Path of a Legend

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Joel Rashin Myers

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Star Knight

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A character made by CrossverseCrisis.

Born as the only child of the late hero Kiyoshi Rashin and Elina Myers, Joel had lived a somewhat hard life. Living without a father, he and his mother had to live through some hardships here and there during their time in the us (though seeing how it was the '60's, they probably eventually pulled through but their problems, financially-wise, was still there). Sometime later in his life, Joel stumbled upon his fathers old belongings, which included a set of armor and a katana. When he confronted his mother about this, she told him the truth about who he was and what he had done for the world by being a guardian, one who would sacrifice his life for even those he doesn't know at all.

Inspired by the story his mother told him, Joel later trained himself to become a guardian that the world, while not one they wanted, but one that they needed. Though he had to finish high school & college first, Joel later got into full-time guardianship and throughout his travels, met new people here and there just as his father had done.

Years after bidding his time as a multiversal guardian, Joel had settled down with a woman named Loreen and eventually they got together and had a son named Aaron "Rashin" Myers. Managing to be the first one in centuries to escape his families long history curse after his fathers death, Joel thought he was finally able to rest and live a normal life that his parents wanted him to have...only for Phyllis to call him over on an emergency case. Having no choice but to don on his armor, Joel headed off to Middleburg to meet up with Phyllis on whatever it is she called him over for. 

When he arrived, Phyllis had a worried look on her face. Asking what was wrong, she told him of a being that was so powerful and dangerous that it can "destroy infinite multiverse and more". After hearing more about what this being is and having to hear that he was among one of, if not, the only active hero in the entire multiverse and beyond, Joel nonetheless took up the challenge and deed to journey the verse and protect it from this very being; even if he dies trying. Joel had been told that other than him, Brock and Vonnie along with  are also the ones who are able to help and assist in this potential battle against this being..... 



Joel is similar in appearance to his son Aaron but more older. His hair, as per traditional in the Rashin/Myers Family, is that of a spiky style (Joel's case being that the spiked out parts go outwards) and a full beard to go with it. His normal set of clothing, when not in battle, is of a plain, short sleeved t-shirt, black trousers. and dark grey leather shoes.

In battle, however, his clothing set is of that of his late fathers, Kiyo. It consists of a set of armor (upper body and wrist gauntlets). He wears a cloak over the armor that he wears when concealing his identity in public during reconnaissance missions. Around his waist is a belt that holds up a bag that can carry many things like basic survival supplies, snacks & drinks, medical tools, etc. Down on the lower body, he wears a dark grey hakama, black socks, and a pair of sandals with red straps.

Stardust Crusader

As the Stardust Crusader, Joel becomes fully cladded in full body armor. The armor is of a red colored metal with gold metal outlines on the shoulder pads and white outlines on the middle of the armor. The shoulder pads are jutted out on the ends with rings that have ribbons tied to them. His helmet has a v-like shaped visor with a slender-shaped diamond piece on the forehead...



Joel is described as a kind and good-hearted person who, like his father, will do anything to keep anybody around him happy and safe. Nothing really new about him, just the ol' classic good-natured human being who is also a great and loving father and husband to his family. Though deep down, Joel holds a certain sense of regret and sadness as his father never got the chance to live out his life to see him grow over the years and become a father like him. Nonetheless. Joel made it his mission to uphold the life that his father never had the chance to live with and to protect his loved ones from danger and evil...(WIP)

Stardust Crusader

Powers and Stats

Tier: Unknown | At least 4-A, likely higher

Name: Joel Rashin Myers. Son of the Dragon General, father of the Hamon Stand Warrior. The Traveling Guardian. | The Stardust Crusader/Star Knight.

Gender: Male

Age: Mid 30's

Origin: Exceedverse

Classification: Human, Swordsman, Multiversal Traveler, Guardian to the multiverse, | Shadow Knight of the Stars

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Stats, Fire manipulation, decent H2H fighter (not much of a close-range fighter when unarmed), limited telekinesis, skilled swordsmen, energy manipulation, ki manipulation | Same but amplified to an astronomical level, Darkness Manipulation, very high resistance to telepathy (His mind is kept shut from others reading it due to a strong malevolent aura constantly coming off from his being), illusions (Even the most powerful illusions, ones that can be or even become real, cannot fool him in the slightest), and mind destruction. Matter Manipulation, destruction and resistance (Deconstructed Aaron's Vajra armor and Patricks weapons into broken pieces. Can destroy his targets down to the very small atoms that hold their being together.), Regeneration (Mid-Godly. Regenerated from complete nothingness after having his entire being get wiped out), Space-Time Manipulation (Can cut through space in decrease the distance of him and his enemy, can also use this to cut through an opponents defense regardless of how strong they may be, allowing him to ignore conventional durability. Able to appear in numerous timelines via time travel; can erase certain periods of time via time slashing, allowing him to take out any attacks within any certain time period as well as use this to destroy them with this. Can also cut through and destroy someone through the destruction of time itself just like Roman Pierce can do, as well as open holes in space-time to get to other universes/dimensions) and resistance (shows the capacity of moving in stopped time. slowing down time or even erasing his time will not work), has a beserk mode, Soul Manipulation (Can sense a person by just their soul alone, even to the point of knowing what their powers are just from this as well as weather they're good or evil. Can also damage or even destroy a soul by attacking it directly)

Attack Potency: Unknown | At least Multi-Solar System level, likely higher (Far superior to his father and uncle). Can ignore durability via cutting through space-time

Speed: Unknown | Massively FTL+ (Can casually keep up with Roman, Elizabeth, Kenji, Aaron, Patrick, and Elias. Can easily traverse entire universes in minutes)

Lifting Strength: Unknown | At least Class M+, likely higher (Has pushed back and held down several heroes on Aaron and Kiyo's level despite being in a massive numbers disadvantage)

Striking Strength: Unknown | At least Multi-Solar System Class

Durability: Unknown | At least Multi-Solar System level, likely higher (Regeneration makes him really difficult to kill)

Stamina: At least Above Superhuman | Limitless

Range: Extended range with sword, much higher with PF

Standard Equipment: His father's sword and armor set: The Rising Sun and the Emperors Armor

Intelligence: (WIP)

Weaknesses: Unknown

Keys: Normal | Stardust Crusader

Notable Technique(s)

Phoenix Flare: A concentrated blast of fire in the form of a phoenix that incinerates those who get caught by it to ashes. Like his father Kiyo, Joel can adjust the level of the techniques flame temperatures, meaning he can go from making it just sting a persons body to down right burning them to ashes and dust. Joel, also like his father, can concentrate the flames onto his sword, giving it increased power and attack potency in his attacks plus the added bonus of burning away those who fall prey upon the very blade of the sun itself to dust and ashes. At full power, this move was once powerful enough replicate the strongest solar flares in existence, as well as being able to cover the entire planet like a shield (capable of defending the entire world from any attacks that may come to harming it). However, doing it in this way can potentially heat up the planet and cause heat death to anyone if kept on for long.


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