Kumiko is a Protagonist in the series "Horizon over the Valley"


Born in the Yōrō Era, Kumiko was born into a clan of Female Tanooki called "The Magenta Iris" taught in the same ways of Akane she also followed in Self-Defence, seeing as she's younger she didn't know anything about Orochi until he ravaged the Valley, with this she swore to protect the land she grew up in.


Tier: 10-B | 10-A | 9-B | 8-C | At least 8-B | 7-C

Name: Kumiko

Origin: Horizon over the Valley

Age: Physically 16 | Mentally 140

Classification: Tanooki Spirit | Ninja

Abilities: Immortality (Kind Usually lives up to 200-250), Plant Manipulation, Shape-Shifting, Life Manipulation, Ninja Training, Advanced Speed, Advanced Agility, Advanced Endurance

Attack Potency: Average Human Level | Peak Human Level | Wall Level (Can take on Rival Ninja and Samurai), Small Building Level (Took down Demon Yokozuna capable of splitting the ground beneath them) | Building Level+ | At least City block (Scales to the likes of Akane) | Town Level

Speed: Peak Human (Being a Tanooki she is faster than the Average Human) | Subsonic+ (Kept up with large Spiders capable of going at said speeds)

Durability: Average Human | Multi City Block Level

Lifting Strength: Superhuman | Class 1 (Able to suplex large Demonic spirits)

Striking Strength: Class KJ | At least Class MJ

Intelligence: That of a High Schooler

Range: 300+ Meters

Stamina: Average | High (Can Jump large distances and get herself out of impossible spaces)

Standard Equipment: Kunai, Daggers and Smoke Bombs

Weaknesses: Tends to be still young, Inexperienced, Is prone to being kidnapped

Key: Tanooki Form | Human Form

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