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"Choose where you stand wisely, for it shall become your grave."


An OC (Original Character) made by Dragon Tran. He comes from the series "RISING!" created by Dragon Tran as well.


Not much is known of Junko. The only memory of Junko's past is his death. The Void, seeing potential in seeking revenge for him and restoring order against "The Creators", Junko was revived and trained to become the ultimate assassin of the Void.


The quiet type, Junko rarely speaks and usually carries out his missions alone. He believes that in life, it is necessary to take sacrifices, however, if those sacrifices deal with taking away lives in order to commit for a greater cause, they are not honorable sacrifices and should not be followed. Though, as an assassin, Junko will fight honorably against an opponent if he is spotted by them and deems them worthy of his blade being seen, if not, their life ends quickly from his quick judgment.

Junko is a lone wolf.

Power and Stats

Tier : 4-C

Name : Junko Setsuko

Origin : RISING!

Gender : Male

Age : 23

Classification : Human and Void hybrid

Attack Potency : Star Level (Absorbed an entire star into his blade. Slashed at a cloned Sun, causing it to explode into a supernova.)

Range : Extended melee range. Can reach from Earth to Sun with "Serrated Strikes".

Speed : Speed of Light (Able to travel from Earth to the Sun in mere seconds. He fought Shirohime while zipping around the solar system at very high speeds.)

Durability : Star Level (Shirohime's "Solar Blast" can take out the Sun. Junko was blasted with it and survived.)

Stamina : Has shown no clear limit.

Lifting Strength : Class Y (At maximum effort, Junko can push planets ten times the size of Jupiter and even the Sun.)

Striking Strength : Class YJ (Regular punches after training can split large moons.)

Standard Equipment : Rakurai, kunai and his "Shinobi Seal".

Rakurai : A blade that was gifted to Junko as a symbol of a Grand Master. It is a long, straight katana that is not curved, allowing balanced control while fighting. The blunted back edge is made of a material able to withstand heats from the Sun while the sharper edge is supplied with a superheated material similar to that of magma but solidified to sear through objects. The handle is wrapped in comfortable silk cloths able to withstand high temperatures.

Intelligence : Trained ninja. Expert tactician and can devise ploys in mid-combat, utilizing them effectively. Very clairvoyant.

Weakness : None notable.

Power and Abilities :

- Weapon Proficiency

- Hand to Hand Combatant

- Super strength, speed, durability, endurance and perception

- Void Arts

- Intangibility

Notable Attacks/Techniques :

Void Arts : Numerous to name, they come in different forms and carry different manipulations for a Shinobi/Kunoichi trained in Void.

Kōgeki : These arts pertain to the offensive, allowing a person to use these arts offensively and effectively. They can be used in many ways and can be used for defense as well, but are commonly used for an assaultive type of advance. They range from many manipulations, from elemental manipulations to distorting space and time.

Bōgyo : These arts pertain to the defensive, allowing a person to use these arts defensively and effectively. They can be used in many ways and can be used for offense as well, but are commonly used for a defensive type of retreat or concealment type of advance. They range from many manipulations, from forms of ninjutsu and alchemy.

Intangibility : Naturally, the Void are intangible beings invisible to the human eye. They are, in appearance, humanoids with no face and no skin, simply walking human bodies with ethereal energy making most of their form. They are very powerful and can cause misfortune or benefit depending on how they are treated. They are the polar opposite of the "Creators". The Void are naturally intangible and can allow things to pass through them as well, making it very difficult to impact them, especially transcendent Voids.

Serrated Strikes : The "Serrated Strikes" are a Void technique, allowing the user a boost in strength, speed and perception ability. Junko uses "Serrated Strikes" very proficiently, ranging from slicing multiple times at an enemy opponent or at a large amount of opponents to forming a large slash that splits into smaller slashes to destroy large objects or large opponents. The slashes performed by Junko can level up to the number of quintillions of a matter of attoseconds.


Notable Victories :

Notable Losses :

Notable Draws :

Key : Base

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