Heradon and Dextradon are a human/dragon adventuring duo in the Adventure. They are an inseperable team (Heradon is the human, Dextradon is the dragon), and work very well together, even if that is their only signifigant atvantage. In fact, either one of them could be taken down by a single member of the Party, and that is saying something, given that they are a band of misfits. It is unknown what species of dragon Dextradon belongs to, as he is much smaller, weaker, and, curiously, a bit more inteligent, than most dragons. It is also unknown how the duo got together in the first place.

Appearance and Personality

Heradon is an average blonde, 6 foot tall human, who usually wears leather riding armor. Dextradon is a small dragon, three times the length of a man, with unusually large wings for his size. He is green with red stripes down his back and wings, about 5 feet tall, and just strong enough to lift a armored human and his weapons off the ground.


Tier: Heradon, on his own, is 9-C +, while Dextradon is 9-B on his own. Together, they are about 9-A.

Name: Heradon (The human) and Dextradon (The dragon)

Gender: Both male

Age: Heradon is in his 30s, Dextradon is unknown

Origin: The Adventure, (North Sector)

Classification: Human Rider, Ranger, or Summoner (Exact class is unknown given that dragon-riding is rather unprecendented in the North Sector)

Attack Potency: Together, Building Level

Speed: Heradon is about 2 times human on the ground, while Dextradon is about the same on the ground, and maybe 80 MPH in midair. Dextradon in midair, with Heradon on his back, is around 45 MPH.

Lifting Strength: Unknown for both, although definitely superhuman

Striking Strength: Building Level

Durability: Building Level

Stamina: Average for Heradon, relatively low for Dextradon.

Range: Melee

Standard Equipment: Heradon has a lance, a long pike, a steel sword of average quality, and leather armor. Dextradon has no notable equipment, exept for a blanket used in place of a saddle.

Intelligence: Just slightly below average human for Heradon, and Above Average human for Dextradon.

Weaknesses: WIP

Powers and Abilities:

Notable Attacks and Techniques:

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