Path of a Legend

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Joel Rashin Myers

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Star Knight

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A character made by CrossverseCrisis.

Born as the only child of the late hero Kiyoshi Rashin and Elina Myers, Joel Rashin Myers had lived a somewhat hard life. Living without a father, he and his mother had to live through some hardships here and there during their time in the us (though seeing how it was the '60's, they probably eventually pulled through but their problems, financially-wise, was still there). Sometime later in his life, Joel stumbled upon his fathers old belongings, which included a set of armor and a katana. When he confronted his mother about this, she told him the truth about who he was and what he had done for the world by being a guardian, one who would sacrifice his life for even those he doesn't know at all.

Inspired by the story his mother told him, Joel later trained himself to become a guardian that the world, while not one they wanted, but one that they needed. Though he had to finish high school & college first, Joel later got into full-time guardianship and throughout his travels, met new people here and there just as his father had done...

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Joel is similar in appearance to his son Aaron but more older. His hair, as per traditional in the Rashin/Myers Family, is that of a spiky style (Joel's case being that the spiked out parts go outwards) and a full beard to go with it. His normal set of clothing, when not in battle, is of a plain, short sleeved t-shirt, black trousers. and dark grey leather shoes.

In battle, however, his clothing set is of that of his late fathers, Kiyo. It consists of a set of armor (upper body and wrist gauntlets). He wears a cloak over the armor that he wears when concealing his identity in public during reconnaissance missions. Around his waist is a belt that holds up a bag that can carry many things like basic survival supplies, snacks & drinks, medical tools, etc. Down on the lower body, he wears a dark grey hakama, black socks, and a pair of sandals with red straps.

Stardust Crusader

As the Stardust Crusader, Joel becomes fully cladded in full body armor. The armor is of a red colored metal with gold metal outlines on the shoulder pads and white outlines on the middle of the armor. The shoulder pads are jutted out on the ends with rings that have ribbons tied to them. His helmet has a v-like shaped visor with a slender-shaped diamond piece on the forehead...



Joel is described as a kind and good-hearted person who, like his father, will do anything to keep anybody around him happy and safe. Nothing really new about him, just the ol' classic good-natured human being who is also a great and loving father and husband to his family. Though deep down, Joel holds a certain sense of regret and sadness as his father never got the chance to live out his life to see him grow over the years and become a father like him. Nonetheless. Joel made it his mission to uphold the life that his father never had the chance to live with and to protect his loved ones from danger and evil...(WIP)

Stardust Crusader

Powers and Stats

Tier: 2-C

Name: Joel Rashin Myers. Son of the Dragon General, father of the Hamon Stand Warrior. The Traveling Guardian. | The Stardust Crusader/Star Knight.

Gender: Male

Age: Mid 40's

Origin: Exceed

Classification: Human, Swordsman, Multiversal Traveler, Guardian to the multiverse, Knight of the Stars

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Skilled H2H Fighter, Master level Swordsman, Enhanced Senses, Extrasensory Perception, Immortality (Type 3), Regeneration (High normally, can reconstruct his whole body through the use of elementary-particles after being atomized to near destruction. Low-Godly in extreme circumstances, could regenerate either through with his soul or in a place of light that can anywhere in existence that contains it), Elemental Manipulation (Basic Elements variation), Light Manipulation (Type 2, partial form of Type 3), Energy Manipulation and Projection, Chi Manipulation, Flight, Matter Manipulation (On an atomic level), Soul Manipulation (Can damage and destroy souls, can purify anyone of any negative effects in their being via their soul, able to exist without a body as a spiritual being), Acausality (His life has always been set into being the kind of person he is, even as the corrupted Knight of the Stars), Precognition (Able to receive brief premonitions of the future with the force, allowing him to foresee attacks just before they make contact), Portal Creation via slashing space-time, Summoning (Can summon his horse and any ally from across universes), Telekinesis, Telepathy, Barrier Creation, Superhuman Willpower (Endured the entirety of Chaos consuming his existence, which would normally send anyone to go mad and be under it's influence in just a few minutes of mere exposure, for two years before succumbing), Space-Time Manipulation (Type 1, normally limited to the use of time slow and destruction however), Resistance to Mind Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Matter Manipulation, Illusions, Dream Manipulation, Life Manipulation & Death Manipulation, Space-Time Manipulation, and Existence Erasure (It took stronger levels of attacks carrying these affects to harm him. Endured many of Hades attacks along with Seiya and his friends. Has also endured Goyan's attacks as well, all of which is said to be capable of sending everything back to nothingness. His dreams have never been tampered with due to his passive unyielding will to never waver from what's true to him.)

