Sop (Low)

Es Hop. Es un conejo de las estrallas. Hop quiere zanahorias.

Note: Hop is a Hoppist. He documents it all, so please click here, for a full biography and historical account.

Hop is an alien stuffed rabbit from an ancient cosmic planet that's the size of the observable universe, and is considerably strong due to his planet's size. His powers are just the nature of his race, and his speed and durability are gifts from his deity.

As we know it, Hop is a childlike and free spirited adventurer with little regard for others, excluding other fluffy people.

Stats and Powers

Tier: High 3-A | 2-C | High 1-A

Name: Prince Hop Hoppington-Hoppenhiemer, Lord Sop

Origin: Yo! Soy Hop! & Fluffy People (appearance only)

Gender: Not applicable, referred to as male (Hop's species is not a sex based one, as they predate genetics)

Age: According to his tag, he was made in 1997, but Hop always says he is 4. However he indicates he is several billion years older than the universe

Classification: Fluffy Person

Powers and Abilities: Precognition, Master Fighter, Fusionism (can absorb other fluffy people's potential), Superhuman Senses (360 degree vision, infinite range hearing), limitless energy/stamina, Immortality (Type 4), True Invincibility, Momentum-Carry (allows the output of an attack to carry over and be added onto a future attack for increased damage), Time Manipulation (can reverse or rewind time, or even fast forward it while being outside of existence when doing so), Flight (Psuedo and True Flight), laser eye beams

Attack Potency: High Universal (Hop has infinite physical power due to having infinite energy and Momentum Carry) | Multi-Universal (beat Toro into submission while talking him out of his rampage with help of the Lightning Cats. They destroyed several universal space-time continuums in doing so) | High Outerverse level (equal to Buddy)

Speed: At most Relativistic+ (easily traverses an Earth-like planet in a fraction of a second, going 99% the speed of light) | Infinite (distance is a non issue with his speeds, as he can cross infinite distances in a limited period of time) | Irrelevant

Lifting Strength: At least Stellar (natural strength) | Infinite | Irrelevant

Striking Strength: High Universal | Multi-Universal | Irrelevant

Durability: True Infinity (cannot be hurt, as gifted by a Tier 0 being. Can be knocked back and carry momentum, however it does not represent being hurt. All higher dimensional beings are unable to effect them, and their space-time existences cannot be altered. Anything lower than a Tier 0's power has no effect on them in any way)

Stamina: Not Quantifiable (he does not rely on any source for energy)

Range: Planetary | Multi-Universal | Irrelevant

Standard Equipment:

- His sword, the Hopsaber (blue/orange cross-guard lightsaber)

- His pink neck ribbon that inhibits his power, becomes removed when he becomes Sop

- Little Blue Button (a pin with a button that stops or reverse time, and pulls Hop out of existence until it is pressed again by him)

Intelligence: High (especially with farming, technology, history, and reading opponents. Very experienced in combat)

Weaknesses: Ticklish, tends to not be defensive

Key: Standard | Fused with Vibri | Super Hop (Sop)

Personal Statistics

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Hop has natural disregard for respect, however is not comfortable with unprovoked violence, and his morals, which are according to Hoppism, are very mixed)

Date of Birth: November 4th, according to Hop

Birthplace: The Planet Karrots, in the Cest/Inue binary star system

Age: According to his tag, he was made in 1997, but Hop always says he is 4. However he indicates he is several billion years older than the universe

Weight:: 1lb/1kg

Height: 14 inches, 16 inches if his ears are standing straight up

Education: 'Hop' in Hoppism, 10th Degree Black Belt (in all known martial arts), Speaks most Earth languages

Occupation: Store Manager (owns a store in Canada, selling various things), Farmer (carrots, kale, and lettuce)

Family: Unknown, however is the older brother to Vibri, and son of the 1st Sop

Possessions: Several lightsaber variations, a blue pin with a time manipulating dial, his homeworld, a spaceship

Likes: Fighting, running, listening to music, stuffing his face with food, filling out coloring books

Dislikes: Religious Institutions, cats, discrimination against rabbits, people who don't shave

Eye Color: Black

Fur Color: White body, pink inner ears, nose and whiskers

Hobbies: Browsing the internet, practicing martial arts, making YouTube videos

Status: Exists/"Alive"

Affiliation: Hoppism, Hopkind, Fluffy People


Mi nombre es Hop (1)

"Hop did not come here to bargain with you."

Sop Ascended

"Hop is beyond you now. Only Gop could stand in Hop's way, now"

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