Azathoth by williamdraven-d32tdfb

See those "white dots" behind him? those are infinite pre-made and already existent Outerverses orbiting him, also known as the Omni-Array.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 0

Name: Gwi, Zenial's Grandfather, The Origin, The Creator

Origin: PRIDE

Gender: Male

Classification: Major God

Age: Infinite, exists and will always exist in every timeline possible.

Powers and Abilities: Omnipotence, Omniscience, Omnipresence

Attack Potency: True Infinity (He is massively huge, also the Prideverse is actually a dream inside his head, his favorite "Outerverse" in which he decided to dream about, once he wakes up (from boringness of that Outerverse), this Outerverse will be destroyed, and a new one will be selected for his dreaming, he may also get bored of those infinite Outerverses, and destroy them all just for fun and then recreate another endless array of Outerverses.)

Speed: Omnipresent

Lifting Strength: True Infinity

Striking Strength: True Infinity

Durability: True Infinity

Range: Infinite


Note: He is also infinitely dimensionally transcendental, thus intangible, invisible and infinitely powerful to any kind of Hyperversal, Hyperversal god or even further, and anyone/anything within the Hyperverses.

Note #2: The Omni-Array is the place where Gwi rests. Here, Gwi is the center mass, where every Hyperverse from every reality orbits him. It's completely endless, and decillions of new Hyperverses are created/brought by him in every attosecond (around 1051/Sexdecillion Hyperverses per second), although he can spam infinite Hyperverses instantly if he wishes. Each of those Hyperverses contains trillions of alternate dimensions, each with trillions of different Hyperverses and each with trillions of Universes.

Note #3: Gwiiaijmak seems to be more or less be inspired/ or at least is similar to Azathoth in that both have created things just by dreaming them up(Ex. Azathoth created the Outer Gods and Gwi created infinite Hyperverses).