Young Kleon

A young Kleon readying himself for battle. Credit and ownership of art goes to the creator.

The King of Mankind

Kleon in his later years. Credit and ownership of art goes to the creator.


A character made and owned by CrossverseCrisis.

The legend of the man that later became known as the Godking of Mankind starts off countless years in the past, in the time of what was considered to be the greatest age of humanity known to all as the "Golden Age of Mankind". Originally a young boy of a former soldier and a simple kind mother, Kleon had always admired the beauty of all existence and life there is to be given. He was taught by his parents, a couple of farmers who lived peacefully outside the outskirts of one among many grand cities of the world in a village with many others like them, on valuing all that he could give from himself. To which the boy kept in mind, heart and soul of the teachings for all his life. Sometime later while growing up would Kleon come to encounter a famous general by the name of DION that his father once worked alongside years ago before settling down with a family and having him into the world. The general, in all of his power and stature, had been the spark of inspiration and feeling for Kleon to not only cherish life, but to protect it.

But although his idol had spawn such desire in him, it came with a bitter taste of disappointment when one day after playing and meeting up with a few friends he's made over the years that he learned of the generals' plan and action to overtake the Gods who ruled over Humanity and to takeover and change everything in his own way. Kleons' home was invaded by said man, who intended to have him be taken to join under his arm as a potential warrior to fight the gods, a pantheon of many that has been already been combatted and overthrown by the man. But the boy, who has grown into that of a young man, was defended by his parents from doing such act. However, and in a way of proving to the boy he was not the hero he once looked up to, DION proceeded to kill the latters' parents in front of his very eyes.

Such an act created another spark to surface out from him, as Kleons' body began to channel a large quantity of energy that DION and those with him at the time saw it as "that of a God's power". But despite the new profound ability bursting fourth from him and surprising DION himself of the power spark, Kleon was soundly defeated by the generals superior power and experience. Having seen the potential of the young mans power and even expressing another desire to fully see it's powerful might, DION spared him and let him be to mourn and bury his fallen parents while also telling him to grow strong enough to face him and take him down and his fellowman and followers if he wants to be a hero.

With help from his friends and fellow villagers on burying and mourning the loss of his parents, Kleon made his mind up and decided to leave his village to go on a quest to stop DION and his followers from succeeding in their plans to takeover the gods and reign control over all of humanity and life in existence. Although he was attempted to persuaded to do not so by his village, Kleon steeled himself by then to go on his journey. This would later take him through many years of traveling, fighting, and interacting with many others in not just his world but many others like it. And would serve as a core aspect to his descendants after him in life, being what he would be called as a Progenitor of generations of heroes to serve as guardians of humanity and existence.


Powers and Stats


Name: Kleon. Godking of Mankind.

Origin: Exceed: The legend of King Kleon

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown (was born around the time of the Golden Age, which had occurred in a time before history was properly dated and recorded, and has continued to live on in slumber through the ages up to modern times)

Classification: Human. Superhuman God. Warrior, Defender, and Godking of Mankind and all other known lifeforms. Progenitor to the Myers and Rashin family bloodline.

Powers and Abilities:

Attack Potency:


Lifting Strength:

Striking Strength:





Weaknesses: None notable


-Ethereal Blades:


Notable Victories:

Notable Losses:

Inconclusive Matches:

Special Theme:

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