This page is created for the Verse of Uni and is the creation of John-Zander


Humans in Uni are pretty different from today's standards most look the same as an average human but a lot are new different sub-species created by experimentation, some goal, or even by accident but even besides that there has been so many genetic and physical modifications to make even original humans more powerful

Changes from Today

Many changes have been made from overall improving the efficiency of the human body, improving the human body's capabilities to superhuman levels and even enhancing their potential for mentalis usage

Physical Changes

First of all the Tier for the Average Uni citizen instead of being 10-B like today it's about 8-C but its not like every citizen can just destroy a house in one hit the materials in Uni are way more stronger on average to compensate. Eyes can process information much faster, average top speed for most humans is Subsonic .

Efficiency Changes

Brains can process information much faster on average with an even high potential for mentalis usage though most can only use basic Telekinesis,Telepathy, and for some Temperature Manipulation. Now humans are immortal in the age sense and need less food, water, and general resources to survive. A little tid bit humans use photosynthesis now and are generally more resistant to heat and cold and are able to work at the center of the Earth and in the poles without having to worry about temperature.

Note- Most Humans In this series fit into the Superhuman Physical Characteristics Statistic. On a side note that sounds confusing

Subspecies (Coming Soon)

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