Smile of a Prince

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Lightning God Kenji

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A royal prince from a universe and time different from that of ours, Kenji Kazama is a noblemen raised to become not only just a hero, but to that of also being a teacher to raise other heroes. Since birth, his parents knew that something special was in their son and thus had raised him elegantly and royally, but also provided him with freedom to do what any kid his age would like to do, such as playing with other kids and whatnot. His parents, unlike other figures of royalty, taught him to be of his utmost pride and figure as a royal member of the family. However, they also have taught him to never treat anyone "lower" than him in status as nothing more than a normal human, more so in treating them as equals. Figures who are "higher" than him are to be of this, but still need to be shown with respect at all times. It is not just in personality they themselves personally taught him in, but to that of the teachers they have provided for him to be taught in various subjects that humans have created over the ages.

It was here that by the time he has reached 18, Kenji has become a remarkable prodigy in just about everything he was given and taught to by his parents, as well as being one of, if not, the strongest their world had to offer. However, all of that would be put to the test when his father informed him of various "anomalies" happening across the multiverse, of other worlds aside their own and some others, that were causing various problems that may end all of existence (one such case being one that occurred not only of another world but breach onto theirs). With this information in mind and the quest his father provided for him along with the resources their entire family can offer for him (money, food, transportation, army of soldiers and ships, clothing even, etc.), he set off to go and take on said events and stop them from causing any potential damage to all of existence.

Knowing he couldn't do it alone even with his great power and skills, his parents beforehand provided him with lists of beings across worlds to assist him on said quest. From here, it took him a long time to gather various allies that can lend any possible hand they may be able to give, even against ones that may be far above their level to deal with. Kenji traveled from world to world and, throughout this event, met many people of different kinds, ranging from superheroes of two particular worlds containing them, to wielders of an ancient exotic weapon used to fight off the forces of darkness, even those of young girls and woman fighting with magic that he once had to describe as "childish" in a light yet albeit rude manner.


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Personal Statistics

Alignment: Lawful Good

Name: Kenji Kazama, Prince Kenji (sometimes used with Kazama instead), Lord Kenji, Prince of the Heavens

Origin: Exceed

Age: 20 (During "Born Great, Become Greater"), 23 (Post BG-BG, Start of Exceed)

Gender: Male

Classification: Superhuman, Prince of the Kazama Royal Family, Onmyōji-in-practice, Teacher

Date of Birth: July 25 (Via "human calendar and months")

Birthplace: K'rushima

Eye Color: Gold, glowing blue in Sakra form

Hair Color: Light blond, glowing white in Sakra form

Weight: 75 kg

Height: 179 cm



Hobbies: Meditation, making tea

Values: Friends, Family, Loyalty,

Status: Alive

Affiliation: Royal Kazama Family, K'rushima, Joel Rashin Myers, Aaron Myers, Patrick Walker, Michael Morales, Elizabeth Drake, Daisuke Takahiko, Roman Pierce (not initially at first), Acantha Watson (not initially at first), King Mickey, Avengers, Justice League

Combat Statistics

Tier: 4-B

Powers and abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Martial Arts, Transformation, Weapon Mastery, Lightning Manipulation, Regeneration (Low-Godly. Due to training his mind, body, and soul throughout constant training, he is capable of regenerating through any three planes so long as even one of his beings in either planes is still intact), Sealing (Has partially or wholly sealed Aaron, Michael's, and Patrick's powers whenever they go out to other worlds and needing to not reveal themselves in public of their powers. Can also use his sealing on others in addition to sealing people into objects should he be given the chance), Intangibility, Magic, Minor Technological Manipulation, Energy Manipulation, Elemental Manipulation, Pocket Reality Manipulation, Resistance to Elemental Manipulation, Magic, Illusions, Mind Manipulation and Soul Manipulation (Has trained himself to resist the natural and even supernatural effects of the four natures. Can naturally ward off any magic outside that of the strongest mages and those of the "Time of Gods". Trained himself mentally and spiritually, along with putting in specific spell protections, to defend against attacks that may bring harm to his mind and soul or influence him negatively), Psychokinesis (Telekinesis, Teleportation and Telepathy), Portal Creation

Attack Potency: Solar System level (Created a pocket dimension containing an entire solar system similar to that of our own, where he is also capable of destroying it and renewing it with ease. Able to go against top tier beings like Roman and Elizabeth among others. Is considered by the likes of King Mickey and Thor to be equal to them. Has fought numerous monsters capable of dwarfing entire stars and "shunting them out of existence")

Speed: Massively FTL+ (Able to keep up with the likes of Aaron, Roman, Patrick, Elizabeth, Acantha, and Elias in their sparring matches. Easily kept pace and reacted to Sora during his teachings with the young Keyblade master, and is comparable to the likes of King Mickey and Thor)

Lifting Strength: At least Class M+ physically (Comparable to that of the other Keyblade warriors). Multi Stellar with telekinesis (Could move millions of stars at the least similar to Acantha.)

Striking Strength: Solar System Class

Durability: Solar System level

Range: Melee range, higher with weaponry

Stamina: Superhuman, likely higher, Extremely high in his Vajra form

Intelligence: Genius. Kenji is a remarkable and intellectual being. Having been raised in many subjects such as language, sports, and even that of physical activities like sword fighting, painting, and archery, he has proven to be very well-versed and knowledgeable for his young age. As partially noted, Kenji was not just taught in normal subjects and activities of everyday-life, but to that of combat and training as well. The royal resources he was given, courtesy of his family, gave him the skills and knowledge to defend himself as well as making him a combative fighter capable of taking on anyone that may threaten his life. This along with the previous set of skills and knowledge made him an excellent teacher and mentor to other heroes and even normal living beings and others; ones among them being Aaron and Patrick, who, despite their rather odd and peculiar behaviors (in addition to rudeness from the latter from time to time), were then made from ordinary crazy bizarre teens to few of the many heroes that the multiverse has to offer.

Weaknesses: None notable

Notable Attacks/Techniques

-Divine Stars of the Gods: The legendary items of the various Gods of mythos. These weapons are summoned in a fashion similar to several beings such as a "certain king of heroes" and of a student of Kenji's. Like several others who can summon weapons through portals and/or any other source of summoning, Kenji can bring forth any weapon and items his family and people have gathered up over the years to use at his disposal.

Although in most cases than not, Kenji does not utilize a lot of them not just out of respect of the Gods that have existed a long time before even he himself was born, but that the weapons he carries are enough to single-handedly destroy entire armies, worlds, or even the stars themselves if not beyond that with just one or two alone. There is, however, another case with Kenji's people only being able to acquire a certain number of the weapons back for safe keepings in their world. With the others having either been lost, kept with the surviving Gods of the old age of before, or were acquire through the hands of many others.

Many of the known items in the princes possession are usually of those from the Hindu Pantheon of Gods and other figures from that group, a fact that was later backed up due to Kenji's universe being part of one among countless others that was once reigned by said gods themselves in the very far past. It is not weapons that he is limited to, but also of non-weapons and mystical items that he carries in a fashion much like how another has in his own respective possession along with having possessed other items of other pantheons and "cultures", essentially giving Kenji a wide variety of items he can use in and out of combat.

  • Vajra:
  • Bow of Indra:
  • Indraastra:
  • Agneyastra:
  • Varunastra:
  • Vasavi Shakti:
  • Suryastra:
  • Narayanastra:


-Armor of K'rushima


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Trivia/Facts of the character

  1. Kenji is a supporting character in the Kingdom Hearts fanfic story, that stars Elizabeth Drake, Born Great, Become Greater.