King Yasai is the latest in a long line of Henshin's who were all destined to rule over the race and Planet Sino. He became the king of the Henshin's at the low age of 7. Even at that age he was among the strongest of his race. The young king held a particular interest in his fellow Henshin youth called Aikkon, due to his amazing power at birth

King Yasai ruled over a period of civil unrest. Due to the banishment of Aikkon, King Yasai had no one to become his battle partner and his people were beginning to see him as being weak as a leader. He exiled himself to Earth and promised that he would only return with Aikkon at his side.

His attempt to turn Aikkon back to his side failed, and the encounter between the two soon turned to battle. King Yasai initially held the advantage until he provoked Aikkon and infused him with so much anger that he became a Super Henshin. Aikkon forced King Yasai to return to Planet Sino and end the Civil War. King Yasai instead embarked on a two year long quest to push himself beyond his limits and become a Super Henshin himself, and ascend past one.

After attaining this power he returned to his home and ended the war. All those who opposed or even questioned him died. Once Yasai became the king once more, he ordered his forces to Earth to conquer it. Yasai, however, had an ulterior motive, revenge against Aikkon.

Appearance and Personality

Like all of the Henshin's, Yasai was extremely muscular and maintained a regular and intense training regime. He wasn't the tallest of the Henshin's, nor the most buff, but his figure was respectable nonetheless. He had blood-red hair that that stood over half a foot high. He had a widows peak and a light tan all over his body. His battle armor was primarily white with yellow accents and a cape that was as red as his hair.

King Yasai was as cold as any other Henshin, and bared no resent for the countless people he had order his people to kill. He held no respect for anyone aside from his intended combat partner Aikkon. Even the respect he felt for Aikkon soon deteriorated into pure hatred, as he exiled Aikkon with no remorse. He later gained respect for Aikkon once more after seeing how powerful he had become on Earth, and after becoming a Super Henshin; eventually regarding Aikkon as his greatest rival.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 5-A | High 5-A, High 4-C as an Ultra Super Henshin.

Name: Yasai

Origin: Dragon Soul

Age: 41 (6 years older than Aikkon)

Gender: Male

Classification: Alien (Henshin), Martial Artist, Former King of the Henshin's (exiled himself) | King of the Henshin's

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman physical characteristics, master martial artist, immunity to fire, ice and electricity, minor energy negation, true flight, regeneration (Mid-Low), energy manipulation.

Attack Potency: Large Planet level (King Yasai was the strongest living Henshin before Aikkon unlocked the Super Henshin, placing him far above the latter's base form, and was most powerful Henshin's since the original Henshin's, who were known to destroy large clusters of Planet-sized asteroids.) | At least Dwarf Star level+ (far stronger than before. Stomped Ringo after he absorbed the power of every living Henshin aside from Aikkon. Weaker than base Aikkon post-training.) Large Star level as a Super Henshin, increased to Large Star level+ as an Ultra Super Henshin (Possessed an even greater power than MSH Aikkon.)

Speed: At least Relativistic, possibly Relativistic+ (faster than Aikkon, flew from Planet Sino to Earth in a week) with Speed of Light reactions (could react to the movement of radio waves upon arriving on Earth) | At least Relativistic+ (far faster than before. Blitzed the empowered Ringo.), FTL+ as an Ultra Super Henshin (faster than Mastered Super Henshin Aikkon. He was capable of not only dodging Aikkon's Golden Flare attack (that was rated at moving at 52.7c speeds by the United Council's chief scientists) and the attack that Aikkon followed up with that was even faster than the beam he had already used.)

Lifting Strength: Unknown, likely Class 100 | Unknown

Striking Strength: Class XMJ+ (easily overpowered Aikkon and brought the Henshin down in a few blows when fighting seriously.) | At least Class XGJ (gave post-training base Aikkon a good fight.). Class XTJ as a Super Henshin, possibly Class XTJ+ as an Ultra Super Henshin (stronger than Mastered Super Henshin Aikkon.)

Durability: At least Large Planet level (was unfazed by Aikkon's attacks but was completely helpless against SH Aikkon) | Dwarf Star level (despite being overpowered by post-training base Aikkon, he was emerged relatively unscathed from their battle.). Large Star level+ as an Ultra Super Henshin (before he started to lose his power he completely shrugged off MSH Aikkon's blows.)

Stamina: Superhuman (should be slightly higher than Aikkon's own stamina) | Superhuman+, lower as an Ultra Super Henshin (the form trades stamina and longevity for raw power and speed.)

Range: Planetary | Likely one Red Star diameter

Standard Equipment: His battle armor that was unique to him as he was the King of the Henshin's. It was destroyed by SH Aikkon. Upon the siege of Earth he had acquired a lighter version of the armor that allowed for greater mobility.

Intelligence: Unknown, possibly Genius in combat (around equal to Aikkon as of chapter 1) | Should be Higher

Weaknesses: None notable | As an Ultra Super Henshin, King Yasai gains a huge boost in every stat, aside from his stamina, which is cut in half. As such, someone of equal or near equal strength can outlast Yasai as an Ultra Super Henshin. This weaknesses is still present when Yasai is using his regular Super Henshin form, but it is far less prevalent.

Key: Chapter 1 | Chapter 2


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