File:Dead Fantasy Kairi Artwork.jpg


Hikari is a character based off of Kairi from Kingdom Hearts, and is owned by The 2nd Existential Seed / Minus .

Overall Power & Stats

File:DF Kairi.png

Tier: High 1-A l High 1-A

Name: Hikari

Age: Unknown


Origins: Wonderlands

Attack Potency: High Hyperversal Level + ( All Transcendent Keys are stated to be at this level of power once they are wielded . On the same level of power as Haruki before using Drive forms . ) l High Hyperversal Level + ( Can take on Behemoth )

Range: Limitless l Same

Speed: Irrevelant l Higher 

Stamina: Limitless ( Via Powerscalling to Haruki ) Same 

Durability: High Hyperversal Level + ( Also via Powerscalling ) l Higher

Lifting Strength : Irrevelant l Higher 

Striking Strength : Irrevelant l Higher 

Key: Base l With Transformations 

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