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I’ve never felt something like this before…why does my heart yearn for George over anyone else?
~ Izumi
Vaporeon ^w^

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Izumi started out a very tough life as an Eevee because her parents were killed when she was only around the age of 10, leading her to have to grow up fending for herself. She lived a rather tough and miserable childhood with no parents to take care of her, but she always tried her best to carry on. Her life alone lead her to doing a lot of training and battling which allowed her to become quite powerful, letting her defend herself. At the age of 16 is when two of the most important things in her life happened to her. One, she was capable of finding a water stone after a while of searching to finally become her favorite Eeveelution, and two is when she discovered the love of her life; a human named George.

She just saw him one day talking and smiling when she wanted to stalk the lives of humans just out of curiosity and this changed her. She instantly fell in love with the young boy and wanted to be with him now. The only problem was her Vaporeon body didn’t allow this to happen, so she wanted to find a way to turn herself into a human. She also began to hate being a Pokemon because of this. She’s heard rumors of humans becoming Pokemon and vice versa before so she believed it could be possible. While searching for ways to become human, Izumi made sure to take care of whatever girlfriend George had by murdering them so he wouldn’t be taken away from her.

After a long while, Izumi started to give up on the idea of being a human and started to mourn more and more about being a Pokemon, making her go into a depression that she could never have George to herself. Luckily, during her time of sadness, she was visited by a strange Sableye named Mephis who said that he’d been spying on her and heard of her grief. He stated that if she could bring him the souls of fifty Pokemon before the end of the week, he would easily transform her into a human. Izumi quickly obliged, so he gave her soul orbs so she could capture the souls of whoever she killed.

Using her battle skills and tactics, she was capable of defeating many Pokemon, however, she was incapable of meeting the status before the week ended. She returned to the Sableye apologizing for failing him, and went on her way. Though the Sableye said that if she needed anything else from him besides this, he could give it to her. She kept this in mind just in case. Izumi went back into her depression thinking that it was practically impossible for her to get George and she screwed up her one chance at doing it. After a few weeks of interacting with some other Pokemon and telling them about her grief, she came to terms with being a Vaporeon and now came up with a new idea; to transform George into a Pokemon to love him like that. She knew that she had a chance at doing this considering what Mephis had told her before.

Izumi went back to Mephis and told her of a new desire she wanted. Mephis and Izumi made another deal and it was the same as before. Fifty Pokemon souls in the next week. Izumi felt more confident in being able to do this and didn’t want to screw up like she did last time, so she hastily went on to kill all the Pokemon she could in the next week and this time, she succeeded in doing so. She brought the souls back to Mephis and now, he told her she had to find the following ingredients to make a serum that could transform George into a Leafeon: A piece of moss rock, a few strands of Eevee hair, a couple of fresh leaves from a tree, and a Leaf stone. After Izumi was done collecting these materials, Mephis mixed them together and combined them with the power of his master to create a serum in a bottle which would turn George into a Leafeon. The reason she did this was because she knew Leafeon was his favorite Eeveelution and thought it’d be more fitting if they were together like that.

On the night of April 9th, 2016, Izumi snuck into George’s room and was capable of rubbing the serum all over his body, which slowly but surely transformed him completely into a Leafeon. After this was done, she brought George out into the wild and waited for him to wake up. Izumi was impatient and excited that she could finally talk to George for once, so when he woke up, she told him nearly everything like how she had always loved him and how she was the one who did this to him. She wanted to help George get into his normal life but he refused at first, being understandably angered at her considering all that he heard. Izumi then just ran away assuring he’ll get used to his new body and constantly stalked him on his travels.

A few days after their initial meeting when she noticed George started to get used to his new life as a Leafeon, she decided to confront him again and ask him if he had any thoughts of loving her now. George stated that he would never love her for what she did to him and his girlfriends and nothing could change his mind. Obviously furious and heartbroken at this, Izumi went insane and decided to defeat George with an Ice Beam and rape him, even going far enough to say “If you won’t love me, I’ll force you to love me.” This event lead to George giving Izumi an egg. The next day, Izumi had to give George back the egg since he was surrounded by people who could easily defeat her, so she had to leave afterwards.

After this event, Izumi couldn’t find George no matter where she searched, which caused her to be worried that she truly lost him, but a few weeks later, she learned that this wasn’t the case. George confronted Izumi once again in a last ditch effort to tell her that he didn’t want to have to fight her, but she left him with no choice. Izumi never learned during her time George was gone, and simply decided to fight him to the end once and for all. Their fight was intense, with several blows being traded and much destruction to the area around them caused. After a long and intense battle, George still came out the victor in the end, not just defeating, but officially killing Izumi once and for all with his Leaf Blade.

Despite what it seemed, this wasn’t truly the end of Izumi. While her body was killed, her intense love and passion allowed her soul to survive, and in this new spirit form, it was only a matter of time before she could come back in some fashion.


