"A masculine woman with a maternal soul." - Stryder's brief description of Hyakabo.


Hyakabo Aoihonō (ヒャカボ青い炎.) is the 5th warlord of the Celestial Heavens' 19 Court Armies. She is also Stryder's partner-in-crime and serves as his personal guard.


Hyakabo is a demigoddess, who was blessed by her holy half from the Celestial Heavens with the assistance of Stryder.

Prior to this, Hyakabo was a war-maiden for the army of Aoihonō, in which she later inherited leadership after the death of her father. Swearing vengeance against the demons that eliminated most of her clan and family, Hyakabo waged a twenty year war before meeting with Stryder, who assisted her in her adventures.

Later on, the two began to develop a relationship, in which Stryder bestowed upon Hyakabo a position within his own army as an outside branch. With permission from The Seven Omnipotence, she was allowed to receive powers of a demigoddess. Thus, this power was able to allow her to combat the demons and lead her armies into the underworld when assisting in a joint invasion with Stryder.

She now resides in The Celestial Heavens after outliving all of her clan members and army, usually participating in inviting Stryder on adventures where they both get into tons of trouble together.


A very active soul, Hyakabo is the most active of the bunch. Usually, she is the first to initiate ideas and pull pranks on others, otherwise, she is very laid-back and nonchalant. It is through these concerns that she has told Stryder that defines her personality;

The most important things in life, when she was jesting to Stryder, are: Food, Family, Friends, Fun and more food. Hyakabo obtains a large appetite which was boosted ever since.

Power and Stats

Tier: 6-C | High 4-C

Name: Hyakabo Aoihonō

Gender: Female

Age: At least 1,100+ (EOS.)

Origin: Total Armageddon

Classification: Demigoddess | Human

Attack Potency: Island level (With Limiter Cloak, capable of creating energy waves the size of the Kitsune Island.) | Large Star Level (Was capable of slicing apart the red hypergiants that were thrown at her by Bodhisattva.)

Speed: High Relativistic+ travel speed (Capable of keeping up with Stryder in his limited form.), with Speed of Light reaction and combat speed.

Lifting Strength: At least Class G

Striking Strength: Class YJ | Class NJ (Caused a moon to disintegrate away from one punch when she was angry.)

Durability: Star level (Limiter Cloak increases durability and overall defensive stat.)

Stamina: Inexhaustible (Is able to keep fighting Bodhisattva in the pocket dimension without tiring, it is said that the training in the outside world had lapsed over three months of fighting.)

Range: Normal melee length, extended with sword. Several meters with attacks/techniques, thousands of meters with techniques.

Standard Equipment: Muramune (Her Dao is able to transform into a much larger version, much like a buster blade.) | Limiter Cloak | Purification Seals (Has a seemingly infinite amount.) | Talisman (Recovers her back to full strength and strengthens statistics for a brief moment. Consumed if used, usually carries three.)

Intelligence: Extremely intelligent, superior intelligence. (Though Hyakabo is considered "dumber" than the likes of full-bred angels, she has shown to outsmart angelic fighters and best scholars within the Imperial Exams without even trying. Tests mean nothing to her and perceptive fighters, like Stryder have a difficult time predicting her next move. She can outsmart many angels.)

Weakness: None notable.

Power and Abilities

Notable Techniques

  • Kamisori Arashi (カミソリ嵐, Razor Storm.) - Being able to manipulate blades, Hyakabo is able to replicate her sword into clones and use them to fight. Not only that, but using this technique is a standard when testing out opponents. Hyakabo is able to generate the technique through two methods; the first being that she travels around them fast enough to the point of which a whirlwind is generated around the opponent in which she then strikes at them with blades. The second method is that she will generate wind from the Earthly Arts before sending in blades at the opponent. It finishes off with a razor wind explosion where the whirlwind collapses in on itself in a cutting frenzy.
  • Ken Kyōran (剣狂乱, Sword Frenzy.) - Yelling out the name of the technique, Hyakabo's speed increases by ten fold, allowing her to zip past her opponent several thousand times and slicing them apart. She may also increase striking speed of both herself and the sword replications she can manipulate.
  • Sosairo (空色, Azure.) - When generating life-force or spiritual energy to send in the form of blast, slash or wave, Hyakabo shouts out this name to finalize it. It takes the color of her aura, Azure.
  • Pray - Self-explanatory. Hyakabo takes her blade and wields it forward before praying. This increases her statistics and her the power of her allies.


Notable Victories :

Yasha (Asura's Wrath)

Notable Losses :

Inconclusive Matches :

Key : Limited | Without Limiter Cloak

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