Can reach mach 1, and can possibly keep up with Flash for a limited amount of time) | Hypersonic (His speed goes toe to toe with Flash and Reignite version Jayro, whereas Flash is faster by a little) | High Hypersonic (stated by Kai he can go from Stratosphere to here in a few minutes)

Lifting Strength: Class T

Striking Strength: Class TJ | Class PJ

Durability: Small Town Level (Can tank hits from Speed who is around his level) | Mountain Level (Much tougher than Base) | Island Level (Can tank attacks as much as he can throw attacks) | Likely Country Level (Comparable to Flash who is on this kind of level of power and durability) | Possibly Continent Level

Stamina: High (Can fight for endless of hours)

Range: Long

Standard Equipment: Extreme Gear, Legendary Sword, Flare Saber

Weaknesses: Weak to water attacks, a bit aggressive

Key: Base | Super | 1st Stage | Hyper | 2nd Stage


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