L.T. Brickfist Uppercut is a major antagonist of Crunchdown Flash Game.

L.T. Brickfist is a cop who was controlling the riots of the city, and the White Guy met him on the Mall. Initially ignorant - simply ignoring the White Guy, while he did the same - , until he entered the Mall, where he seen all the bandits beaten to the ground thanks to the White Guy. Then, he fought the White Guy to detain him. After being beaten, he returns on the final boss's tower, and is the last fight before the game ends.

Appearance and Personality

L.T. Brickfist Uppercut is a muscular, average-sized Caucasian man. He haves neatly cut black hair and thick eyebrows. His usual attire consists of policemen clothes: A blue police shirt, black pants and black shoes. He usually carries a pistol, seemingly a Beretta 92.

Brickfist is surely a toughie, being fiery, brutal and strict, following the police protocols carefully. Despite his status as a antagonist, he clashed against the White Guy on first place because he followed the police conduct.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B
L.T. Brickfist Uppercut

The most badass and crazy cop charges towards his doom.

Name: Brickfist Uppercut. A.K.A: L.T. Brickfist Uppercut, Lieutenant Brickfist Uppercut.

Origin: Crunchdown.

Gender: Male.

Age: Unknown.

Classification: Human police officer.

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Strength, Durability and Stamina, skilled at fighting and using firearms.

Attack Potency: Wall Level (His punches can cause notable damage on White/Yellow Guy; His punches knocked humans far on the skies; His gun can easily harm people with that level of durability)

Speed: Human Level w/ Athlete level+ combat speed. (Attacks quickly enough to barely give average enemies time to react)

Lifting Strength: Average Human.

Striking Strength: Class KJ.

Durability: Wall level+ to Room level (Survived being hit continuously by White Guy).

Stamina: Athlete Human. (Can engage the White Guy for extended periods of time without stopping nor slowing down).

Range: Several meters with his Beretta.

Standard Equipment: A Beretta 92; A police communicator.

Intelligence: Average; Experienced in combat, skilled with firearms, police protocols and melee combat.

Weaknesses: None notable.


- Able to punch a man into the sky.

- Superior in most stats when compared to the White/Yellow Guys.

- Easily one-shots common foes.

- KO'ed Ebenezer Scrooge with a single punch and shackled Yellow Guy. Note that Yellow Guy is more skilled than the White Guy in melee combat, and Scrooge was more than a match to the White Guy.

Notable Attacks and Techniques



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