Attack Potency: Multi-Universe level at the peak of his heroic life (Fought against Hades alongside Seiya and even managed to land a more damaging blow than what the latter would have been capable of landing if it weren't for his injuries. Fought against the Evil King, who was the embodiment of all evil and darkness across several universes and whose death along the Queen of Light would bring total destruction to said universes. Alongside Saki, Mai, and the Kiryuu twins, defeated Goyan who held a power capable of erasing several worlds to oblivion. Assisted Doctor Strange and other heroes in taking down Dormammu and preventing the latter from merging not only their realm but also his to the Dreaded lord.)

Speed: Massively FTL+ (Can easily traverse entire universes in minutes with his horse, although he can travel at a comparable pace either way w/o it. Kept up with Hades and his attacks. Reacted to an attack from the Evil King that was able to leave Earth to the Garden of Light, which is located in another place outside of the universe)

Lifting Strength: Multi-Stellar+ (Withstood the gravitional weight of star systems crushing him in one of his encounters with Hades)

Striking Strength: Multi-Universal

Durability: Multi-Universe level 

Stamina: Vastly Superhuman

Range: Extended range with sword, up to Multi-Universal with PF

Standard Equipment: His father's sword and armor set: The Rising Sun and the Emperors Armor

Intelligence: A hard-working man dedicated to stepping in his fathers shoes and role as a Hero, Joel is an intelligent man of his time from young to old. Outside of his combat though he is a normal man who possess above average intellect, albeit with the addition of being calculated and calm in the face of everyday situations. But as a hero and guardian, he is one of existences top intellectuals in a all-round state. While not the smartest at more complex topics, he is a highly trained combatant due to his teachings by the likes of many heroes' he's encountered such as Yoda, Obi-wan Kenobi and, later, Luke Skywalker, Dante (albeit in the latters own ways of teaching), Master Roshi, Several Saints of Athena during his time in their world, and countless more. What he especially excels in, however, is sword fighting. Having had a powerful affinity to the sword since taking up arms, Joel was taught in many forms of sword fighting and training, most particularly that of Kenjutsu and Iaido, mastering them to the extent of contending with other fighters and sword wielders through just either one of them. Joel is also an avid leader, having lead the fight against many of his later friends and allies battles in their respective worlds to take down their enemies, some of which either ended with little to no causalities depending on the world he's in to that of disputing it peacefully through diplomatic means.

Weaknesses: His resistances and willpower and affinity to light and goodness are not as strong as that of his parents despite his countless fights and training, making him still susceptible against absolute forces of darkness and chaos (as through with his loss against his long-time rival and current Chaos God Augustus)

Keys: Base

Notable Technique(s)

-Phoenix Flare: A concentrated blast of fire in the form of a phoenix that incinerates those who get caught by it to ashes. Like his father Kiyo who originally possessed this technique, Joel can adjust the level of the techniques flame temperatures, meaning he can go from making it just sting a persons body to down right burning them to ashes and dust. Joel, also like his father, can concentrate the flames onto his sword, giving it increased power and attack potency in his attacks plus the added bonus of burning away those who fall prey upon the very blade of the sun itself to dust and ashes. At full power, this move was once powerful enough replicate the strongest solar flares in existence, as well as being able to cover the entire planet like a shield (capable of defending the entire world from any attacks that may come to harming it) and has even once rivaled the chaotic flames of Dormammu. However, doing it in this way can potentially heat up the planet and cause heat death to anyone if kept on for long.

-Quicksilver: A special technique Joel learned while working alongside with Dante. By giving a sharing of his power that he earned, Dante has allowed Myers the ability to temporarily slow down time, allowing the latter to evade out of attacks easier than w/o it. At first it was for but a few seconds at a time but as the years went on, the power gradually grew to where Joel can affect all of time to a near crawling speed.

-Force Powers: In his travels and learning from the only Jedi's to exist at the time of the Empire's reign, Joel had gotten to learn some powers to use in order to face off against the Empire and assisting the Rebellion. Of the only known powers he obtained and learned in such times, he got:

  • Force Barrier:
  • Force Healing:
  • Force Stealth:
  • Telekinesis:
  • Telepathy:
  • Tutaminis:
  • Force Speed:

-Kamehameha (Turtle Destruction Wave): A powerful beam of ki energy. When helping along with Goku on his training to be a great fighter as well as towards himself, Joel also came across to doing some training himself, going by Master Roshi and performing a half-year training with the Turtle Hermit and getting the use of the technique. Although he had commented that it looked and even seemed as rather simple and easy to do after having done his own chi training some time ago before learning under Roshi, Joel nonetheless came to keep this ability at hand to use. Even at times using this to combat other beam clashes and has gone on afterwards to use it one-handed and making his own variations of the move like Goku has done.


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