Hyper-aquamarine is another character created by Azure Sha-Barracuda14.99. 


Hyper-aquamarine was born on the planet Sudan when she unwittingly snuck into a spacecraft as an infant and was sent out of the McQueen galaxy and into the milky way galaxy. When she awoke in the ship she alerted the pilot and they crash landed on earth. Although Hyper-aquamarine survived the crash, the pilot wasn't so fortunate. It was then that she was found by a shinobi. The shinobi raised her in a cottage in the forest and trained her in the  mystic arts of shinobi magic and martial arts. 


She is perky, kind, graceful and rebellious. She loves to fight both for her friends and for fun. Whenever she is not fighting she is training or meditating. However she can be sensitive and peaceful and doesn't like to kill.

She is also well known for her sarcastic behavior and constant wise-cracks (Which are funny most of the time). She is a tomboy and hates being called "Girly" or "beautiful". Another interesting trait is that she loves to wear facepaint as an everyday thing, she is almost never seen without her facepaint. 


Name: Hyper-aquamarine/Helen-anna

Nicknames: (The hyper-warrior of the McQueen galaxy) 

Age: 32 years of age. 

Height: 5'4

Gender: Female

Weight: 175 lbs



She is an alien with both superhuman and mystical powers. She can fly, turn invisible, go intangible and shoot webs from her fingers and mouth. She has superhuman strength and speed. She can lift 12 tons and can run/fly at 200 mph in one sprint. 

Her stamina is much higher then a regular human. She can fight for 20 hours and not be tired at all. She can also see through walls and has blue heat vision. Her durability is so great that she can withstand a burning building collapsing on top of her. She also has control over the weather. She can fire plasma beams from her hands. Her aura can be used as a weapon, she uses it to shoot aura beams and telekinesis. She can even see other people's auras.

She also carries a mystic baseball bat, which was craved from the horn of a unicorn. It has magical powers such as healing pure hearted people and granting wishes. It is unbreakable and can be used as a melee weapon.

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