he is a blue and green kirby living on Popstar, Dreamland with his friends Flame, Speed, Toon, and many more, he does not have much of a backstory as well, he is just someone living in Popstar. His personality is that he is rather very goofy and does not take stuff seriously. He is a blue Kirby that wears a green cap with headphones. 

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-A

Name: Kape

Origin: World of Hedgehogs

Gender: Male

Age: ???

Powers and Abilities: Copy Ability, FTL Warpstar, Super Speed, Super Human Strength, Fighter Ability

Attack Potency: Mountain Level (Can fight against Flame on the mountains and has done many damage to the mountains)

Speed: Peak Human (Weaker than Flame, so that being he should be slower than Flame who is Superhuman in speed)

Lifting Strength: Class E

Striking Strength: Class XJ

Durability: Mountain level

Stamina: High

Range: Dozen of Meters

Standard Equipment: Copy Ability, Fighter Ability

Intelligence: Pretty High (has somewhat good amount of combat knowledge)

Weaknesses: Sometimes does not take his fights seriously, and few good hits can take him out.

Notable Attacks and Techniques:

Moves of fighter ability Kirby pretty much.


Notable Victories:

Notable Losses:

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