The ability to manipulate gravity, one of the four fundamental forces that shape our universe.

Abilities of this type usually manifest in the form of attraction and repulsion of matter, flight, creating local gravity fields to increase pressure and immobilize the enemy, etc. In the hands of the more proficient users it can be quite broken since powerful gravitational pull can influence the flow of time, bend space, create black holes and wormholes, or do something even more abstract such as using blackholes - or the aforementioned wormholes - as a means of travel to another universe.

Usage of gravity manipulation can be often confused with telekinesis.


  • Because it is such a powerful ability, it may backfire on a less experienced user.
  • Using it without care may put allies in danger as well (e. g.: Creating a Black Hole could be catastrophic for friends and foe alike.)
  • Depending on the scale of the power, environmental destruction may get out of the user's control.
  • Some foes may be strong or resilient enough to resist the effects of Gravity through raw power.


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