Joji Azumo is a character I wrote as the protagonist for an original series called "Digital Abomination", which I wrote based on Me!Me!Me!, and of the characters and settings that I've written, he is probably the work that I am the most proud of as the greatest product of my creativity. Joji is a brilliant young man with an exceptional attunement towards computers, data, programming, hacking and general website building. He lives in a world that is ripe with incredible pieces of hardware and technology, a world where the internet is a realm that can be accessed with the human mind with, and interacted with as an extremely advanced system of virtual reality where fantasy, science fiction, and the supernatural is reality. 

His adoration for computers and the technology which makes such a world possible for access by humans borders on obsession, and since a young age, he has been dedicated to analyzing, modifying, and improving his own, as well as the relationship that others have with the digital world that is the internet, which is more than a mere system of data to joji, he views it is a world without suffering, a world where long lasting consenquences, diseases, sicknesses, and loss as a result of fighting and conflict does not exist as it does in the real world. His story is a steady decline, a descending downspiral into eventual madness and total insanity as the product of his own brilliance, eventually using his genius in the realm of handling and modifying computers to inflict suffering on others, dragging the innocent people of the world into the internet against their wills, and locking them within as their abusive god. A Digital Abomination.

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Powers & Abilities

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