Genocidal Warfare

This is a multiverse overrun by the forces of two mysterious and complex yet not physically powerful beings the General and Scientist.The verse has very diverse landscapes;by that of course I mean the ungenocided part(the genocided part is a pure wasteland) and various lifeforms such Evolved Lifeforms which are essentially 9-B beings who if escape toxins used to sedate planets and is essentiallay as dangerous as AIDS will have their immune system and physical prowess skyrocket to superhuman levels.There are naturally powerful beings such as Electrites,Semi Solid Sentients and Temperature Controllers or if you want to be racist "Batteries","Squiggers" and "Air Conditioners".the general is a humanitarian turned inventor turned dictator turned power hungry conqueror turned psychopath.He genocides planet sparing a few slaves and cooks and leaving the organic matter as fuel for his multiversal portals or tortures survivors for pleasure.The lifeforms mentioned above fight in their base established in all sections and realities and timelines of the multiverse fight to depose the General while protecting other sections of the population who are powerless.the General relies on robots and cybernetically enhanced Sentients who he has to brainwash to support him.There are multiple smaller forces however their efforts are mostly futile against these two bigger superpowers.

Power of the verse

The strongest characters are Multi Solar System to barely Galaxy Level though initially only Building Level to City Block Level.The General and the Scientist ignore conventional durability and unless you destroy the multiverse or murder all of their counterparts they cannot be killed.The reality of the verse only allows time travel and reality manipulation through science(Sci Fi that is)


Alex Teeson

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