When one first meets Izumi, she comes off as kind, charming, and even charismatic. She talks sweetly and nicely towards others and usually tries not to come off as rude. Her years of learning how to talk to others properly alone really show. She doesn’t do this because she cares if people like her or not, but simply because she likes being this way and thinks it suits the way she looks as a Vaporeon. Despite this, she is actually surprisingly easy to piss off and anger. Saying one rude thing to her or just putting her down in any way can set her off. She also gets this way if anyone is even looking at George in a way she doesn’t like. When this happens, she tends to act violently due to her years of fighting and it can be difficult to cool her down when she gets like this. Because of this, Izumi is actually quite feared because it’s so easy to anger her and her attack power and skills are nothing to be scoffed at in the slightest.

Izumi doesn’t feel love for anyone and hasn’t experienced much love in the first place because her parents were killed at a young age. The only exception to this rule is, of course, George. Izumi loves George with an undying passion and even she doesn’t know why this is in the first place. She swears to the bottom of her very soul that she will unite with him and they will love someday. She’ll do anything she can for George and her love will take over first and foremost over logic and reason, meaning she’d even go so far that she’d kill for his love. She knows that what she’s doing is wrong, but she does so anyway because she just can’t fight back this love she’s always had for George. It’s quite a mystery, but so is love in general.

Personal Statistics

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Name: Izumi Ryuzaki

Origin: Pokemon Roleplay

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Classification: Vaporeon

Date of Birth: March 19th, 1999

Birthplace: Somewhere in the Kanto Region

Height: 3’05” Feet

Weight: 64.9 lbs.

Likes: Humans, Lemonade, Sunny Days, Battling others, Seafood, Flowers, Fashion, Traveling, George

Dislikes: Herself, Sour and bitter Foods, Being forever alone, Anyone who dates George

Martial Status: Single...possibly forever

Status: Her body is killed but her soul remains

Theme: Koi no Yokushiryoku

Combat Statistics

Tier: 9-B

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Water Manipulation (With Scald and Hyrdo Pump), Ice Manipulation (With Ice Beam), Soul Manipulation, (With Shadow Ball and Soul Orbs), Status Effect Inducement (Scald can induce the Burning effect), Regeneration (Up to Low-Mid with Water Absorb), Immortality (Type 3 and 6; Her soul still presides even if her body is killed and can go into the body of another entity, though it takes many years for her to be able to gain control of it), Possession (Can take control of another body after a very long while), Resistance to Fire, Ice, Steel, and Water Type attacks

Attack Potency: Wall level+ (Could harm and trade blows with George with relative ease)

Speed: Subsonic (Could move faster than George could even follow)

Lifting Strength: Unknown (Hasn't shown any lifting feats)

Striking Strength: Wall Class+

Durability: Wall level+ (Took quite a few powerful hits from George)

Stamina: Quite High (Can go around and fight several Pokemon for extended periods of time.)

Range: Melee Range with close up attacks. Tens of meters with most of her moves.

Standard Equipment: Soul Orbs.

Intelligence: Quite High. Izumi is cunning and smart, capable of getting away with murder and stay hidden for a long while. A skilled combatant who isn't afraid to hold back while fighting and has several years of experience under her belt.

Weaknesses: Can be crazy and hasty with her abilities, believing that completely brute-forcing her way through is the best plan a lot of the time. Weak to Electric and Grass type attacks.


Hydro Pump: Izumi’s most powerful move. This move is one she usually uses in battles. Izumi charges up and forms a ton of water molecules inside her stomach and after a few moments, releases a metric ton of water that is more powerful than even fire hoses, and her same-type-attack-bonus means this move can be potentially lethal, which, since she never holds back while using it, it has been in the past.

Ice Beam: Another move commonly used by the Vaporeon usually against opponents that would normally resist her other moves. It’s somewhat like hydro pump in which she creates water molecules in her stomach, only when releases them, she lowers the temperature to be freezing cold and unleashes them at once, creating a deadly beam of frost which is actually her most common assassination method for the girlfriends of George.

Shadow Ball: A move she rarely uses unless she’s fighting someone where it’d be useful such as Psychic types or Ghost types. The Vaporeon creates energy from inside her very soul to launch a large ball of spirit energy which flies at high speeds towards her opponent.

Scald: An alternative move she uses when she is fighting a Pokemon where none of her moves are super effective. Izumi heats up a large portion of water molecules in her stomach and unleashes them all at once to make them exceedingly hot, causing the chance to burn her opponent severely to happen, though because of the heat, it hurts her insides doing this so she only uses it when she has to.

Water Absorb: Izumi’s body is made out of cells resembling water molecules, and as such, water molecules in general help to heal her body greatly. Just being touched by water can heal large cuts or wounds she receives. This ability is so good it even let her regenerate an entire leg at one point.


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-Izumi is, unsurprisingly, inspired by the Yandere archetype in general and I was even a huge fan of Yandere Simulator at the time I made her.

-If Izumi was able to turn into a human like she wanted to, she and George would actually be pretty great lovers, especially considering how much she knew of him and her open and loving personality towards him might’ve actually made it gone well.

-Izumi’s favorite Eeveelution is Vaporeon because she saw it as the prettiest one out of them all.

-Me and my friend's nickname for her is the "Crazy Vaporeon Bitch"