Irates are O/C's created by Dragonmasterxyz.

Irates are nothing more than Skeletal bats with Plasma flesh and bone armor. They are low level mukes in Yuracion Absolon. Many characters from far weaker verses could one shot and kill these with next to no effort. Zavin literally just sends them out to get rid of them. However, there are perfected versions of these worthless mukes known as Fallen Irates. These Irates are powerful enough to destroy space-time continuums.


Tier: At least 8-C| Low 2-C

Name: Irate, Fallen Irate

Origin: Yuracion Absolon

Gender: Genderless

Age: Unknown

Classification: Skeletal Beast

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman speed, strength, durability, Yuracion Energy Manipulation, True Flight, Element Manipulation, Sound Manipulation, Darkness Manipulation, Lightning Manipulation, Can bypass Durability by attacking atoms, Mid-Godly Regeneration, Acausality.

Attack Potency: At least Building Level( Can at least destroy a building.)| Universe Level+( Made to be able to destroy a Space-Time Continuum.)

Speed: Subsonic+| Massively FTL+

Lifting Strength: Superhuman| Unknown

Striking Strength: Class GJ| Universal+

Durability: Building Level| Universe Level+

Stamina: Very Low| Decent

Range: Planetary| Universal

Intelligence: Flat out stupid.| Average Adult IQ

Weaknesses: All of them......Literally everything can hurt and kill it if powerful enough as they are very vulnerable and fragile.| Light Element Artes


Notable Victories:

Notable Losses:

Inconclusive Matches:

Key: Regular Irate| Fallen Irate

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