Glenn Hooker is the youngest of two children, to a relatively poor family living in London, England. His family was ostracized by their local community since early on, due to his father's lineage from Nazi German leaders. The family faced prejudice daily for this, ranging from beatings to public shaming. Glenn faced hardships from all angles. One day, these ritual beatings resulted in the perpetrators "accidentally" murdering Glenn's family - causing him to manifest his mutant abilities. He immediately slaughtered his tormentors. From that point on, Glenn became an avatar of vengeance, exterminating "evil" whenever he stumbled upon it.


Initially, Glenn was a frail, brown-skinned skinny boy with dark brown hair. After awaking his mutant abilities, he gained what historians would refer to as "the body of Adonis." He additionally gained teeth and claws that are as sharp as steel. Whenever Glenn activates his electric-based mutant abilities, his eyes turn a dark red color. When not using them, they revert to their normal blue.


Glenn has lived a troubled life, experiencing mankind's cruelty as both a mutant and human. Glenn was forced to watch as his family be murdered in front of him by regular humans. He is filled with hatred and anger - mainly against the people of London - for what happened to his family.

He excels at violence and is an efficient killer. While he was more driven by pain and rage in his younger years; he later grew cold and calculating.  He has killed dozens - possibly hundreds - of men and women throughout the years. Hunting down "evil" mutant haters has been a major part of his life. Glenn isn't shy of violence, even putting one man through the excruciating pain of slowly electro-frying his brain while smiling sadistically - then taunting the corpse!

Despite his violent nature, Glenn is still a very sophisticated man. He is highly intelligent and well-read on many topics. Hence, Glenn always displays a clean and proper demeanor - and could be very suave, charming, and affable when he was required to be. He is always well-dressed; and has a love of fine wines, scotch, and all manner of music.

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