Boy with a Heritage

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Normally kind, gentle, calm and collected, Kiyo is very peaceful to everyone he meets and everywhere he goes, doing his best to show his respect to everything in general. He has a very caring and passionate side of him, as he has shown to be care for those who hold dear to his heart and wants to be sure they are in good state; physically, mentally, emotionally even. He has even shown to comfort them in their down time whenever he has the chance of that.

However, Kiyo is not shown to be like this under certain extreme cases. Whenever a loved one of his is hurt very badly, he tends to get down pretty easily. If it was from someone who had intentional caused harm to them, however, it becomes a different case. When one is harmed from another intentional, Kiyo became very vengeful-like. Not resting until either the person is brought to justice (normally in his own way), until he has calmed down, or if his friend or loved one is fine again. 

He has also been shown to be somewhat naive, as there are some things that Kiyo is not exactly used to dealing with whenever he does something or goes somewhere (an example being where after he came back to life, he was quite confused and clueless as to the modern and current technology, culture, and society of the world had been in since his last steps among them. For tech, he pretty much doesn't know how to use a cellphone or know to play a video game or anything else even.). There is also that of him trusting people, as he had done a mistake of trusting someone that costed one of his close friends lives (though he avenged him in the end, however).

The ultimate thing about Kiyo is he has been quite an acceptable person who likes anybody regardless of who and what they are (weather it is through race, gender, sexual identity, etc.), as he likes them for their personality first and foremost and accepts them regardless for who they are.

Personal Statistics

Date of Birth: June 7th, 1948

Birthplace: Yamagata, Japan

Weight: 70 kg

Height: 155 cm

Likes: Tea, spending time with friends and loved ones, walking, telling stories, seeing people smile, making sake, blowing bubbles (as both a past time and as tribute to his late friend Marcus),

Dislikes: Those commit wrongful doings to innocent beings, people who are experiencing sadness, failing to do good things

Eye Color: Sapphire Blue (formally), Red (Current)

Hair Color: Snow White

Hobbies: Meditating, Taking walks, Making "non-alcoholic" Sake (Somehow)

Values: Peace and Love, Family

Status: Alive (previously deceased for 40+ years)

Affiliation: His family and friends.


Combat Statistics

Tier: 9-B | 7-A | Unknown | At least 4-A, High 3-A at his highest peak

Name: Kiyoshi Rashin. Kiyo (Normally gets called by this a lot). Ryu no Taisho (Dragon General).

Origin: Exceedverse

Age: 15, 21 at time of death

Gender: Male

Classification: Human. Descendant of the Godking Kleon. Swordsman. Multiversal traveler and hero. Sake maker. | Dragon General God

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced Senses, Master hand to hand combatant, Master Sword fighter, Elemental Manipulation (Able to manipulate the main basic four elements of nature), Chi Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Healing, Aura, Sub-Atomic Matter Destruction (After learning from Hattori and gaining the latters sword, Kiyo is capable of attacking on the smallest level possible.), Possess Unbelievable Willpower (Stood time and time again from injuries that would have killed even the strongest warriors in the multiverse thousands of times over. Once kept fighting against an adversary in combat even after suffering the reopening of his past wounds from when he was alive, wounds that he suffered to not only his body but mind and soul as well), can see, interact with, and harm intangible beings, Self-Resurrection (Came back to life through the power of the Phoenix)

Attack Potency: Wall level (Even while far from his full potential, he is capable of taking down a shadow beast with his bare hands) | Mountain level (Destroyed an entire mountain range in his fight with Kenshin Hattori as a side-effect). | Unknown | At least Multi-Solar System level (Could generate power and light that can "rival that of all the suns the universe contains in itself combined" and "light up the very universe itself", where various feats have done to this scale. Became as powerful as his ancestor Kleon was in his prime), High Universe level at his peak (Can borrow the light and power of all the suns from all existence and the countless multiverses that exist along with his worlds own, some of which contain infinite universes in them. This allowing him to actually reach this level of power)

Speed: At least Subsonic (Kept up with a shadow beast, beasts capable of achieving speeds faster than what the naked eye can see) | At least Massively Hypersonic+ combat speed and reactions (reacted to and kept up with slashes made by Kenshin Hattori, whose attacks and even perception went at speeds that made even atoms look "frozen" to him). Higher reactions with the Eyes of the Black Tortoise. | Massively FTL+ (Comparable to this ancestor. Can keep up with the likes of his family members like his grandson and nephew, as well as that of Elizabeth Drake)

Lifting Strength: Superhuman | Same | Same | Class M+, likely higher

Striking Strength: Wall Class | Mountain Class | Unknown | At least Multi-Solar System Class, High Universal at his peak

Durability: Wall level | Mountain level | Unknown | At least Multi-Solar System level, High Universal level at his peak

Range: Melee range physically, much higher with ki blasts | Extended human range with Rising Sun, hundreds of meters to kilometers with techniques like Phoenix Flare. | Multiversal+ via power gathering (Could gather the light and energy of all stars from countless multiverses, some of which contain infinite numbers of them)

Stamina: At least Superhuman | Vastly Superhuman | At least the same, likely far higher



  • Initially, Kiyo was only able to access one ability at a time when using the Four Kings power. After becoming the Dragon General and mastering his powers, this become no longer a problem.
  • Is not really much of a hand to hand fighter as he rely on the use of his sword for most of his fights. Though he gets over this as time goes on.


The Rising Sun: Work in progress....

Notable Techniques/Attacks

-Way of the Four Directional Kings: An ancient fighting style passed down to those who can gain control and leadership over all corners of the Earth, based on the four guardians who watch the four directions of the world: the Azure Dragon, the White Tiger, the Vermillion Phoenix, and the Black Tortoise. Each animal gives Kiyo at least a specific set of abilities based on what the represent and each set he uses, Kiyo is covered in an colored aura which will determine what "form/mode" he's in. (WIP)

  • Azure Dragon Mode:
  • Vermilion Phoenix:
  • White Tiger:
  • Black Tortoise:

-Fist of the Dragon God (also known as the "Dragon God Fist"): When Kiyo utilizes all four forms of the WofFDK style, he fights with a new style that incorporates the elements of each fighting style. Which one may say that it is not different of the former style, which is partially true. But Kiyo here utilizes just his natural weapon: his body. In the style, Kiyo fights using various forms of techniques reminiscent of that of real-life styles as well as those of "fictional" fighting styles.

  • Rising Dragon Fist: A rising uppercut fist attack, reminiscent of the famous and signature Shouryuken attack of Ryu from Street Fighter. However, this technique becomes more literal of it's name unlike of the other, as Kiyo summons a dragon-like image of his ki from his fist as he uppercuts the target, dealing immense damage when it fully connects.
  • Descending Tiger Claw: The opposite to the Rising Dragon Fist. Kiyo raises into the air and descends upon on his target, his hand in the form of a claw that goes to tear apart the opposing force in one clean swipe.

Key: Beginning of Series/Road to being a Hero Arc | Mark of a Warrior Arc | Dragon General Arc | End of Series Base



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Facts about the character

-Was the first character i ever made as well as being the earliest ever (Was made as far back as 2004, back when i was in elementary school).

-Power level at first was based off of Ichigo from the Soul Society Arc (Base-power wise) right down to his mask ability (visord power from the Arrancar/Hueco Mundo Arc).

  • Has since moved past this